Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Obama's bloody, treacherous, Treasonous BETRAYAL: Mr. Obama has been PROPAGANDIZED to believe that "THE BANKS" are MORE important than the REAL American economy... he is too STUPID to realize that his Rubin, Summers, Blankfein, Dimon, Emanuel, Bernanke (et al) handlers have created TRILLIONS of dollars of "derivatives" debts that have NO backing - it's all ODIOUS DEBT, conceived in FRAUD, that is turning America's economy into a "FAR WORSE than Nov. 2008" CESSPOOL...

Are Americans REALLY SO STUPID,  as to NOT EVEN WANT to know the name of the current SEC Chair(woman) ???  (link)
  THREE YEARS into this financial nightmare  SABOTAGE DECONSTRUCTION of the entire American (and European, and global) economy,  are Americans REALLY SO STUPID, as to be uninterested in all the TRILLIONS of  fake, fiat, ODIOUS DEBT that the Lloyd Blankfeins, Jamie Dimons, Ben Bernanke, and other GS, JPM, Fed cartel banksters have created out there just HANGING in the thin-air of space??  
      ALL that "DERIVATIVES"  DEBT is  presumably a CLAIM ON REAL WEALTH - 
  - but it was ALL CONCEIVED IN FRAUD, therefore it is ALL ILLEGAL, it is ALL ODIOUS.
     For how long will the IGNORANT, COMPLACENT American people PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE that Goldman Sachs SOLD ITS CUSTOMERS "securities" that GS fraudsters had their house-loyal "ratings agencies" (Warren Buffet's Moodys, Standard & Poors, Fitch, and others) stamp with "AAA"  TRIPLE 'A' RATINGS - even as Goldman execs sneered that they were "made of s***" and took out  CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS on them - the equivalent of an arsonist burning his home down, to collect the insurance?? 

   For how long will the ignorant, complacent American people PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE that Barack Obama's entire presidency, is staffed by Golddamn-Sachs or (in case of his "replace Rahm Emanuel" Chief of Staff, Bill Daley)  JP Morgan bankers??  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/obamajews.html

 Harvard, Yale, and ALL of America's colleges and universities now have a serious, deep TREASON streak in them - like both presidential candidates John Kerry and George W. Bush in 2004 saying that they COULD NOT DIVULGE the "secrets" of their shared Skull & Bones Yale fraternity - as if there was some oath or law higher than the presidential pledge to "support and defend" the Constitution of the (late) 'United' States of America!

    If author James Howard Kunstler can condense Mr. Obama's insane, "oblivious to TRILLIONS of dollars of 'derivatives'" (DEBT FRAUD)  to just 2 paragraphs (below) - then what does that say about the economics, finance, journalism, and politics departments of America's many colleges & universities? 
Going Apeshit
by James Howard Kunstler  
October 17, 2011,  http://www.biiwii.com/guest4/kunstler/kunstler6.htm

...President Obama could have changed the outcome if he had actually believed in change. He could have told his attorney general to ENFORCE the SECURITIES LAW. He could have replaced THE [blood sucking] ZOMBIES  at the SEC and told the new ones to APPLY all EXISTING REGULATIONS.  Before last year's election, he could have used his legislative majorities TO REPEAL  the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and reinstate the Glass-Steagall act.**
He could have initiated the process of deconstructing the giant banks back into their separate functions - so that banking once again worked as a utility rather than a LAUNCHING PAD for COLLOSAL FRAUDS and SWINDLES.  Not only did he fail to do any of these things, he didn't even talk about it, or try.
Obama has a lot of nerve claiming to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. He should be one of the objects of its ire. I'm not even sure Obama will get to finish out his term of office. 2012 looks like a complete horror show in the making. The way world money matters are lining up this fall, some kind of debacle seems unavoidable, much worse than the 2008 fiasco. The normal political channels are clogged and sclerotic. Our institutions are failing us. The cast of "candidate" characters across the political spectrum convinces nobody that they can manage this republic. (cont'd)
 **  The reason Mr. Obama DIDN'T EVEN TRY to enact the "CHANGE!" he spent every waking moment of Campaign 2008 pledging, promising, & exhorting to American voters that he would enact if they voted him to become president,  is because Mr. Obama was "advised" in all things financial by the former Golddamn-Sachs CHAIRMANBOB RUBIN's  many proteges, toadies, and minions: namely LARRY SUMMERS,  TIMMY GEITHNER, RAHM EMANUEL, and the entire  "frauds are us" Harvard - GS crew.  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/obamajews.html
 Indeed,  GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY (1999) may have had all REPUBLICAN names on it... but it was very much the brainchild of RUBIN & SUMMERS, who (along with Rahm Emanuel and the "finance state" "Democrat" senators like Hillary, Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, & etc.were essential, indespensible in having the "DEMOCRATIC" Senate of 1999 approve of what was clearly RADICAL RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN financial legislation.
 This was WALL STREET - which is to say, Golddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan-Chase, which is to say, "Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, Hank Paulson, et al"  engineered legislation,
  with a WASP Republican front (Senators Phil Gramm, Jim Leach, Thomas Bliley, and other Repub "take campaign donations from Wall St" legislators)  and a "BIPARTISAN" Rubin, Summers, Clinton, Kerry, Dodd,  Obama (et al) face -  but it is all REACTIONARY, RIGHT-WING, neo-feudal "EXTORT the serfs & PEONS of their seed-crop harvest"  genocidal famine finance at its ruthless, 'modern' core....   

  update: ZeroHedge.com, "Bank Of America Forces Depositors To Backstop Its $53 Trillion Derivative Book To Prevent A Few Clients From Departing The Bank

update:ZeroHedge contributor "George Washington" writes:     
 "Federal Reserve and Bank of America Initiate a Coup to Dump Billions of Dollars of Losses on the American Taxpayer"
Bank of America has repeatedly become insolvent due to fraud and risky bets, and repeatedly been bailed out by the government and American people. The government and banks are engineering an age of permanent bailouts for this insolvent, criminal bank (and the other too big to fails). Remember, this is the same bank that is refusing to let people close their accounts.

This is yet another joint effort by Washington and Wall Street to screw the American people, and to trample on the rule of law.

The American people will be stuck in nightmare of a never-ending depression (yes, we are currently in a depression) and fascism (or socialism, if you prefer that term) unless we stand up to the overly-powerful Fed and the too big to fail banks... [and their bought-and-owned political & government puppets]"
   the FIRST step to "STANDING UP TO THE COUP"  means understanding and acknowledging that the Barack Obama presidency, and late "Democratic" Party, are agents  of LAWLESS economic destruction, WHOLESALE financial larceny, and nation-gutting economic sabotage theft.