Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Neo-Con SABOTAGE of America: Looted of Community Wealth by the relentless "Pump & Dump" wealth extraction of the Neo-Con financial overlords, and the Bernanke/Geithner MONEY DEBASING Fed extortion machine, American cities are going feral....

It is beyond amazing that more Americans - the 90% of Americans not part of the "elite" Neo-Con occupation/coup
(following,   #1.  the stolen election of 2000;  and,  #2. the subsequent "NO actions taken to prevent a KNOWN al Qaeda terror threat"   9-11" terror attacks that launched America into our current decade+ of undeclared wars)

...don't understand that in this economic crisis TWENTY+ TRILLION dollars have been GIVEN to the bankers,  by either the very privately owned so-called 'Federal' Reserve money printing cabal, or its partners-in-crimes, the U.S. Treasury and other U.S. government agencies (e.g. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FDIC, etc., etc., etc., etc.).
     This is a fantastic sum of money - two full times the entire American GDP -  that would easily have provided for full funding of Social Security, Medicare, enough jobs to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure;  and still have had plenty left over to finance hundred-billion dollar investments in passive solar-electric energy generation, and a fully funded nationwide, "socialized" health system...

  ...but the results of the treasonous Neo-Con coup in America are beyond doubt:  robbed of their manufacturing industries, because the Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, Fed  'Rubinites' financiers made short-term profits sending U.S. factories, technologies, and entire industries to CHINA...  

  ...American cities are now shrinking, CONTRACTING, and, in absence of sane, rational, long-term plans to manage such contractions (where they might be inevitable), the result is some cities face a feral decay... not yet the post-Apocalypse nightmare of "Mad Max" unrestrained gang warfare,** 
 but getting there.
   ** (As Yugoslavian towns and cities faced every day, after America's genocidal New York, Washington, and Tel Aviv based  Neo-Cons worked to turn what could have been the peaceful dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991, into the nightmare of post-Communism  ethnic cleansing, massacres, looting, rape, and years of brutal, genocidal warfare brought on by the Neo-Cons' policy of malignant neglect and outright sabotage - similar to what the Neo-Con "foreign policy geniuses" cooked up for Afghanistan after the "Mujahadeen Freedom Fighters" defeated the Soviet/Russian Red army there in 1988 - - - which intentional sabotage/"malignant neglect" & "ethnic cleansing" policies, sure enough, are now, 2 decades later, coming home to roost in America.     
The New Reality For U.S. Cities: No Money For Street Lights, Roving Packs Of Wild Dogs And Open-Air Drug Markets
If you want to know what the early stages of an economic collapse look like, just walk around some of the downtown areas of our major cities. Today, nearly all large U.S. cities are either flat broke or they are on the way to being flat broke. Yes, New York City and Washington D.C. (and a few others) are still doing fairly well,  but for most U.S. cities economic reality is catching up with them very quickly. Right now, there are a number of major cities that are so broke that they cannot keep the street lights operating. Down in St. Louis, parents in some areas are carrying golf clubs with them as they walk their kids to school in order to fend off roving packs of wild dogs. In other major U.S. cities, open-air drug markets conduct business without fear. All over the United States, cities that used to be clean and prosperous and full of hope are now being transformed into post-industrial wastelands. We are certainly not in "Mad Max" territory yet, but it doesn't take too much imagination to see where all of this is headed.
I have previously written about how Detroit is literally coming apart at the seams. Well, now in many areas of the city they can't even keep the street lights on anymore. There simply is not enough money, and even if there was, thieves are stealing the copper wiring out of the street lights faster than the city can repair them....     (cont'd)