Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Obama (US President) & Cameron (Britain PM) are SLAVES to their Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan GANG BANGERS market robber barons & financial "banker" EXTORTIONISTS...

  The proof that  U.S. President Barack Obama is a "SLAVE" to his Wall Street  puppet-masters, as explained in this insightful video by London truth-spiller/ small investor Alessio Rastani,  is simplicity itself:

  (with the above video embed NOT WORKING, you will have to click link yourself.  This picture, below, however,  illustrates how Obama & Biden are SLAVES to Wall St:  Treasury Sec. Geithner's CHIEF OF STAFF is an 'ex' LOBBYIST for the VAMPIRE SQUID Goddamn-Sachs economic extortion & financial sabotage cartel -  the TREASURY Department is BEING RUN by the GS CROOKS,  LOAN-SHARKS, credit-bubble pumpers, and naked shorting currency attack artists!)


     ...besides Obama's ENTIRE administration (the people who actually wield power and set policy in the White House) being a virtual reunion list of "of, by, and for GODDDAMN-SACHS" Wall Street swindlers &  vampire-squid banking extortionists;  and despite   GoddamnSachs   "only" being obama's TOP CORPORATE DONORS in 2008...
  ...we have the below article, Mr. Obama clearly allowing his presidency to be  IN BED with DEMOCRACY, DISSENT, and PROTEST QUASHING  COMMISSAR APPARTCHIKS of the Justice Department, FBI, Secret Service, and Cass Sunstein's  Gestapo/KGB/Stazi state security/mind-control GWOT commissariat,  
   working hand-in-hand for their WALL St.,  GLOBAL EXORTIONIST paymasters...   
 Activists Barred From U.S. (N.Y.) March on Wall St.
By Andy Bichlbaumon Oct 4 2011
This Wednesday's Revolutionaries Live! lecture with UK campaign activists John Stewart and Dan Glass has been postponed.
A few days ago, Stewart landed in JFK Airport for a month-long US speaking tour, only to be escorted off the plane by 6 police officers; interrogated for six hours by the FBI, Secret Service, NY police, and Immigration; and put on a plane back to the UK. The other tour member, environmental activist Dan Glass, was stopped by the CIA on the UK side. 
  Note in the video above - but which the NEO-CON CREEPS at  the "of, by, and for Israel" HUFFINGTON POST do NOT link to -  the other guests on the BBC gab-fest talk show, saying they would "DESPISE" a trader who PROFITS  from ECONOMIC or financial DESTRUCTION: 

 This is a STUPID LIE,  because the entire financial community ADMIRES, ENVIES, and aspires to be like those who called the economic crisis in advance, and SHORTED home-builder and financial stocks all the way down during the Market Crisis in September 2008
(including such savvy billionaires as John Paulson).

  In particular, the woman who asks, "WHERE WOULD YOU GET THIS MONEY FROM... YOU'RE TALKING RUBBISH"

   ...is  clearly  a grotesque,  IGNORMAUS clown  - she is IGNORANT of the financial markets, but that won't stop her for a minute from tossing smears at a small trader who is only trying to dodge the land-mines of government COMPLICITY with FINANCIAL FRAUDS that are today's  markets...  

  ...Because the FIAT MONEY DEBT LORDS - at Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, KKR, and other heavy-hitter financial funds - always have BILLIONS of dollars on tap - in their fiat-money accounts at the Fed if no where else - and are ALWAYS POISED to SHORT MARKETS, if they perceive a good risk/reward payoff for doing so.

Indeed, the entire BBC audience is GROSSLY IGNORANT:  when the show's host says "Do you know how most of the people here want to make their money?  They work for it, in either government or private jobs, They DON'T WANT to be in the QUICK BUCK culture." 

  Not to mention, self-centered British & American consumers are HAPPY to PURCHASE goods at WalMart and other big-box outlets, that have been manufactured at slave wages in China, Vietnam, and other low-wage Asian producer countries. 

  Barring that, EVERYONE in England, is brought up, from day-one, to ADMIRE the INHERITED GENTRY, who make up England's  "upper class" and nobility, and  indeed the host says to Alessio
   "If you don't live on Monte Carlo YOU CAN'T BE THAT CLEVER" - the host disproves his own logic,  the "CLEVER" people in England are not stuck providing minimum-wage services for very long - they move onward and upward, to high-rent resort neighborhoods - while the STUPID SHMUCKS who WORSHIP the rich in this BBC audience,  snear at someone courageously explaining the economic facts of life and financial predation to them! 

 In a nutshell,  Americans and Britons are GROSSLY IGNORANT, of the power of FINANCIAL SABOTAGE - how COORDINATED NAKED SHORT SALE attacks by mega- , billion-dollar funds can "KNOCK DOWN" not only an individual company's stock price;  not only an individual small country's currency.... but the "BIG BOYS"  can KNOCK DOWN the value of the American dollar, Euro, and British pound -  as the consortium behind  George Soros'  NAKED SHORT ATTACK on the British pound extracted TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars worth of value from the British pound, in the 1980s.

   When government regulators ALLOW such CRIMINAL,  FINANCIAL ATTACKS to take place over the span of years, or the past 2 decades,  nearly ALL the wealth can be EXTRACTED, EXTORTED OUT of pension funds that once carried the wealth of the entire American middle class in them.

  As the American middle class is LOOTED by Bernanke's  BACK DOOR THEFT,  savings wiped out by fiat money DOLLAR DEBASEMENT, and  Goddamn-Sachs & JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Lehman's (& etc.)  PUMP & DUMP   ATTACKS on their pension funds and entire currencies....

 ...most Americans still act like that British BBC audience - hooting self-righteously  at the truth-tellers trying to alert them to their pending financial enslavement.