Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alex Jones & Webster Tarpley are Hitting the right buttons: Wall St. is trying to INTENTIONALLY DESTROY the American economy, because they truly are GENOCIDAL, TREASONOUS, Neo-Con banksters...

 DON'T LET GEORGE SOROS and the NY, DC, war-lobby Neo-Cons HIJACK the "Occupy Wall Street"  protests AGAINST BANKER, and corrupt government regulator, CORRUPTION !!

 As Alex Jones points out, the establishment  billionaires, including  George Soros, behind the "Color Revolutions" in the former Communist Eastern Europe, are EXPERTS at FOMENTING PEACEFUL "revolutions" - and then IMPOSING Neo-Con DICTATORS, like Tel Aviv's puppet  (and Columbia University, NY, trained lawyer) Mickhail Saakasvilli, the war-mongering, democracy protest head-crushing  puppet dictator in Georgia (former Soviet Republic). 
   Pt. 1 

Pt Pt. 2 

Welcome, Americans, to
 where "The Powers That Be" (TPTB) that control Con-gress, have NO more respect for American working families, than Benjamin Netanayhu's Likudniks (whether the ones in Mossad and other Israel government agencies, or the ones deeply infested in American federal, state, & local government or in private agencies) have for Palestinians and Arabs in the Occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, & Gaza.**

**(Who, Likundik  HATE MONGERING PROPAGANDA accusations against Iran notwithstanding, the racist & religious Jewish SUPREMACIST theocrats would love to BULLDOZE Gaza Palestinians into the Med, or mass graves - "WIPE THEM OFF THE MAP" - if they could only get away with it.) 

  In particular, in video 2 of 2,  Alex Jones guest Webster Tarpley, explains that the NY, Wall St., City-of-London, European, and Tel Aviv banksters who are the recipients of trillions of dollars of "bailouts" loot -  with the backing of their bought-and-owned D.C. political puppets -  would rather DEMOLISH HOMES in Detroit, than make them available and affordable to cash strapped local families. 
(In order to ARTIFICIALLY INFLATE the value of remaining homes, that remain on bankster balance sheets at grossly inflated prices, so to ARTIFICIALLY PROP UP the banks' own GROSSLY INFLATED balance sheets.) 

 Over a long enough time span, this amounts to A ONE-THIRD REDUCTION... DESTRUCTION...  DEMOLITION - of Detroit,  even as the Banksters DEFRAUD American taxpayers out of TRILLIONS of dollars of made-out-of-thin-air Bernanke bucks
  (so-called "Federal" Reserve very private banking cabal Fiat Money)...
  The bankers have mastered the black, evil arts of TURNING WORTHLESS PAPER into VALUABLE WEALTH
(by extorting the American economy out of real wealth via their monopoly control of fiat money);
     and of turning their SABOTAGE, DECONSTRUCTION, CONTRACTION, DESTRUCTION attack on the American economy (much less, heavens forbid, their relentless attacks on America's social safety net and public pensions)  into a lucrative, multi-trillion dollar "profit" scam!!

  THEY, the banksters,  ARE PAYING THEMSELVES to DESTROY the American economy, and Con-gress and the media are COMPLICIT SCAVENGERS, feasting on the rotting corpses of American towns, cities, neighborhoods, and factories in contraction !! 

 see also - The Looting Of America: The Federal Reserve Made $16 Trillion In Secret Loans To Their Bankster Friends And The Media Is Ignoring The Eye-Popping Corruption That Has Been Uncovered
  The good news: Mr. Tarpley provides some POSITIVE, do-able suggestions:
  #1. STOP the "robocop" FRAUD FORECLOSURES!  Put a FIVE YEAR MORATORIUM on ALL FAMILY EVICTIONS - the Wall Street bankers have TAKEN FAR MORE MONEY from the Fed & Treasury, than all bad mortgages, across America, put together.

   The evil  Vampire Squid bankers have, as we explained above, mastered the art of turning THEIR BANKRUPTCIES, into TRILLIONS of dollars of  FREE GIFT "bailouts" from extorted taxpayers, via a bribed and pathetically cowering Con-gress... as they, loan-shark extortion style, try to SQUEEZE BLOOD out of American students with egregious, usurious student loans.

   It is time for some of AMERICA's MONEY, to go to HELPING AMERICAN FAMILIES survive, not to helping evil Wall Street bankers DEMOLISH the American social safety net.