Saturday, October 8, 2011

pro-Obama "Liberal" blog catches Obama's ORWELLIAN, DICTATOR tendencies: New attempts to use FEDERAL laws & Prosecutors, to CRIMINALIZE Marijuna use, in states where it has, by POPULAR MAJORITY, been DECRIMINALIZED.

  We agree with Alex Jones' recent contention (in one of his many hours of video comments earlier this week) that President Obama's complicity with WALL STREET CORRUPTION, and the dictatorial, police-state [Neo-Con (israel) WAR LOBBY] agenda goes beyond mere political self-interest complicity, and is probably best explained in terms of extortion or blackmail: in Mr. Jones' words,  "Obama looks like a terrified gazelle being herded into the jaws of a tiger"

  A year ago,  LIBERAL, then wildly pro-Obama website,   (FDL) compiled a list of GOLDMAN SACHS linked officials in the Obama administration, and we find it hard not to conclude that the Obama presidency is practically A BRANCH OFFICE of Goddamn-Sachs.

    Today,  FDL posts another disturbing essay - in sicking FOUR  U.S. District Attorneys on California's legal, medicinal marijuana exchanges,  Mr. Obama is allowing his despicable "OF, BY AND FOR ISRAEL"  administration to be even MORE DRACONIANLY  DICTATORIAL against states' rights to legalize medical marijuana use, than the BUSH-CHENEY presidency was! 

    AT EVERY TURN,  Barack Obama is becoming MORE OF A DISASTER for America, than Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney - combined! 

     At least Cheney and Bush's disastrous, dictatorial, warmongering, Treasury looting, torture advocating, stolen-elections policies couldn't be blamed on "Liberal Democrats" -  as Mr. Obama's horribly  RADICAL RIGHT-WING, PUPPET of Wall Street bankers and Jewish war profiteers presidency does every increasingly more bleak day!!

 Mr. Obama and his despicable "Of, by, and For Goddamn-Sachs and the Jewish War Lobby" officials, don't give an INCH to New York Mayor Bloomberg, and REPUBULICAN Neo-Con demagogue Jewish Congressman Eric Cantor, in their despicable,  DICTATORIAL,  IMPRISON AMERICAN CITIZENS  tendencies.
  FDL: US Attorneys in California Threaten to Prosecute Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
by Jon Walker,, Friday October 7, 2011
The Obama administration’s war against medical marijuana ratcheted up in a major way. Today, in a joint press conference, the four United States attorneys in charge of California announced that they will start prosecuting medical marijuana dispensaries for violating the federal law against marijuana.From Rolling Stone...     
A pattern is clearly forming. The Obama administration is using multiple federal departments to curb or significantly cripple the medical marijuana in the states were it was legalized by the voters. This recent move is not only another direct violation of Obama’s campaign promise to respect state’s medical marijuana laws, but the Obama administration’s is now more aggressively anti-medical marijuana than even the George W. Bush’ administration ever was.
[Mr. Obama, and his Neo-Con "of, by and for israel and Wall Street" administration, are MORE DICTATORIAL, than Bush & Cheney  were on this issue!  This is all the more DESPICABLE, because Mr. Obama's SEC Chairwoman, Mary Schapiro, and his CFTC Chairman,  'former' Goddamn-Sachs full partner  GARY GENSLER,  are IGNORING the ENFORCEMENT of FINANCIAL LAWS, they are aiding and abetting criminal violations of America's critical financial laws and oversight - the criminal abuses of America's financial system the direct cause of this economy gutting US & world economic crisis!
Jewish, "israel uber alles" war lobby demagogue, and #2. Republican in Con-gress Eric Cantor, considers PEACEFUL  "Occupy Wall Street" and "END THE BAILOUTS" New York & American protesters,  to be a "MOB" - 
Top Republican [and Israel war lobby functionary Congressman Eric Cantor]  Says Occupy Wall Street a “Growing Mob”
by Kurt Nimmo, October 7, 2011  
House GOP Leader and the second-ranking House Republican Eric Cantor has come down heavy on the OWS movement encamped outside of Wall Street and around the country. Cantor said in a speech at the Values Voters Summit in Washington that he is “increasingly concerned” about the “growing mobs” at the protests.  (cont'd)
 Blast from the past: Then rabidly pro-Obama "Liberal Democrat" website compiled a list of GOLDDAMN-SACHS officials IN the Obama White House - and came to the dire conclusion, that the Obama presidency is "A BRANCH OFFICE of Goddamn-Sachs" !!
"Goldman’s 30 pieces of silver investment in Obama reaped them billions of dollars in returns as the TARP bailouts and the subsequent news about Goldman Sachs has shown. So although Obama may never have "worked for" Goldman in the traditional sense, he’s one of Robert Rubin’s boys and on Goldman’s books." (cont'd) \

"Democracy" - Bloomberg, Cantor, Wall Street, 'Federal' Reserve... Obama style?!
 photo/screen-cap: Bloomberg's white uniformed NYPD officer smashing heads of peaceful NY "Occupy Wall St" protesters with police batons -
if, following a mass markets meltdown, the mood gets uglier and even more dangerous, one can rest assured that the white NYPD uniforms and police caps  will be replaced by military style "SWAT" tactical uniforms, flak-vests, helmets... and machine-guns.  The Neo-Con WAR on the AMERICAN PEOPLE will begin in ernest...

  bonus: Are the bankers and billionaire fund managers PREPARING a FLASH CRASH, MARKET MELTDOWN, that would make the Sept. 2008 market implosion look like a dress rehersal?!

   It clearly seems that Mr. Obama's government officials, and Mayor Bloomberg, and the Eric Cantor "we sold our soul to the israel war lobby & foreign central bankers" Republican Party - are all making both operational and rhetorical  (ideological/propaganda)  preparations to DECLARE MARTIAL LAW and END American democracy.

BBC Guest ECHOES Alessio Rastani comments from a week ago - (today, Oct. 7 2011) -
Prepare yourself,  A European, GLOBAL  FINANCIAL MELT-DOWN is COMING 

bonus II: "Obama, ALWAYS the BANKERS' WHORE" -