Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Congress Approval rating in toilet: only 11% of Americans favor Congress' "BANKERS and WAR LOBBY uber alles" agenda...

The first entry in our web search for "Congressional approval" turned up this little gem: While Congress' approval rating is in the TOILET of 11%  (which is HIGH, considering how many trillions of dollars Congress has extorted from the American people, and just given to the hyper-wealthy via "bailouts," turning a blind eye to pension fund "pump & dump" wealth extraction, and allowing Bernanke's branch of the rotchilds' so-called "Federal" Reserve to continue its relentless, inexorable BACK DOOR THEFT of American families' savings, via "DILUTE THE SHARES"   DEBASEMENT of the U.S. dollar) -  Virginians are being forced to fight hurricane disaster losses without federal financial aid.
In the face of federal refusal to help areas of Virginia hurt by the disasters of late summer, Gov. McDonnell and some other state politicians have taken matters into their own hands: They're pitching in money to help Louisa County's earthquake recovery efforts. Mr. McDonnell has dropped $5,000 of his Opportunity Virginia PAC money into the bucket, while House Majority Leader Eric Cantor contributed $10,000. State Sen. Edd Houck, D-Spotsylvania, has pitched in as well. 
 What's especially interesting about this article - at least three layers of sophistication below the "Congress & White House give trillions to bankers" and "Congress refuses to aid American disaster victims"  stories,
(even in, note this, predominantly white, middle- and upper-middle class coastal resort communities - which is to say, politically active and aware American towns and communities)  
  is that Jewish Congressman Eric Cantor, a top ranking Republican Party pooh-bah,  gets "credit" for donating $10,000 in contributions to Virginia disaster relief funds... even as he is one of the High Priests pimping the Neo-Con agenda of  UNLIMITED MONEY for FOREIGN WARS and police state "domestic security" (aka Gestapo/Stazi/KGB surveillance);  UNLIMITED MONEY for the JEWISH WAR STATE (israel;  much less, heavens forbid, against efforts to attempt to audit, examine, or restrain israel's illegal, rogue nuclear arsenal),  and of course Mr. Cantor is a supporter of UNLIMITED,  $20+ TRILLION in  no oversight "BAILOUTS," "backstops," "loan quarantees," "liquidity injections" and other FREE GIFTS  for Wall Street...  
with Mr. Cantor himself having 'invested' in a double-short ETF fund that was betting against U.S. Treasury bonds!  

   In short, what a perfect example of a Congressional parasite, and of how simple it is for the American corporate press/media to deliver a narrative that is INVERTED from reality (the diametric opposite of the truth) : Mr. Cantor favors the EXTORTION of Virginia & American taxpayers to force them to pay billions upon TRILLIONS of dollars that will NOT IMPROVE the safety, security, or economic well being of Virginia and American citizens....  but for a lousy $10,000 donation, Mr. Cantor gets good press, that overlooks all the TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars he receives in "campaign donations"  from those anti-American, Treasury looting, economy wrecking bankers, war profiteers, pension killers, disaster aid terminators, and other financial parasites.