Friday, October 7, 2011

Bloomberg's Gestapo, Bernanke's Treason & Fraud: AS Ben Bernanke is back to his old tricks: PRINTING UP BILLIONS of "QE" money that he GIVES AWAY, FOR FREE, to bankers - Bloomberg has his NYPD smash heads of Protesters protesting Wall Street's nation-gutting financial corruption & economic sabotage....

Oh, what a wicked web they weave. 

 The "Powers That Be" (TPTB) like to pretend,  "free market competition" style, that they are each self-interested entities - individual and separate banks, hedge funds, corporations, private wealth funds in competition with each other...   but once you realize that Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase bank, and the Fed are just three facets, or fronts, or subsidiaries,  of the same global banking, debt extortion, LBO takeover, money-printing financial cartel, everything else pops into focus, and you realize the consistency of their actions -  you can easily make out the relentless, ruthless, predatory nature of the "of, by, and for wealthy bankers" elite power grab. 

   (Think in terms of a shark pack: there may be many individual sharks in the shark pack - who may even turn on and devour each other in a feeding frenzy, as the "Big Boys" devoured Lehman Bros. and Bear Stearns  - yet they are still part of that same shark pack & feeding frenzy - it doesn't much matter which individual shark bites you,  if you are devoured in their blood-lust frenzy!) 

  The chain of events this past week are laughably simple... but, in awful, evil, Neo-Con "major media" treacherous collusion manner, America's ENTIRE  press/media REFUSES to connect these very simple dots:

#1.  Ben Bernanke, at the  Fed locus of the GS, JPM (and other major banks) owned 'Federal' Reserve banking cartel,  starts unleashing QE-3 - IN SECRET, via the BRITISH Bank of England, which is, however, actually coordinated, ordered, and "BACKSTOPPED" by ruthless, economies-trashing little banking cartel hatchet man Timmy Geithner at the U.S. Treasury; who in turn,  takes his orders from that same  banking cabal - the same people  that own both the Bank of England and the 'American' banks that own the so-called "U.S. 'Federal' Reserve."  

#2.  Jamie Dimon, at banking cabal charter member JP Morgan (Chase) Bank, "donates" $4.6 million to the New York Policed Department,  NYPD.    Not a dime of this goes to boost NYPD  paychecks, pensions, health care, or job security for rank-and-file police members, but goes strictly to boosting the military nature of the NYPD as a "privatized" army protecting Wall Street, even though it is supposed to protect and serve the public.
 (Although, if they have any brains, the banking consortium will make sure that some amount of their donations goes to the police widows & orphans funds - just enough to say they did).

#3.  Jewish "Neo-Con" billionarie, and New York Mayor Michael  Bloomberg, upon having "independent" Wall Street bankers make that $4.6 million donation to his NYPD,  next orders his NYPD Cops to BEAT Protesters, 500 of whom are soon in NY jails - the NYPD is now a PRIVATIZED GESTAPO serving Wall Street billionaires like Bloomberg, and multi-millionaires like Jamie Dimon.
  The possibility that both Dimon and Bloomberg's OWN, PRIVATE PORTFOLIOS (wealth) have been BOOSTED - artificially inflated by "socialism for rich" bailouts - is never discussed!  

 EVEN as they smash heads of ordinary Americans who have been ROBBED of their purchasing power by Bernanke's BACK DOOR THEFT  debasement of the U.S. dollar,
and by Wall Street's relentless "PUMP & DUMP" vampire squid attacks on Pension funds! 
  Bloomberg News, July 2009: U.S. 'Bailouts' May eventually cost American taxpayers $23 Trillion!!
 Bloomberg News, Sept 2008: The same week that then Treasury Secretary (and former Goddamn-Sachs CHAIRMAN!) Hank Paulson was publicly begging (extorting) Con-gress for $700 billion in "TARP" 'bailouts' to rescue Wall Street from their own financial implosion.... why, next door, at the NY Fed bank,  little Timmy Geithner (then NY Fed President) was DISHING OUT ANOTHER $630 billion in back-door bailouts,  FREE MONEY TO NY BANKERS,  in  "Liquidity Injections" !!!
  How many of the now financially hard-pressed New Yorkers in those Occupy Wall Street protests, would like to have gotten a slice of the $630 billion  that little Timmy Geithner dished out to his NY banker pals, in just one week, alone? !!!!   

    And don't fail to notice: the same time Hank Paulson was publicly demanding $700 billion in TARP 'bailouts' from Nancy Pelosi's 110th Con-gress in that awful September 2008 market meltdown,  Geithner was effectively ALMOST DOUBLING that amount, by a quasi-secret  Fed back-door "liquidity injection"!

    The September 2008 'bailouts,' alone, were nearly DOUBLE what the treacherous "mainstream media,"  (New York Times, Washington Post, cnn/Time/Warner, etc.) were telling us, the American public! 

    The above is past history, but, today, the evil Neo-Con banking cabal actually believes that Americans are TOO STUPID to figure out this recent  simple chain of events:

 -  that Ben Bernanke at the Fed, and Timmy Geithner at Treasury, have just given, a fresh sum of BILLIONS of dollars to JP Morgan and other US banks (via Bank of England's £75 billion QE bailout  this week, which, while ostensibly "in England," actually  ARTIFICIALLY INFLATES the European bank stocks that are held in JP Morgan & Golddamn-Sachs' "asset" portfolios)...

   ...on top of the  TRILLIONS of taxpayer extorted "BAILOUTS" dollars Bernanke and Geithner have ALREADY DISHED OUT to the greedy, insatiable, ECONOMY WRECKING,  nation SABOTAGING bankers!!

   Those "bailouts" -  worker, consumer, & saver obligated  made-up-out-of-thin-air dollars  "free money" - are going to failed, insolvent bankers
 but for those trillions of "bailouts" dollars - 
 ...which they promptly HOARD, to "prop up their balance sheets," but, in doing so, they STARVE the REAL economy of cash ("liquidity"),  so the REAL economy CONTRACTS,  meaning the MORTGAGES and other "assets"  in those banks "asset portfolios" DECLINE in value - meaning, DESPITE BILLIONS of FREE  "bailouts" DOLLARS being GIVEN to the banks, their balance sheets continue to march down towards insolvency, failure, bankruptcy... AGAIN!! 

    Bernanke, Bloomberg, Dimon, Blankfein, and Geithner (which is to say, the so-called "liberal Democrat" Obama administration as well)  - are now ADDICTED TO CRACK - addicted to  ENDLESS, REPEAT DOSES of FREE MONEY "bailouts," "liquidty injections," and "Quantitative Easing" FOR BANKERS  from the Fed (and now, hidden across the Atlantic,  via the Bank of England) -  and EACH TIME,  the real results are, that they ratchet up their CONTRACTION DEMOLITION of the American economy!! 


  For this simple reason, the Occupy Wall Street protesters must demand a CLEAN SWEEP: the RESIGNATIONS of EVERY ONE of these corrupt, economy wrecking players:
Lloyd BLANKFEIN at Goddamn-Sachs,
 and "former" Godddamn-Sachs FULL PARTNER Gary Gensler, CHAIRMAN at the CFTC -  GROUND ZERO of "DERIVATIVES" CORRUPTION and house-of-cards financial sabotage!
 - and his (nominal) boss, MARY SCHAPIRO, the COMPLICIT, CORRUPT toady Chairwoman who has  turned the entire SEC into a toothless puppet.
 (Unless you happen to be an unconnected small player, like Martha Stewart... who was convicted and imprisoned, NOT for CREATING BILLIONS of dollars of FRAUDULENT "Derivatives" such as pension-fund gutting "Mortgage Backed Securities," but Ms Stewart was convicted for selling a lousy $55,000 of ImClone stock she had every right to sell... in fact, under the cowardly and abusive Bush-II SEC,  Ms. Stewart wasn't even convicted of "insider trading," but instead of "LYING to federal prosecutors" - BY THAT STANDARD,  the Department of 'Justice' could JAIL EVERY banker on Wall Street, in one week flat! )

    Americans need to DEMAND THOROUGH INVESTIGATION, audits, and accounting  of  both the Fed & Treasury's "BAILOUTS,"
and demand criminal investigations into MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE FRAUD & PERJURY -  which the OBAMA administration has been COMPLICIT with.

...all the above which will lead to the designation of  the PRIVATELY owned "Federal" Reserve as the treasonous, Congress bribing, foreign owned,  American economy trashing conspiratorial banking cartel that it truly is.