Wednesday, October 5, 2011 headline: Vice President's son, Beau Biden, REJECTS the FORECLOSURE FRAUD and PERJURY whitewash settlement his father, VP Biden, & President Obama are TRYING TO RAM down America's throats, on behalf of the BANKERS who OWN obama/biden co....

Ho Hum. 

  Even though Mark Karlin is the editor and publisher of the supposedly "super liberal" news aggregate website,  he pretty much hews to the "Blue" NEO-CON party line,  FAILING to notice (as we have made the case here 1,000 times before) that President Barack Obama is A PUPPET, a SLAVE, to his gs/jpm/Fed/Wall St. swindlers, and Jewish war lobby handlers, who are ruining America. 

    (In particular,
 #1. Mr. Karlin can't quite notice that GODDAMN-SACHS is a predatory, vampire-squid, naked shorting, currency attacking, fraud perpetrating, con-gress bribing, financial parasite financial company that would be bankrupt, but for BILLIONS of taxpayer extorted "Disaster Capitalism"  "bailouts" dollars...  and,
 #2.  Mr. Karlin can't quite seem to notice that Goddamn-Sachs is a JEWISH dominated company; and, 
#3.  Mr. Karlin can't quite seem to notice that the entire Obama-Biden so-called "liberal Democrat" administration  is INFESTED, SATURATED, composed almost EXCLUSIVELY of  Jewish, Goddamn-Sachs/Wall Street toadies,**  many of whom have direct ties to Goddamn-Sachs, and ALL of whom support "RUBINOMICS" - the DEREGULATION of the critical USA financial markets, so, when the "Too Big To Fail" banks GO BANRUPT, they can go running, screaming, crying, begging, and extorting  to Con-gress for "bailouts".... = SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH...

 ...AS  the  Obama  administration's  RIGHT-WING HACKS,  POSING as "liberal Democrats",    HACK AWAY AT the social safety net that took America 100 plus years, 2 world wars, numerous smaller wars (fought, ostensibly, to "make the world safe for democracy"- Korea & Vietnam in particular - that "Happy Days" image wasn't so happy if you were a grunt in the freezing trenches of Korea); the Great Depression, the long, brutal, often tragic fight against STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM, aka the Civil Rights fight against state enforced segregation, and other long, tireless sacrifices by millions of Americans that took over 10+ decades to create.  

**note: today, with the departure from Obama White House of Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, Peter Orszag, and other Jewish Neo-Con "DINO" radical right-wing hacks, and the replacement of Emanuel by the so-called  "moderate" Chicago political dynasty heir Bill Daley, it may seem as if the Obama White House isn't quite as Neo-Con oriented as it once was.  This, however, is an illusion:  Daley was a JP MORGAN BANKING exec,  he is most definitely CONTINUING the policies PUT IN PLACE by the SUMMERS-EMANUEL Rubinites...  just as gentile (non-Jew) HANK PAULSON, CONTINUED  Bob Rubin's policies, both at Goddamn-Sachs when Paulson FOLLOWED RUBIN to become CHAIRMAN of the Vampire Squid,   AND when Paulson became Bush's third & final TREASURY SECRETARY, where he KEPT IN PLACE the DISASTROUS, DESPICABLE,  "DEREGULTION" =   RUBINOMICS policies put in place by BOB RUBIN and LARRY SUMMERS when they were Treasury Secretaries under Bill Clinton.) 

  But today,  Mr. Karlin lets slip, in a headline on his blog site, a comment that illustrates that even he knows what's up:  BARACK OBAMA and JOE BIDEN, and other so-called "Democratic" "leaders" - are IN BED with FINANCIAL CRIMINALS at the big banks, who are INTENTIONALLY WRECKING the U.S. economy, so they can swoop in, "Disaster Capitalism" style, with their evil, "bailouts" extorted loot, and BUY UP EVERYTHING of value in America, for pennies on the dollar.... 

 Headline from today's SO-CALLED "Liberal" website:   like the vast majority of other "Blue Team" playaas in NY, Washington, & Chicago,

 Mr. Karlin is, at best, a NEO-CON LITE - interested in BLUE TEAM winning and holding POWER, even if, on WARS and BAILOUTS and FINANCIAL PREDATION and police state dictatorship, they are INDISTINGUISHABLE from the Rethuglicans -  the peons in the trenches be damned!
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