Friday, September 23, 2011

DICTATORSHIP USA: US govt. to spend $100 million building PRISON in IRAQ...

The radical-right-wing FRAUD,  POSING as a "liberal Democrat" presidency that is Barack Obama's administration, continues on with its Neo-Con warmongering, Treasury looting, economy wrecking, and police state dictatorship agenda,  as this Glenn Greenwald article at illustrates:

 RIGHT DOWN THE LINE, from DISMANTLING America's industry and productive economy (Obama's "Jobs Czar" is GE CEO Jeff Immelt - who specialty is shipping GE jobs to China to get a short-term bubble in GE "profits" and stock prices, before China dispenses with the fiction of GE ownership of those factories!)
 to LOOTING the TREASURY, to allowing the banksters to print themselves TRILLIONS of Bernanke dollars which they HOARD and lend out only at 30% interest to debt-slave American credit card users;   to allowing Mary Schapiro, Gary Gensler and other Wall Street toadies to PRETEND to be paid government "regulators",  Barack Obama is RUNNING A RADICAL RIGHT WING  Cheney-Bush style presidency - note, there is NO DUE PROCESS in U.S. run prisons in Afghanistan, this is CONCENTRATION CAMP imperialism,  driven by the Israel (Jewish war lobby) Neo-Cons who also just happen to control the so-called "Federal" Reserve money printing debt extortion, economies wrecking, global sabotage machine:
U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram