Sunday, February 5, 2012

Under the Treasonous Jewish Neo-Cons, America is now an APARTHEID, SEGREGATED, dual-class colony: ONE level of "justice" for the Jews who relentlessly LEAK U.S. government secrets to the Jewish War State... ANOTHER, FAR HARSHER and MORE DRACONIAN set of ruthless laws for ordinary Americans trying to expose their government's criminal, treasonous activities.

On behalf of the treasonous Jewish war lobby,  Maj. Gen. Michael Linnington of the U.S. Military District of Washington  has convened a court martial for Private Bradley Manning, who, in that dictatorially run army court, will face ALL 22 CHARGES that the army - on behalf of the Jewish war lobby Neo-Con traitors who now run Washington D.C.  - have whipped up against Private Manning.

  The Treasonous 'American'  Jewish War Lobby - that answers to foreign jewish war state Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - has effectively whitewashed Israel and the 'American' jewish Neo-Con high-command's  DERELICTION OF DUTY that led to the 9-11 out of America's consciousness,
 what was actually  TREASON,  as the Jewish "intelligence" agencies (Mossad) not only knew that Al Qaeda operatives were planning mass attacks IN AMERICA in the long summer of 2001, but Mossad was actively following several Al Qaeda hijacker cells all through Florida and the east coast leading up to 9-11 serial hijackings in early September 2001. 

   That the Jewish war lobby, in the late 1990's, OPENLY DISCUSSED a "NEW PEARL HARBOR"  terrorist attack on America as a required PREREQUISITE for launching the war-lobby's much desired plans for a "regime change" U.S. war against Iraq is_beyond_dispute

   That the treasonous Jews infested in the highest levels of U.S. government, at the U.S. Defense Department (wolfowitz, perle, feith, wurmser, zackheim, et al, ad naseum)  and in the Bush-Cheney White House (in the person of I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby - Vice President Cheney's CHIEF OF STAFF, who in 1991 as assistant to Paul Wolfowitz helped Wolfowitz write the basic outline for a future U.S. military invasion 'regime change' in Iraq, Wolfowitz's 1992 "Defense Planning Guidance" paper)   LIED  to the American public to get America to invade Iraq is beyond dispute.

  That these Jewish Traitors are now dropping the hammer on an American patriot, Bradley Manning, who helped expose the out-of-control Jewish war lobby hijacking of America's military, government, and war machine is now also indisputable.

 Bradley Manning is a victim of the treasonous JEWISH HIJACKING OF AMERICA.

  That the JEWISH OWNED  (Rothschilds and allied jewish multi-national banking cabal)  'Federal' Reserve is PUSHING AMERICA - AND EUROPE - into a SECOND  GREAT DEPRESSION is beyond dispute -  as the Fed's GOLD HOARDING,  CREDIT CONTRACTION, and RUTHLESS FORECLOSURES of banks, businesses, farms, and industry LED DIRECTLY to THE FIRST GREAT DEPRESSION in the 1920s & early 1930s,  is also beyond dispute.   

(note: the "Fed" was authorized by Congress based on two major 1913 pre-establishment pledges to "maintain full employment" and to "maintain a stable money supply."  Within a decade of its creation, the Fed was encouraging bankers to FORECLOSE on the very American farmers who had taken out loans to expand wartime production, to feed and supply hungry Allied armies during the production boom years of WWI.  With the end of that war vast government purchases of food, horses, leather, cotton, wool, and other  goods and supplies swiftly came to an end... but not those farm mortgages or loan payments, which the Fed bankers ruthlessly squeezed for all they could.  The 1920s FARM DEPRESSION _preceeded_ the more familiar GREAT DEPRESSION of 1929, in no small part because in the 1920s America was still a largely rural, agricultural country.   Within a decade of its stated mission 'the Fed' had FAILED in its stated purpose for a huge portion of the American economy... and within a decade-and-a-half of its creation, the Fed had landed the entire American economy straight into the Great Depression that saw widespread hunger, suicides, misery  and 'money' and resource MISALLOCATION nationwide - with NO ONE QUESTIONING either the Fed's blatant incompetence,  and/or Rothschilds' style wholesale pump-and-dump, nation-wide economic sabotage!) 

  Those who see the long list of JEWISH names behind the SERIAL FINANCIAL CRIMES and  regulator CAPTURE (of government regulators by financial crooks) in America -  people like Bernie Madoff, Dick Fuld, Mary Schapiro, Gary Gensler, Larry Summers, Ron Klain, Rahm Emanuel, Jacob Lew, Peter Orszag, Gene Sperling, Mona Sutphen, Jared Bernstein, Lloyd Blankfein, Jon Corzine, Stephen Friedman, Janet Yellen,  Bob Rubin, Sarah Bloom Raskin - but refuse to connect the dots that this "DECONSTRUCT AMERICA's industrial economy, TRANSFER WEALTH FROM American taxpayers to jewish bankers"  IS   THE STRATEGY of the Jews in high places, are either grossly ignorant, or treasonously cowardly.

  Those who FAIL TO SEE that the long list of JEWISH NAMES behind the POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP laws - including the NDAA "unlimited detention AND TORTURE with NO court trial or civil rights for arrested AMERICAN suspects" law co-authored by despicable jewish "pretend liberal" senator CARL LEVIN(e)  and recently voted for by 93 senators and signed by the servile Barack Obama -  are PART OF THE JEWISH PLOT to  SUBJUGATE AMERICANS to Jewish overlords - are also guilty of either gross ignorance, or cowardly treason. 

    PRIOR TO the 9-11 attacks and 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, "American" and israeli Jews - "Neo-Cons" left a long, mile-wide paper trail of THEIR INTENT  to enmesh America in wars in the Middle-east, against first Iraq, then Syria, then Iran.

    Now, over a decade later, with that U.S. war against Iran a looming near-certainty,  America's treasonous Neo-Con jews can barely contain their glee, that they have gotten the bribed, bought, owned, extorted, and servile U.S. Congress, Senate and presidents to "willingly" put in place a series of draconian AMERICAN POLICE STATE Gestapo  DICTATORSHIP protocols - before they have even brought their next WAR of global NUCLEAR EXTORTION (and it's inevitable "blowback" responses), against Iran,  on. 


      Throughout the old testament "holy bible"  Jewish leaders at all times feel justified in betraying their former allies - Egyptians, Midianites, and Persians in particular - and engaging in wars of genocide and extermination against any and all neighbors (and here)

   It is insane to look at a people who immerse themselves in that same 'holy'  drenched-in-blood, treachery, massacre, jealousy, and greed bible today, and think that they have anything but the same ruthless, genocidal contempt and scorn for their neighbors -  today.      

  And it is also insane to look at the Jewish bible - with its portrayal of Moses ordering the massacre of "idolatrous" or disobedient" jews at least twice (first time, Exodus 32:27,  Moses commissioning his brother Aaron to massacre those Jews WHO HAD FOLLOWED AARON in worshiping the Golden Calf - WHICH AARON HAD CREATED; and a second time, on eve of entry into Canaan "the promised land," where Moses orders the massacre of those who oppose his commands ) 
   ...and see anything that resembles  "democracy" much less a respect for human rights.
  It is INSANE to look at the Jewish bible, and see anything but a Gestapo, Inquisition, ruthlessly murderous regime:  very specifically, a man is STONED TO DEATH for the 'crime' of gathering sticks in violation of the 'sabbath day' - and see it as anything less than a murderously DICTATORIAL set of laws that commands wholesale GENOCIDE and EXECUTIONS  for those who violate RELIGIOUS rules of that intolerant, dictatorial jewish war state and its ghoulishly death-obsessed leaders.   

  As wiki explains, "According to the Torah, Moses prescribed the death penalty for a huge range of offences and for defeated enemies."

  It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 'American' wars in the mideast are at the instigation of Benjamin Netanyahu and his armies of undead Jewish 'American' traitor Neo-Con appartchiks.

  It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that U.S. Army private Bradley Manning is being served up as a human sacrifice to that Jewish war lobby's blood-lust wars, and to the insane "god" of the jews, who is constantly, relentlessly lusting after the execution of "idolatrous" jews (King Solomon and certain other jewish 'hero' 'leaders' hypocritically excepted) and serial rapes and massacres of Jews and non-Jews alike.

    Bradley Manning is a patriot - the entire city of Washington, D.C., has been taken over by cowards and traitors - including Jewish senator Carl Levin(e) who, like Joe Lieberman spent the first half of his career posing as a "liberal" or moderate Democrat, but who now has sponsored the NDAA "AMERICAN GESTAPO DICTATOR POLICE STATE" act -  COWARDS and TRAITORS  who answer to a foreign power - the bronze age would-be tyrants and genocidal mass-murderers of the insane jewish war state. 

  Jewish war lobby SERIAL TRAITOR  Lewis 'Scooter' Libby - CONVICTED of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in a scandal - the INTENTIONAL OUTING of  entire CIA undercover operations - that would have seen ordinary Americans imprisoned in max security federal prisons for life on "treason" charges -  WALKS FREE (if not clear), after no more than a half-day in jail,  despite those convictions -  
  (here,  the Jewish owned TIME magazine PIMPS the PARDON of Scooter Libby as THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM of the final days of the Bush-II White House... 9-11, Abu Grhaib, Enron, and other economy-gutting scandals take a distant 2nd place to WHITEWASHING the CRIMES of  a top jewish war lobby appartchik like Libby,  if you are a member of the jewish "shadow elite"... that cnn/Time/Warner certainly is.) 

 ...AS that same, evil, TREASONOUS Jewish War Lobby behind Libby's crimes, and their army of treasonous, economy looting faceless regulators, banker's whores,  &  Washington bureaucrats, go after Private Manning for informing the American public of what their treasonous 'leaders' have been doing - cooking up MORE WARS and a FOREIGN ruled theocratic, dehumanizing, anti-democratic, un-American police-state dictatorship nightmare.

     Bradley Manning to Face ALL Charges in Court-Martial
 February 3, 2012 |

WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning is headed for a general court-martial, according to the commander of the U.S. Army Military District of Washington in an announcement released late Friday.
Maj. Gen. Michael Linnington, the general convening authority for the district, made the determination that Manning will face all 22 charges leveled against him, include aiding the enemy, wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the internet knowing that it is accessible to the enemy, theft of public property or records, transmitting defense information, and fraud and related activity in connection with computers.
The most serious charge — aiding the enemy — carries a possible death penalty. Prosecutors have said they will not seek the death penalty. Instead, Manning faces life in prison if convicted of all the charges.
Linnington’s decision was no surprise to court watchers. In mid-January, the presiding officer of Manning’s Article 32 hearing, Lt. Col. Paul Almanza, recommended that Manning be court-martialed under all 22 charges, indicating that there were reasonable grounds to believe that Manning committed the offenses with which he was charged.  (cont'd) 

Bonus:  Back in 2010, the  JEWISH OWNED Huffington Post
(yes, Arianna Huffington is just a goy Greek/American girl who gets paid to PRETEND she runs what is really just ANOTHER NY Times/Washington Post style "pretend liberal, actually radical right-wing jewish war lobby Neo-Con warmongering" media propaganda rag)
 allowed blogger Harry R. Lewis to write the near unspeakable:  mention 4 jews  as part of the "SHADOW ELITE" that  both RUINED Russia's post- Cold War (post-communist) economy;  and drove HARVARD University into near BANKRUPTCY & DEBT insolvency -
 (Bob Rubin, Larry Summers,  Andre Schleifer, and Nancy Zimmerman)
  Larry Summers, Robert Rubin: Will The Harvard Shadow Elite Bankrupt The University And The Country?
by Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science at Harvard and former Dean of Harvard College
12 Jan. 2010 
...Harvard's board is intertwined with the shadow elite of Wedel's Chapter 5: the team of experts who disastrously advised the Russian government on capitalism in the 1990s. Engaged by the U.S. to show the Russians how the West controls corruption, the advisers became models of what to avoid. Here is the Cambridge-Moscow-Washington story in a nutshell.
In 1991, Lawrence Summers became chief economist of the World Bank, moving to the Treasury Department in 1993. When Robert Rubin became Treasury Secretary in 1995, Summers became his Deputy Secretary, later succeeding him as Secretary.
 In 1992, Andrei Shleifer, a Harvard professor and a close friend of Summers since Shleifer's college days at Harvard, became head of a Harvard project that directed U.S. government money for the development of the Russian economy. Tens of millions of dollars in noncompetitive U.S. contracts flowed to Harvard for Shleifer's Russian work, and his team directed the distribution of hundreds of millions more. Through the mid-1990s, complaints accumulated in Washington about self-dealing and improper investing by the Harvard team, and by mid-1997, the Harvard contracts had been canceled and the FBI had taken up the case. For two years it was before a federal grand jury.
In September, 2000, the government sued Harvard, Shleifer, and others, claiming that Shleifer was lining his own pockets and those of his wife, hedge fund manager Nancy Zimmerman--formerly a vice president at Goldman Sachs under Rubin.... (cont'd)