Thursday, March 15, 2012

GENOCIDAL Finance: HIV, malaria, breadlines make comeback in Greece as Bernanke's VAMPIRE BANKERS extract their "AUSTERITY CUTS" loan-shark bloodletting out of the Greek people...

Greece on the breadline: HIV and malaria make a comeback

 As economic saboteur and serial liar Ben Bernanke  (reappointed by Barack Obama to the so-called 'Federal' Reserve banking cartel,  despite Obama's pledges, promises, vows & commitments   that he would bring "CHANGE you can believe in!" to America's economy if he were only elected president)   
   (Bernanke was appointed to the Fed, and in charge of The Fed during the period of economic DETERIORATION,  under President George W. Bush)
   ...told Americans    "with the economy strengthening in recent weeks, 'WE WOULD NEED NO QE-3"...

      ...Bernanke & Geithner were simultaneously doing QE-3 out the back door, via Fed/Treasury CURRENCY SWAPS,  to the European central bank  (ECB) to the tune of .8 trillion dollars!  

     What if the Fed had printed up those .8 trillion dollars, and instead of GIVING IT to BANKERS, had instead GIVEN IT TO bolster Social Security, Medicare, and public health here in America.... or used it to FORGIVE  ALL of Greece's $400-billion or so "debt" ?

  Clearly, the Fed IS NOT INTERESTED in ENDING the FINANCIAL CRISIS:  In this (and previous) financial crises, there is a lack of money -    the fiat money bankers are the only ones around with 'money',  WHICH THEY CREATE OUT OF THIN AIR, and then RENT (or "lend") to desperate governments & citizens.  

        This means PILING NEW DEBT, ON TOP OF  "old" debt.

      This means the treasonous, insanely greedy bankers, HAVE EVEN MORE CLAIM to the wealth & productive assets of a nation,  AFTER their new round of "crisis lending,"  than in the previous, blood-letting, economic-sabotage stages of the economic/financial crisis. 

  The more fiat money the banksters "create" and LEND... the MORE IN DEBT the TARGET economies,  nations, and citizens become.   

   THIS IS WAR BY DECEIT - the bankers PRETENDING to want to "improve" the economy, while they are actually, actively SABOTAGING it.   

   It should be considered what it is - TREASON and SABOTAGE...  and, in aggregate,  GENOCIDE.