Monday, March 5, 2012

Insane American Senator, and Jewish War Lobby mouthpiece John McCain calls for bombing.. not Iran, but this time Syria.

John McCain, a "leading American politician" and "Republican Party 'leader'" makes Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Russian Czarina and her Rasputin, and other European "leaders" on the eve of  the whirlwind to WWI destruction look SANE and RATIONAL in comparison, as he - at the urging of the insanely bloodthirsty Jewish war lobby that pimps, pays, and promotes McCain as their "war hero, American" face - PIMPS THE BOMBING OF SYRIA...
McCain having earlier, in 2008, PIMPED THE BOMBING OF IRAN as an election vote-getter.  

  below photos un-retouched screen-shots of America's insane Senator McCain in action.
  WHAT KIND OF "god" WOULD PUT A SEVEN-YEAR prisoner-of-war TORTURE VICTIM (naval avaitor John McCain was shot down by Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun-fire as he was making a bombing attack on Hanoi targets during the Vietnam war, and McCain was imprisoned - and tortured - as a POW for years after his capture) within a heartbeat of the "nuclear football"  as the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, the man who could well have won the election of 2008 and been in charge of America's nuclear arsenal?
 THE 'god' of the JEWISH WAR LOBBY, that who - the Jews (Neo-Cons)   are KINGMAKERS for BOTH the Republican AND "Democratic" Parties!    (Goddamn-Sachs was Barack Obama's #2. campaign donor in Obama's 2008 elections, and the "Vampire Squid" is most certainly one of many financial arms of the Jewish War Lobby)   and their blood-drenched bible is DEFINED by the GENOCIDAL MASSACRES of their neighbors, former allies,  and anyone who runs afoul of the bronze-age Jews' genocidal blood-lust.

  Yes, America: according to the treasonous "israel uber alles" Neo-Cons in the press, media, government, and who rule the  Republican Party JOHN McCAIN was THE BEST CANDIDATE, in ALL of America, to represent Republican voters as their presidential candidate in 2008!   
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  below, America's insane Senator,  John McCain's infamous "bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb bomb IRAN" video (don't miss McCain's little laugh at the end!)