Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Democratic "Leadership" FAILS America - even combat-vet Senator Reed SURRENDERS to Righty talking points.. with NO FIGHT!

newsflash: July 2007 National Intelligence Estimate: "Al Qaida is RECONSTITUTED, now aggressively seeking to SEND TERRORIST ATTACK CELLS TO AMERICA."

WHERE is the Democrat OUTRAGE, "President Bush PLEDGED TO GET Osama bin Laden.. IN SEPTEMBER 2001!"??

WHY do the Cowardly Democrats prefer to hand AMERICA's BLOOD AND TREASURE over to the Bush administration, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, to DEMANDING that President Bush answer for INCERASING THE THREAT of GLOBAL TERROR to America in the past 5 years?"


Nothing illustrates how thoroughly the Democratic Party "leadership" has FAILED America, than this sad little story in an almost anonymous The_Nation article, about an almost anonymous (and soon to be forgotten) appearance of Democratic Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) during a PBS Newshour interview the other night.

The Nation article (by Nicholas von Hoffman) and Senator Reed's appearance on Newshour will soon be forgotten (if they were ever noticed in the first place) - BUT one can bet the farm, that BRAINDEAD Democrats, 5, 10, or 50 weeks downs the road, will STILL have NO COUNTER to Republican smear attacks and "major media" talking points.

WHERE is the Democrat's anger... WHERE IS THEIR OUTRAGE?

When the Republicans accuse Democrats of "CUTTING AND RUNNING" from Iraq.. the Democrats SHOULD IMMEDIATELY RESPOND, "President Bush, Vice President Cheney,and Secretary of War Rumsfeld _CUT_ US troops from Afghanistan, and ALLOWED Osama bin Laden to _RUN_across the border at Tora Bora, BEFORE THE JOB there (of capturing bin Laden and routing Al Qaida in Afghanistan) WAS DONE!"

When Republicans and Righty media apologists (Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post) insist that Senator Vitter's used of prostitutes was "A PRIVATE MATTER," and that since he has sought "FORGIVENESS FROM GOD and his wife" - the scandal is now past history, Democrats should respond that not only was Senator Vitter pushing for the IMPEACHMENT of President Bill Clinton based on Ken Starr's $70 million federally funded investigation into the Monica Lewinsky affair, but that Senator Vitter WAS ENGAGING IN ADULTERY and hiring prostitutes AT THE SAME TIME HE WAS HYPOCRITICALLY demanding the IMPEACHMENT of President Clinton.

The radical Right got immense mileage pushing the "Clintons killed Vince Foster" conspiracy (among many other hate-Clinton conspiracy allegations). Not only do Democrats refuse to point out that Democratic Senators and "liberal media" editors were the ONLY TARGETS of the Anthrax terror letters, but that the MURDER OF US POSTAL WORKERS in those anthrax attacks HAVE NOT BEEN SOLVED by the Bush administration - which CLAIMS to be the "war on terror" experts!

Democrats REFUSE TO FIGHT BACK in vocally EXPOSING CONTRACT FRAUD AND CORRUPTION in Iraq war contracts... in the same way that they REFUSED to LINK George W. Bush to ENRON FRAUD, and Ken Lay. Mr. Lay was only Mr. Bush's #1. campaign donor through two Texas gubernatorial camapaigns, the 2000 Republican primary campaign, the 2000 Republican presidential campaign, AND the 2000 Florida recount battle. President Bush snatched Enron senior executive Thomas White out from under the very collapsing Enron in late 2001 to make him Secretary of the Army - to do to the Army (bleed it dry from the inside out with "privatized contracting") what Enron executives did to Enron. And Democrats NEVER stood up and fought for California rate payers EXTORTED by Enron price-fixing and energy gouging in California.

And SOMEONE in the US Congress - some DEMOCRATIC Senators - APPROVED the confirmation of Michael "Heckuva job Brownie" Brown to be the DIRECTOR of FEMA, the nation's disaster relief agency....despite Brown not having ANY EXPERIENCE in disaster relief!

WHAT THE HELL HAS BECOME of America's "opposition" DEMOCRATIC PARTY, that they are almost as cowed, complicit, and subservient today, as they were in the days when they CONFIRMED MICHAEL BROWN to be the Director of FEMA without a filibuster fight?!

COWED, CORRUPTED, COMPLICIT, they dare not confront the major media or even Karl Rove... today's Democratic 'leaders' are SUBSERVIENT to Bush, Rove, Cheney, and their "major media" talking points! Their LAME performance is ROBBING America of an articulate, cohesive, energetic opposition party!


Where Is the Anger?

Nicholas von Hoffman

The other night Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican of Texas, was on the PBS NewsHour to debate the Iraq mess with Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island. She wiped up the floor with him. Cleaned the man's clock.

She stuck him with the "cut and run" epithet; he took it and did not fight back. Call him a perfect gentleman or call him a perfect wuss. The guy is a West Point graduate, he served with 82nd Airborne Division and was an Army Ranger. With a resumé like that the Senator ought to give as good as he gets, but he was defenseless against Hutchison's charges that he was playing politics with the war. She administered a total smackdown on this weaponless Democrat.

It was a typical of Democratic performances in the face of Republican onslaughts. When Bush and the Republicans pour on accusations of cowardice, weakness, softness toward the enemy, irresponsibility, isolationism and defeatism, they don't answer. They just take it.

Democrats act as though somebody had put a cork in their mouths when Bush and his crew accuse them of "politicizing" the war. This accusation from a bunch who run on the war in every election.

Democrats do not talk back about the stupidity of Bush's orders to stand and fight to the last soldier, the mess in Afghanistan, the grafters, his bungling, his wrecking the United States Army and Marine Corps, his lies about our fighting foreign Al Qaeda fanatics in Iraq, his staffing the Department of Homeland Security with jerks and fools, his stubborn dunderheaded-ness. Bush is a dream target and the D's are shooting spitballs in his direction.

You would think the Democrats had their mouths duct-taped when the Republicans shout "You're micro-managing the war." When do the Democrats in Congress answer, micro or macro, somebody had better manage the damn war?

Over the last months Bush has been putting serving generals in uniform on TV to sell his line but not a word from the Democrats that active-duty generals have no business in politics. The Republicans have won a lot of elections by labeling the Democrats as wuss and wimp party--and the current crop of D's is doing nothing to dispel the impression that none of ‘em have onions.

Where is their passion? We are talking about war here, folks, about people getting killed, about life and death. Where is the spine? Where the guts? WHERE IS THEIR ANGER?