Thursday, July 26, 2007

White House calls Speaker Pelosi's 110th Congress "PATHETIC." Miers & Bolton are in CONTEMPT of it. And the AG committs PERJURY with Impunity...

video: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales "CONTRADICTS" his own testimony, under oath, during Congressional hearings before Senate Judiciary committee on Tuesday, July 24, 2007. The current Attorney General perjured himself within the span of four sentences, at one point stating that he had not gone to see (then) Attorney General John Ashcroft to get the hospitalized, recovering from surgery Attorney General Ashcroft to discuss the "terrorist surveillance act" (warrantless wiretapping), but moments later, admitting that he (then White House Counsel Gonzales) had gone to the hospital room to see Attorney General Ashcroft to attempt to get Ashcroft to sign the document extending the TSA act.


Speaker of the 110th Congress Ms. Nancy Pelosi should know, that just yesterday White House spokesman Tony Snow said that congressional hearings to compel testimony from the Attorney General Alberton Gonzales were "PATHETIC."

That former White House official Harriet Miers, and current White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolton, are CONTEMPTUOUS of Congress, they are both IGNORING a congressional subpoenae that seeks to compel them to testify honestly about the "PURGING" of US Attorneys nationwide immediately after election 2006, an effort by Karl Rove and the Bush White House to turn the entire US Justice Department into an electioneering-arm of the Republican Party. This effort by the Bush White House involves getting United States prosecutors to make FALSE ACCUSATIONS, and thus run PERJUROUS PROSECUTIONS of innocent Americans, in order to swing close elections to the Republican Party, making "SCANDALS" of EVERY RACE where the Democrats were close to their Republican opponents, by charging Democratic candidates and vote-registration activists with fraud and other crimes.

And, just two days ago, the Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, openly MOCKED a Senate congressional hearing, Mr. Gonzales having the temerity to try to tell senators that he had not gone to see then Attorney General John Ashcroft, recovering in a hospital bed from surgery, about getting approval for the "TSA" terrorist surveillance act... yet, within the next few moments, one of the senators compelled Mr. Gonzales to admit that he went to that hospital room seeking Ashcroft's signature on the document which would have extended the TSA "warrantless eavesdropping" program for another extended period!

The question is, "WHAT ARE SPEAKER PELOSI and her Democratic leaders going to do about this challenge to the Congress, this OPEN CONTEMPT, this OPEN SCORN, this undisguised PERJURY; all being ORDERED from the White House by the President, Vice President, and Political Affairs Director to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE, and to lay the groudwork for yet another stolen election in 2008, when the entire US Department of Justice will be in the VOTER INTIMIDATION business?

Thus far, the Speaker's response is as predictable as it is anemic, which is, sad to say, despicable. For eight long years Republicans assaulted the Clinton White House, leading in 1998 to the IMPEACHMENT of President Clinton, with impeachments supporters and leaders pounding the mantra "the president lied under oath! His administration is an assault on the very fabric of American governance!"

Yet today, when the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the United States feels free to COMMITT PERJURY about an issue that is at the very heart and soul of American governance - the right of citizens to be free from wrongful prosecutions that seek to eleminate democracy itself! - the Speaker is trying to pretend it is "business as usual," and the Congress is planning to take a summer recess.

It is SHAMEFUL that Speaker Pelosi does not respond to White House contempt and obstruction using the full force of the law - using the constitutional powers vested in Congress, vested in her office. It is BEYOND SHAMEFUL that the Democratic "leadership" allows the Bush-Rove-Cheney administration to TARGET innocent American citizens with FALSE ACCUSATIONS and MALICIOUS PROSECUTIONS.
SELLING Democratic voters and American citizens down the river has now become standard operating procedure for the Democratic "leadership.'