Thursday, July 19, 2007

Speaker Pelosi OBSTRUCT an honest and energetic discussion of Impeachment....

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

DO NOT REPEAT the mistake of the COWARDLY Senate Democrats, who REFUSED to SIGN-ON TO the Black Congressional Caucus' demands for a simple investigation into the massive voter fraud in Florida (and probably other states) in 2000.

Our esteemed Democratic "leaders" in the senate (including the fightin'est Dem. of them all, Senator Paul Wellstone), made the decision NOT to sign on to the Black Congressional Caucus (BCC) demand for investigation... because Washington, and America, bought into the notion that challenging the Bush-Cheney campaign's claims of victory would bring on a "CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS."

HELLO?! Six years later, we Americans face a FULL BLOWN CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS - a president who declares the right to SELECTIVELY DISCARD _ANY PORTION_ of laws duly approved by congress that he so feels like.

David Swanson has been doing yeoman work on the Impeachment issue, and he brings us to the obvious question: "DOES PRESIDENT BUSH have BLACKMAIL photos of Speaker Pelosi?"

Unfortunately, the more mundane answer is that "SPEAKER PELOSI IS FOLLOWING in the footsteps of the complicity, complacent, cowering, servile Democrats of the Senate, who REFUSED TO UPHOLD AMERICAN LAWS in the 2000 election, thereby handing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney the OPPORTUNITY to steal more elections, do nothing to prevent 9-11; do nothing to bring to justice the Anthrax terrorist(s); did nothing to capture Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora, and then LIED the nation into a war of conquest and aggression.

Dear Madam Speaker - GO WITH JUSTICE! Go with truth, justice, and the American way! UPHOLD _YOUR OWN OATH_ to uphold the US Constitution! Let freedom ring, and let America once again be the "HOME OF THE FREE and the LAND OF THE BRAVE," instead the home of the fearful and the land of cowering, complicit legislators who take their orders from corporate lobbyists."


Bush Has Photos of Pelosi
Submitted by dswanson on Sun,
2007-07-15 02:17.
By David Swanson

Bush has photos of Pelosi doing… WHAT?

Here's the situation Nancy Pelosi finds herself in. A full 54% of Americans and 76% of Democrats want Dick Cheney impeached. Cheney's 13% favorability makes him the least popular president or vice president ever. The Washington Post reports that Republicans are turning against Cheney. By failing to act, the Democratic Congress has made itself less popular than Bush. Were the Congress to impeach Cheney and the Senate to acquit him, the Democrats would win a significant majority in the Senate because the public would toss some Republicans who voted for Cheney out on their asses. So, the Democrats would not just do the right thing for the future of our nation but achieve electoral victories by moving on impeachment, whether they manage to succeed with it or not. There's no known downside to trying.

Could there be an unknown downside? Could there be a reason we don't know about to explain Pelosi's unconstitutional position that Congress will not impeach no matter what? Couldn't Pelosi point out at least that she was only talking about Bush? Couldn't she allow justice to run its course for Cheney?

Could it be that Bush and Cheney have photos of Nancy Pelosi doing something she wouldn't want us to see?