Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cowardly Senator John Kerry stands by, all dignified and approving, as Campus Police haul student away in middle of questions to the Senator...

Second video angle of Kerry doing NOTHING to STOP POLICE FROM CENSORING and ARRESTING a student asking a question:

Massachusetts Senator and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate JOHN KERRY stands MUTE, APPROVING, as campus police ARRESTED student yesterday for asking Senator Kerry tough, legitimate, if long-winded questions about the stolen election of 2004 in Ohio and other states, and about Kerry's fraternity ties to his 2004 election opponent, fellow Yale Skull & Bonesman George W. Bush.

IN ALLOWING the police to HUSTLE THAT STUDENT OUT OF THE AUDITORIUM without comment, Senator Kerry APPROVED of their strong-arm, five-on-one tactics to SUPPRESS that student's speech - so he, Mr. Kerry, could escape the student discussion at the university WITHOUT ANSWERING THE TOUGH QUESTIONS that the Florida "news/media" REFUSE TO ASK of the Democratic candidate who in 2004 pledged "to fight until the last vote is counted" but then gave up immediately, even before the true extent of Republican vote corruption was fully known.

Question THE honesty, integrity, and oh-so-respectable dignity of the multimillionaire Junior Senator from Massachusettes - BE PREPARED FOR THE POLICE TO TASER YOU, HAUL YOU OFF TO JAIL, and toss you in to a Blackwater indefinite detention and unlimited torture gulag.

Mr. Kerry, YOU, SIR, are a COWARD and a FRAUD. You TOOK OUR MONEY in election 2004, WITHOUT EVER ONCE GIVING US AN HONEST FIGHT on the issues - without ever once highlighting the abject criminal conduct and lies of the George W. Bush presidency. Much less did you give us a good fight against the systematic electronic ELECTION THEFT by computerized vote machines manufactured by companies with close ties to the Republican Party - a massive and systematic DISENFRANCHISEMENT scheme which you have since effectively ENDORSED in your actions - or more specifically, by your inaction, your lack of action, outrage, intervention or call for serious investigation. YOU WERE HAPPY TO SEE THE POLICE HAUL THAT STUDENT AWAY, Senator Kerry, BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE ANSWERING ANY of his 3 questions:
#1. "Why did you CONCEDE election 2004 so swiftly.. the morning after the election, despite widely reported cases of DISENFRANCHISEMENT of Black voters, in Ohio and other states, and KNOWING that Republicans were infamous for that in election 2000, if not 2002 as well? (The Mondale and Cleland votes of 2002, in Minnesota and Georgia respectively, were both highly suspect. Senator Paul Wellstone was cruising to an OVERWHELMING re-election victory in Minnesota, before he and his family died in a plane crash, and Minnesota's beloved son, former VICE PRESIDENT WALTER MONDALE, stepped in to complete the race Senator Wellstone would have easily won.)
#2. "Did your being a fraternity brother along with Mr. Bush in the Skull & Bones fraternity at Yale University have anything to do with you possibly 'pulling your punches' in the 2006 election - an attempt not to embarrass a fellow Bonesman, who, like his father, would have been regarded as a one-term loser if your campaign had succeeded?"
#3. "Why don't you support the effort to IMPEACH President Bush for lying America into war, when Republicans voted to IMPEACH President Clinton for lying about an affair?"
(see video for the actual questions)

NOTICE HOW THE POLICE STEP IN THE MOMENT student Meyers mentions "DISENFRANCHISED BLACK VOTERS" - and notice that the reason that the students are not supportive of his aggressive questions is because it is an almost LILY WHITE AUDIENCE... they are by and large children of relative affluence, and they do not want to hear that their president is illegitimate, that he only 'won' the White House through fraudulent vote counts.

JOHN KERRY and his oh-so-dignified senatorial 'Democratic' colleagues: EXHIBIT ONE in the ongoing SUBVERSION of American DEMOCRACY.

Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy (Hardcover)


Kerry 'Stunned' Over Taser Incident

By Daniel W. Reilly
Sep 18, 2007

(The Politico) Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) said he still doesn’t know why police Tasered a University of Florida student during the senator’s speech Monday, saying, "I could have handled the situation without interruption."

Kerry, however, was quick not to undermine the police decision to use force.

“I don’t know what transpired,” Kerry said. “The police must have had a reason to make their decision.”

The senator would not comment as to whether the police used an appropriate level of force, saying, “That is a law enforcement issue.”

Kerry was speaking at the University of Florida, when Andrew Meyer, a student, burst into the room and ran towards a microphone, attempting to ask Kerry a question. According to university officials, Meyer was allowed to ask several questions before his microphone was cut off and university police stepped in.

Meyer screamed: "Don't Tase me, bro!" as officers attempted to drag him outside the auditorium, according to the Florida Alligator newspaper.

Kerry said he never felt threatened by Meyer, saying he tried to quiet the crowd and asked police to allow Meyer to ask his question.
"I have never had a dialog interrupted like that in 37 years, at any event,” Kerry said.
Meyer was charged with disturbing the peace and resisting an officer.
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