Friday, September 21, 2007

Keith Olberman blasts Sycophantic Dem Senators who bow to President Bush's Demagoguery....

Keith Olbermann, in a signature Special Comment on his MSNBC "Countdown" news show, blasts the demogogic campaign of President Bush against the political action group, which in a paid, full-page ad in the New York Times called into question not only the facts delivered by General Patraeus in his Iraq War report to Congress on 9-11-2007, but even the honesty and motivation of the general himself, as well.

Actually, our headline is a tad misleading: Keith Olberman does chastise the Cowardly Democratic Senators who rushed to sign the Bush-Republican censure of's ad, but not in his special comment, but instead in the half hour of of the show (MSNBC "Countdown")before Mr. Olbermann got to his special comment.

Mr. Olberman chastised the Democratic senators who signed the bill as being like "PAVLOVIAN DOGS" responding to the FEAR campaign from the White House. Every time the White House runs into problems (almost always of their own making from horrific policy blunders), they trot out their SWIFT-BOAT smear team, and make the Democratic "leadership" COWER under the threat that they will be portrayed as "SOFT ON TERROR" or "NOT SUPPORTING THE TROOPS." Mr. Bush and his staff - including his then Political Senior Advisor Karl Rove - used EXACTLY THOSE TACTICS against Seantors TOM DASCHLE and MAX CLELAND in 2002. Not only were both men VIETNAM COMBAT VETERANS, but Max Cleland had lost three limbs fighting against the enemy in Vietnam - and he was SLANDERED by Republican campaign ads showing his photo sandwiched between those of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein!

WHERE are our COWARDLY SENATORS when REPUBLICANS ATTACK GENERALS and combat experienced Democratic veterans?


Those Democrats who signed this bill are nothing but COWARDLY TOADIES to the Bush administration's dismal record of lies, corruption, and a war in Iraq based on lies and a coordinated media propaganda campaign.