Thursday, September 20, 2007

"FREEDOM" in America: Cowardly Senator John Kerry stands mute, as CAMPUS POLICE CENSOR a student from asking a question....

Just to the right of this picture, on a stage in front of the students, JOHN KERRY does NOTHING to STOP CAMPUS POLICE from ARRESTING A STUDENT FOR ASKING A QUESTION.

John Kerry is a COWARD and a FRAUD, who TOOK OUR MONEY in 2004, PROMISING TO FIGHT FOR OUR VOTES, then not only did he ROLL OVER to the Bush-Republican election-stealing crimes in Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, and Florida in 2004, but now Kerry is AN APOLOGIST, a WHITEWASHER, an APPLE-POLISHER for the Bush administration.

The student had every right to be excitable and loud in asking his questions of Senator Kerry. Undoubtedly, the Senator had spent the previous TWO HOURS talking to the students, WITHOUT MENTIONING THE POSSIBILITY that President Bush had "won" that 2004 election ILLEGITIMATELY - by getting Kerry to back down from a free and fair audit of the election.
That is, for two entire hours Mr. Kerry had advanced the "Major Media"/Republican LIE that President Bush had won election 2004 fairly - a sheer MYTH!

FOR SHAME, Mr. Kerry! How the once valiant have been CORRUPTED by those perks of senatorial privilege, and that big Boston fortune you inherited. (Reminds us of the story of HERMAN GOERING, who was a courageous WWI fighter pilot in the German airforce, but who by 1940 was the feared and despised hedonist who lived on drugs amid luxury from the stolen riches of all Europe.) Speaking of, the comparison is more apt than it first appears: Luftwaffe commander Herman Goering WAS ALSO THE LEADER of the feared Nazi SECRET POLICE force, the Gestapo - whose specialty was DRAGGING PEOPLE OFF to prison.

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By Sasha Issenberg, Globe Staff | September 19, 2007