Sunday, October 14, 2007

Does HILLARY CLINTON _SUPPORT_ Wllm Kristol's call for BOMBING, WAR against Iran? captures BILL KRISTOL pinning for a massive US bombing campaign against Iran.

WE here at DemocraticNationUSA agree with the sentiment that NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION is an EVIL to be avoided... which makes this article about possible US government/CIA COMPLICITY with Pakistan's NUCLEAR BOMB development program extremely disturbing. (If true, the article hints at treason from within the highest levels of US government.),,2188777,00.html

We also find HILLARY CLINTON's VOTE for the US Senate Resolution declaring Iran's Revolutionary Guards to be a "terrorist organization" to be extremely disturbing, in effect a back-door authorization for the BUSH-CHENEY administration to BOMB IRAN AT ANY TIME OF THEIR CHOOSING.;_ylt=AkzycbDOXHc6VqkKlN7M6bas0NUE

Unfortuanately, with American laucnhing not one, but TWON INVASIONS of Muslim countries in the aftermath of 9-11, INTERNATIONAL LAW has been thrown to the wind, and, specifically, both the United States and Israel maintain that they have no requirement to ABIDE BY INTERNATIONAL TREATIES on nuclear-proliferation or international aggression, EVEN AS THEY TRY TO RAM SECOND-CLASS nuclear energy status DOWN IRAN'S THROATS.
Indeed, America under the Bush-Cheney administration has authorized a FIVE BILLION DOLLAR SALE of top US nuclear processing technology to INDIA - with the "understanding" that India can use that technology on its seven "secret" military - nuclear weapons processing - reactors.


Juan Williams: Kristol Is Pushing For ‘The Next World War’

On Fox News Sunday, right-wing pundit Bill Kristol continued to beat the war drums for a strike against Iran. “I hope the administration is willing to do what it takes to back Iran off,” he said, adding that “we may need to do stuff across the border.”

NPR’s Mara Liasson claimed that the Bush administration could politically “withstand” an attack against Iran, and that a bombing raid inside Iran would not count as “an all-out war.”

NPR’s Juan Williams noted that Liasson and Kristol were in effect condoning “the next world war”:

WILLIAMS: I think what Bill Kristol is saying is he wants some action against Iran in a way that Israel apparently took action against Syria. And I think what you’re looking at then is the next world war. […]

And if we now say the U.S. is going to take action against Iran, and it’s not as a result of some specific provocative action, then you’re talking about spreading war.

Kristol responded by citing the recent Israeli airstrike on Syria as evidence for his claim that a strike on Iran would not have deeper consequences. “Has the Israeli action against Syria spread war? Has that destabilized the region?” Kristol asked. Watch it: