Monday, January 28, 2008

LYING Democrats REID, PELOSI, HOYER join Bush, Cheney, Telecom execs & Corporate Media Whores in CENSORING discussion of Telecom IMMUNITY-for-Spying..

Democrat "leaders" Pelosi, Reid, and Hoyer (far right) have mastered the Bush-Cheney-Rove art of LYING bold-faced to American and especially Democratic voters.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney are counting on the media silence and COMPLICITY of the COWARDLY, LYING Democratic "leadership" in the House and Senate to let Republicans win passage of the TELECOM-IMMUNITY-for-SPYING-ON-AMERICANS bill.
(click here for the post on this betrayal and whitewash/cover-up.)
They all know this is the American people's last chance to hold the Bush administration accountable for warrantless wiretapping of innocent Americans - and the COWARDLY "Democratic Leadership" IS NOT IN THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED in HOLDING THE Bush-Cheney administration ACCOUNTABLE... FOR ANYTHING!

Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, Rockefeller, and other "Democratic Leaders" PRETEND to their Democratic voters that they are OPPOSED to RETROACTIVE IMMUNITY FOR BREAKING LAWS - illegal wiretapping and massive data-mining of ALL American electronic telecom transmissions. This means that the government has your secret business plans the moment you send them to your patent lawyer, business partners, investors, or even within your own company. Make no mistake - Pelosi, Reid, Rockefeller, Hoyer, et al UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WILL BE _NO_ OVERSIGHT for ANY of this illegal wiretapping. This means that government agents could potentially preempt your plans - for example, purchasing shares of a company ahead of your own plans to do so - WITH NO OVERSIGHT or accountability, ever!
REID and PELOSI ARE BASE LIARS. Not only do they have the power to CUT OFF IRAQ WAR FUNDING, but they CERTAINLY HAVE THE POWER TO RUN Bush's Telecom IMMUNITY-for breaking-FISA-surveillance-laws bill into the ditch.

THIS REID, PELOSI, ROCKEFELLER, and the ENTIRE CORRUPTED, COMPLICIT "Democratic" inside-the-beltway "leadership" REFUSE TO DO.

The Democrat "leadership" has one play, and one play only: RUN FOR OFFICE as offering OPPOSITION to Bush-Republican atrocities, and then, once they get re-elected, RULE and VOTE AS REPUBLICANS.

THEY, like JOE LIEBERMAN, run as "MODERATE" Democrats offering OPPOSITION to Bush-Cheney co.... but when they get behind closed doors with K.-St. lobbyists and industry executives, THEY SELL OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and Democratic voters, EVERY DAMN TIME.

PELOSI and REID are guilty of FRAUD and DECEIT, on the telecom surveillance-spying immunity bill, alone!
(And for dozens of other issues as well.)