Friday, January 25, 2008

With a whole raft of Democratic TREACHERY, we are going to have to GO BACK to posting as "COWARDLY DEMOCRATS" as we did before January 2007!

Just ONE SHORT YEAR into the "Democratic" Party controlled House and Senate of the 110th Congress, NANCY PELOSI, STENY HOYER, HARRY REID, JAY ROCKEFELLER, and other "Democratic" senators and House leaders are now brazenly embracing REPUBLICAN WHITE HOUSE TALKING POINTS, and IGNORING the White House's REFUSAL TO COMPLY with Congressional Subpoenas! IT IS AS IF KARL ROVE has morphed in to HARRY REID, and DICK CHENEY has cloned an evil twin into the mind of NANCY PELOSI!

In short, PELOSI, HOYER, REID, ROCKEFELLER, and other "Democrats" ARE FOLLOWING THE Senator JOE LIEBERMAN EXAMPLE: RUN as a "liberal" or moderate DEMOCRATS... but once you get to Washington, SIDE WITH THE BUSH-CHENEY ADMINISTRATION ON THEIR SIGNATURE most abusive, most invasive, most dictatorial, most police-state and EXPAND-WARs agenda... EVEN as the Bush administration makes a horrible mess of the Aghan war, and even as the US invasion of Iraq has turned into nothing short of a huge, nation-wide "FREE FIRE" (aka "license to kill") ZONE!

(Which nation-wide "free fire zone" is JUST what we complained about the Russians doing in Afghanistan two decades ago...but with far more American bombs and explosives unleashed from the air by the US in Afghanistan and Iraq, than the Russians ever dropped on Afghanistan.)

"THAT's PROGRESS!" say our war-lobby, oil-lobby, big-finance, AIPAC lobby, and SCARED of the "major media""Democratic" "leaders."
FOR SHAME! THIS 110th Congress puts the "KEATING SEVEN" (which seven senators in the pocket of convicted S&L fraudster included Democrat JOHN GLENN and Republican John McCain back during the Bush1 S&L catastrophe) TO SHAME in the VORACIOUS CORRUPTION, say-one-thing and do-another category!

#1. The Nation -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cleared a key hurdle for the FISA Amendments Act on Thursday, advancing President Bush's preferred version of the spying bill, a move opposed by the majority of Reid's Democratic colleagues. The vote, 60-34, sets the Senate on a course to validate more warrantless spying by the Bush administration and provide retroactive amnesty to telephone companies accused of breaking surveillance laws -- an unpopular approach.

#2. Senator JAY ROCKEFELLER SECONDS Harry Reid's "PRETEND to offer OPPOSITION, but RULE as an agent of Bush-Cheney White House TREACHERY:
here is Jay Rockefeller strutting around declaring Victory and having to battle against feelings of cockiness because, finally, he is about to win something.

But ponder the "win" that is giving him these feelings of immense self-satisfaction. Is he finally accomplishing what Democrats were given control of Congress to do: namely, impose some checks and limits on the administration? No. The opposite is true. Rockefeller is doing the bidding of Dick Cheney. The bill that he is working for is the bill the White House demanded. Rockefeller is supported by the entire Bush administration, urged on and funded by the nation's most powerful telecoms, and is backed by the entire GOP caucus in the Senate.

(Note: Constitutional lawyer Greenwald catches Senator Jay Rockefeller bluntly LYING, Greenwald compares Rockefeller's statements with pertaining law statuttes, and even more dramatically, with Rockefeller's own diametrically opposing statements.