Friday, April 25, 2008

The Democrats' ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY: Pelosi, Meeks, Hillary, Reid, following treacherous path of Joe Lieberman....

HUGS and KISSES for Bush, McCain and the radical-right Republican Agenda... but WHERE is the "Democratic" opposition "leadership"??
WE KNOW what the Republican agenda is... tax cuts for the wealthy in time of war, President Bush eating John McCain's birthday cake while New Orleans residents drown from Hurricane Katrina rains (which overwhelmed the FEDERAL dikes and levees surrounding New Orleans); doing NOTHING to address the health-care crisis; installing "PRIVATIZED" vote-counting machines to determine elections; installing corrupt, crony hacks to intimidate Democratic voters and activists at the Department of Justice; and of course using CONNECTED, INSIDER, administration-donor CRONY CONTRACTORS for billions-of-dollars government contracts in the Iraq war and here in America...
ECHOING Don Rumsfeld's infamous handshake (on behalf of President Reagan and Vice President Bush) with Saddam Hussein in 1987, BILL CLINTON acted as a SUPER-LOBBYIST for Canadian investor Frank Giustra's bid for a Uranium mining contract with Kazakhistan's SADDAM-esque DICTATOR, Nursultan A. Nazarbayev!


As we all know, Joe Lieberman has given up any pretext of being an actual Democratic Party Senator by following Senator John McCain around on the Republican campaign trail, acting as friend, advisor, and supporter of McCain's "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" campaign to win the White House in the 2008 presidential election. However, because Lieberman represents the critical 51st vote that gives the Democrats the majority in the Senate, he has not been officially expelled from the Democrat Party.
But Lieberman is far from the only Democrat joining the Republican Party on the core issues of its radical right-wing "more Wars and tax-cuts for they wealthy" agenda. We have Speaker Nancy Pelosi FUNDING BUSH'S WAR to the tune of $170 BILLION dollars - while leaving every last corrupt, crony contractor buddy of Bush and Cheney firmly in place (including license-to-kill Blackwater). Pelosi also treacherously HASN'T DONE ONE THING to assure American voters that their votes count in "PRIVATIZED" computer vote-counting election machines. And, sure enough, the few EXIT POLLS in Pennsylvania do NOT agree with the 9.4% winning margin for Hillary Clinton that the state reported in the recent Democratic primary election.
For her part, Senator HILLARY CLINTON did the near impossible..... she ONE-UPPED Senator John McCain's toss-off "BOMB BOMB BOMB, BOMB BOMB IRAN" comment, by cheerfully advising American voters that whe would "OBLITERATE IRAN" were it to attack Israel. First of all, Israel has plenty of nuclear arsenal to "OBLITERATE IRAN" should the Jewish state find the opportunity (or excuse) to do so... second of all, how could Senator Clinton even HOPE to think that such a statement makes her look like a statesman?
answer- Oh, she's not worried about looking like a statesman... she is only worried about appealing to the same white voters for campaign donations and votes, who support Bush and Cheney's wars and their endless, in-your-face corruption.
The young and restless (and upwardly mobile) "Democratic" House Representatives are also joining Hillary, Pelosi, Lieberman and other Republicrat "Democrats" in SUPPORTING THE CORE REPUBLICAN AGENDA: despite their many late-night speeches (on an empty House floor at almost mid-night to C-SPAN video cameras) decrying the abuses and criminal conduct and EXPANDING WAR policies of the admininistration BEFORE and shortly after the 2006 congressional election, (as part of Pelosi's "ThirtySomethingDemocrats", former firebrand "liberal" Democrats KENDRICK MEEKS and DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (both from "liberal" South Florida districts) now OPPOSE IMPEACHMENT, oppose even BASIC hearings into Bush-Cheney criminal malfeasance; oppose ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING about America's health-care crisis,
...have done very little to support congressional investigations into rampant corruption of the Justice Department under Bush-Rove-Cheney, and, above all, SUPPORT MORE OPEN-ENDED FUNDING for Bush and Cheney's war in Iraq!
ON EVERY ONE OF THESE CORE ISSUES of the past 3 or 4 Democratic election campaigns, Pelosi, Hillary, Meeks, Wasserman-Schultz, and Senate "leader" Harry Reid, cut through their lame "we are doing all we can" rhetoric and look at what they are ACTUALLY doing - on each of these CORE ISSUES, the "Democrat" "leaders" are now INDISTINGUISHABLE from the REPUBLICAN, radical right-wing agenda!