Monday, April 28, 2008

NANCY PELOSI: WILLING PARTICIPANT in Bush's $3 TRILLION war of lies, hubris, incompetence, and gross corruption.....

Nancy Pelosi's speaker's pen is dripping in BLOOD, DEATH, and DESTRUCTION... as she gives George W. Bush a kiss, and SIGNS MORE BLANK CHECKS for his INCOMPETENT, CORRUPT OCCUPATION of Iraq, and while she IGNORES his criminal theft of elections, obstructions of justice, and corruptions of justice her in America.

AS comments to this AP article "Millions in Iraq Contracts Never Finished" (by US contractors) point out,
the REBUILDING of post-WWII Japan was accomplished by... JAPANESE companies.
America's RACIST HATRED of Middle-easterners in general, and Iraqi Arabs in particular (as criminal "terrorists" and insurgent murderers of US servicemen) is such that the American public now tolerates the LOOT, PLUNDER, and PILLAGE terms of the Bush-Cheney occupation of Iraq... Including Halliburton, Blackwater, Bechtel, and other US companies getting billion dollar no-bid contracts... with NO accountability to those living in that occupied country.
America's new-found racisist hatred and antipathy to Iraqis is of course founded on and formed by America's Jewish intellectuals. Half of the signers of William Kristol's "PNAC" - "New America Century" or "bomb, invade, and occupy Iraq now" think-tank being Jewish.
(Cheney, Rusmfeld, Bill Bennet, Jeb Bush, Francis Fukuyama, Steve Forbes and Dan Quayle being the most notable non-Jewish singers of the PNAC "bomb Iraq now" manifesto from June 1997... roughly the other half of signers are all Jewish, including Mr. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, VP Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff. Mr. Libby was CONVICTED of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and PERJURY in the investigation of the "outing" of an undercover CIA officer by the Bush Cheney White House (to discredit and smear a prominent administration critic), which OBSTRUCTION and PERJURY enabled Bush and Cheney to push the scandal investigation PAST THE 2004 election. STONEWALLING that scandal investigation thus enabling Bush and Cheney to get close enough in the popular votes to STEAL the electoral votes of Ohio, and hence a SECOND _STOLEN_ US election... DIRECTLY as a result of the CRIMINAL CONDUCT of one of the PNAC founding signers!)
Which is to say, there is now a centuries old, 2,500 year JEWISH COMPONENT of hatred and racism now driving the US occupation of Iraq, the "hate the Arabs and don't let them rebuild their own country" RACISM upon which the more modern US "major media" narrative of militarist/neo-colonial hatred, contempt and scorn of the US occupation is built.

ENTER into this equation HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI, who will make the sign of a cross over her chest as a gesture of FAITH... just immediately before she takes up her Speaker's pen, and writes George Bush and Dick Cheny ANOTHER multi-billion dollar US taxpayer check, another LICENSE TO CORRUPTION and more of a murderous occupation in Iraq taxpayer check - with ZERO, ZIP, NADDA, NO, OVERSIGHT or accountabily for how Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush SQUANDER those billions of American taxpayer dollars.

NANCY PELOSI is a FULL VESTED WAR-HAWK, and she presides over the "Democratic" Party's CORRUPT PROFITING - in terms of donations from the Israel lobby and war-lobby - from those blank checks she signs for Bush and Cheney.
(Nancy Pelosi "The AIPAC girl, leaves IRAN WAR in Bush and Cheney's hands.")
By Patrick J. Buchanan
<< If George W. Bush launches a pre-emptive war on Iran, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bear full moral responsibility for that war. >>
In the old days, getting a slice of money back from the billion dollar check you just wrote to a company was called "KICKBACKS", but the corporate stranglehold on the US media is so complete, that the words "SLUSH-FUND, KICKBACKS, and CORRUPTION" are all but VERBOTTEN!, CENSORED from the US media nightly news or morning papers.

Below, one of the more reasoned and well researched EXCEPTIONS to Speaker Pelosi's ONGOING CENSORSHIP of the TRUE COSTS of the war that SHE ENDORSES - MORE BLOOOD and DOLLARS DRIPPING FROM Speaker PELOSI's POISON PEN - documented by economists Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes in their new book, the "THREE TRILLON DOLLAR WAR" - or roughly $10,000 per American, were the war to stop today.


The Three Trillion Dollar War

Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes
April 2008

When the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003, Americans were told Iraqi oil would cover the costs of the war and rebuilding. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld scoffed at estimates of $100 billion.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University and Harvard University professor Linda Bilmes raised a stir in 2006 by estimating the real cost of the war to be $1 trillion. That estimate has been tripled and the title of their new book is "The Three Trillion Dollar War."

(Below, Question #1 of 68, submitted by McClatchy readers between April 1 and April 15, answered by Linda Bilmes on 4-16-2008.)
Q: The invasion caused about a million deaths and many disabilities to the invaded people. The material losses included important archeological artifacts. Someday, hopefully, the invaders will be held legally responsible for it all. Reparations. Justly, death benefits should be based on the larger of standard benefits for invader and invaded. $4 trillion war?
- - - Submitted by Dennis Couzin from Berlin, Germany

A: When you look at the destruction of art and priceless artifacts, it is clear that many costs of this war simply cannot be quantified. But they are costs, nonetheless. Of course the loss of life cannot be really quantified either. We do address this issue in chapter 6 of the book.
Answered 04/16/08 12:05:58 by Linda Bilmes