Friday, June 20, 2008

Pelosi TREACHERY, continued: Pelosi seeks to grant UNLIMITED SPYING in Telecom IMMUNITY bill, June 2008

MORE ABJECT, pro-war, UNLIMITED GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE from the treacherous Speaker of the House.

The GOOD NEWS about Speaker Pelosi and Steny Hoyer trying to push the White House's TELECOM IMMUNITY BILL through Congress?

- The notion that Pelosi and Hoyer are JOE LIEBERMAN TURNCOATS finally starts to filter through to the Democratic voting public.

TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE SPEAKER's RIGHT-WING, Democrat-in-name-only TREACHERY, is like TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH the abject corruption of the billions and billions and billions of American taxpayer dollars "misallocated" in no-oversight war spending and corrupt rebuilding contracts.

Constitutional expert: Pelosi's FISA 'reform' bill "is AN EVISCERATION OF THE FOURTH AMENDMENT"
by Nick Langewis and David Edwards
Published: Thursday June 19, 2008

Note the NEW YORK TIMES' wishy-washy, pro-spying headline and reporting in their report on UNLIMITED, STAZI style government SURVEILLANCE of ALL American personal and business conversations.

"Deal Reached in Congress to Rewrite Rules on Wiretapping" to mean "DEMOCRATS, Congress CAVE IN to BUSH White House, telecom industry call for UNLIMITED, NO OVERSIGHT SPYING ON AMERICAN CITIZENS."