Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Speaker Pelosi ENABLES Karl Rove, Harriet Meirs, and Joshua Bolton to IGNORE CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENAS!

Speaker of Congress Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace: far more than passively turning a blind eye to the criminal corruption of the Bush-Cheney White House, Speaker Pelosi ACTIVELY ENABLES Bush administration OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE at every turn; including:
#1. ALLOWING President Bush to COMMUTE the prison sentence for Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's CHIEF OF STAFF during the lead up to the Iraq war in 2003.
Libby was also concurrently a senior advisor to the president during his 5 years in the White House. On March 6, 2007, Mr. Libby was CONVICTED of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE re the FBI/Justice Department's investigation into the "outing" of an undercover CIA operative and her entire CIA undercover organization. Libby's CONVICTION, and 30 month prison sentence, was the perfect opportunity for prosecutors to get to the root of the scandal for which the perjury and obstruction of justice came later - but SPEAKER PELOSI did NOTHING to demand that President Bush not pardon or commute the sentence of Mr. Libby, which Bush promptly did before Mr. Libby saw a single hour in jail.
A BLEATING SHEEP puts up more resistance to being shorn of its wool, than SPEAKER PELOSI PUT UP to President Bush's OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in the Libby perjury/CIA outing investigations CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS!

And all the jurors, and everyone in that Washington courtroom where Libby was found guilty - everyone realized that Mr. Libby was merely the fall guy, that Libby would never have LIED to investigators, but for the DIRECTION OF HIS SUPERIORS. Since Libby was Chief of Staff to the president, his "superiors" could be counted on the fingers of one hand: Vice President Cheney, President Bush, Presidential Chief of Staff Andrew Card, and Presidential Political Affairs Director Karl Rove.

Sadly, ALLOWING President Bush to write his former top advisor Mr. Libby a "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" pass, without a blip of protest, is only ONE of Speaker Pelosi's appalling failures, measures made or not made to ENABLE Bush administration OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

Currently, THREE FORMER WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS are under CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENA - yet Speaker Pelosi DOES NOTHING as the White House & Justice Department REFUSE to send law officers to enforce Harriet Miers, Joshua Bolton, and Karl Rove to COMPLY WITH those subpoenas!

Can anyone IMAGINE Mafia crime lords, Tobacco company executives, Vietnam War generals, Clinton White House officials, and Nixon administration "Watergate" officials, REFUSING TO COMPLY WITH CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENAS?!!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her cowering corruption, has taken the American Congress BACKWARDS 232 years, to the "UNITARY EXECUTIVE" powers of KING GEORGE III before the American Revolution!
The above 2 scandals, alone - AIDING ADMINISTRATION OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in the Lewis Libby CONVICTION, and in the Rove/Meirs/Bolton subpoenas - is enough to cement Nancy Pelosi's reputation as the WORST SPEAKER in the entire history of Congress.

But, unfortunately, those two scandals are just the tip of the iceberg, with Speaker Pelosi HELPING the Bush White House and bought-and-kept corporate media WHITEWASH these other MAJOR SCANDALS as well:

#1. Bush White House links to Jack Abramoff - Mr. Abramoff was only CONVICTED of BRIBING CONGRESS, but Speaker Pelosi, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the US "major media" have NO, ZERO INTEREST in what Mr. Abramoff discussed at the White House on his several visits there?

#2. Vice President DICK CHENEY _CONTINUES_ to have FINANCIAL CONNECTIONS TO HALLIBURTON corporation - yet Speaker Pelosi has NO, ZERO INTEREST in those connections, even as Halliburton (and its spin-off former subsidiary, KBR corporation) get tens of millions upon billions of dollars of NO BID, NO OVERSIGHT government contracts, many of them awarded directly from the VP's office?

#3. The Bush White House's connection with Enron corporation CONVICTED OF FRAUD executive KEN LAY - Speaker Pelosi, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the "Democratic" Congress have ZERO interest in what connection President Bush had with Enron's Chairman at the time that Enron accounting fraud was DEFRAUDING INVESTORS, and at a time when Enron was DEFRAUDING rate-paying customers in the California-Washington State-Oregon utility markets?

#4. MASSIVE CORRUPTION in Iraq War and Katrina rebuilding contracts - $90 billion, NINETY BILLION DOLLARS missing and unaccounted for, in the FIRST WEEKS OF US OCCUPATION OF IRAQ, alone!

#5. President Bush flew Air Force 1 Arizona to present John McCain WITH A BIRTHDAY CAKE - at a time when New Orleans residents were DROWNING, when the FEDERAL dikes and levees failed there. Can ANYONE IMAGINE a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS giving (former) President BILL CLINTON a _FREE PASS_ to fly Air Force 1, at TAXPAYER EXPENSE, to a DEMOCRATIC PHOTO-OP, while an American city drowned?

#6. We are already into a 5 page rant, and we haven't even mentioned LIES-TO-WAR, or the 9-11 Commission whitewash, or
#7. TORTURE or
#8. ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE - Pelosi had NO NEED to bring the Telecom Surveillance "reform" bill to the floor - she did so ENTIRELY OUT OF COMPLICIT involvement in the surveillance and torture policies...
#9. stolen elections..

Energy Policy: the best thing anyone can say about President Bush's energy "policy" is that it is a reversion to... 1974, THIRTY FOUR YEARS AGO, when the Arab oil embargo BROUGHT THE ENTIRE AMERICAN ECONOMY to its knees!

But the Speaker's conduct of energy hearings are farcical, like the Republican Congress' 9-11 Commission Whitewash (that couldn't even quite make the connection that the CIA Director urgently visited the White House on July 10, 2001, to warn of pending Al Qaida terrorist attacks in the United States - the ONLY measure the Bush White House took in response to those urgent warnings about a known deadly threat to US airline passengers and flight crews, was to give Attorney General Ashcroft HIS OWN PRIVATE CHARTER JET, without so much as a "General Traveller's Advisory" PAPER WARNING delivered to American passengers and flight crews!

SPEAKER PELOSI HAS MADE A PACT WITH THE DEVIL: "Prosecution of Justice BE DAMNED! As long as she gets her campaign contributions and quiescent press coverage leading up to the 2008 elections."