Friday, June 13, 2008

Pelosi's CORRUPTION: Taking orders from the war lobby, the Israel lobby, and the oil lobby, over US Constitution....

Congressman Ron Paul: Speaker Pelosi removed the "no attack on Iran WITHOUT SPECIFIC APPROVAL BY CONGRESS" bill from consideration, at demand of Israel leadership:


Thanks to the courage of Congressional Representative Dennis Kucinich,
the House Democratic 'leadership', Congress, and US press-media can no longer pretend ignorance ("hear no evil, see no evil, and for God's sake, speak no evil!") about the abuses of power and obstructions of justice warranting impeachment by President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Article 5 of the 35 Articles of Impeachment brought up by Congressman Kucinich, while far from the "heaviest" of charges, reminds this Congress and the pubic that President Bush and Vice President Cheney _DIVERTED_ funds approved by Congress for the wrap up of the AFGHANISTAN war, and instead used those funds to pre-position US forces for the Iraq war which the Bush White House so desperately wanted. This article, alone, reminds us that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney were DETERMINED to attack, invade, and occupy Iraq, even as they loudly proclaimed that they would go to war only as a very last option, after all other options had been exhausted.

Seven years later, the "victory" in Afghanistan is morphing into an ever larger, ever more murderous, expanding war after President Bush _ALLOWED_ bin Laden to escape, and allowed al Qaeda to rebuild, regroup and recruit on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Speaker Pelosi's attitude is basically,
"Yes, slavery is abhorrent and a stain on America... but it would not be wise to do anything about it at this time, and this Congress will not do anything about it now or in the future."

Already, Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat "leaders" are BEING PASSIVE in the face of this terrible energy crisis hitting America, ALLOWING the Right-Wing press to start trumpeting, "Democrats won't let us drill in ANWAR or on the Florida coast!" even though the bottom line of this energy crisis is that President Bush and Vice President Cheney, in doing the dirty work of the insatiably greedy oil companies, have KICKED AMERICA BACKWARDS by THREE FULL DECADES - to the ENERGY CRISIS of 1974, when the American economy almost collapsed during the Arab oil embargo!

Tossing bills up Pennsylvania Ave. and watching President Bush VETO them IS NOT "leadership", Speaker Pelosi! You have to GRAB the AMERICAN press-media BY THE THROAT, and FORCE them to ask, "How is this energy crisis not predictable, given that we went through the 1974 energy crisis 34 years ago?"!

It is amazing how the Democrat "leadership," in their greedy desire to win the White House without CONFRONTING the abuses of the Bush White House, are so easily deluded into accepting the "Inside Beltway" "Conventional Wisdom" corporate media talking points that got us in this economic and foreign wars mess in the first place.\

Articles of Impeachment against Bush

NOTE: this chart has been SCRUBBED from it's website (link immediately above), so we post it here - the blue upward line is the Clinton econmic recovery; to the left of it is the Bush1 Recession, and to the right, almost vertically straight down, is the Bush2 (George W. Bush) Recession, with a momentary upward swing as money flowing out of Wall Street into real estate stimulated home production and related consumer purchasing for a year or two... until that boom, too, led to the housing bubble bust, under the tremendous impact of Bush's government deficits and runaway inflation in oil, gas, health care, and other core consumer prices.