Thursday, July 10, 2008

COWARDICE and COMPLICITY are now the defining characteristics of NANCY PELOSI's 110th Congress...

George Washington University Constitutional Law professor JONATHAN TURLEY: "The President committed a FELONY - the Democrats are now TRYING TO HIDE in PLAIN SIGHT a FELONY."

ConsortiumNews' Robert Parry: Democrat Senators IGNORED by Attorney General MUKASEY regarding CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENAS for Karl Rove, re the politicization of the Justice Department - the use of the Justice Department to run FALSE and PERJURUOUS PROSECUTIONS of Democratic vote activists and nominees.

FORMER Presidential Political Affairs Director Karl Rove SNUBS CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENA.

REPUBLICANS hauled DOZENS of Clinton Administration officials before Congress, but COWARDLY PELOSI DEMOCRATS not only ALLOW _former_ Bush administration officials to SNUB Congress, but indeed the Pelosi Congress has just ROLLED OVER, and GRANTED President Bush the TELECOM SURVEILLANCE BILL they had NO NEED to bring to the floor!