Friday, July 11, 2008



It must be said that EVERY Bush political win or 'victory' over the past 8 years, is defined and determined by the ABJECT INCOMPETENCE and CORRUPTION of the "Democrat" Party Leadership failure to oppose Mr. Bush's brazenly corrupt agenda.

The Democrats COWARDLY COMPLICITY, 19 months into the Democratic Congressional majority, is now so firmly entrenched, that we can only _list_ the outrages:

#1. - Karl Rove THUMBS NOSE at Congressional Subpoena -
STUPID, COWARDLY, CORRUPT Pelosi TOO INCOMPETENT to deal with this disgrace.
IMAGINE If Clinton White House Officials, mafia godfathers, and Vietnam war officials IGNORED Congressional subpoenas, as the Cowardly Speaker and her "leaders" ALLOW Karl Rove, Harriet Meirs, and Joshua Bolton to do!

#2. Attorney General Mukasey pleads the Justice Department prosecutors were "NOT ACTING IN POLITICAL MANNER" when they went after Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman - Siegelman CONVICTED for for putting a campaign donor on the advisory panel of a health care board, at a time Bush and Cheney do 1,000 times worse, putting multi-billion dollar no-bid, no-oversight government contracts into their donor's companies, including Eric Prince's $35 billion THIRTY FIVE BILLION Afghanistan air transport contract.

#3. Phil Gramm, one of the architects of the late 1980s S&L debacle, and also author of many of the FINANCIAL DEREGULATION policies that have led to the Mortgage Crisis of 2008, is now John McCain's economics advisor - and Stupid, Cowering Democrats make NO EFFORT to paint Mr. Gramm as the one-man economic wrecking ball that he and his "DEREGULATION!" loot, pillage, and plunder policies are!

#4. With Republicans using the oil crisis and energy crisis as an EXCUSE to push for drilling off of Florida and other coasts and in the ANWAR wildlife refuge, stupide, AWOL, cowardly Democrats make no effort to portray the oil companies as sitting on thousands of acres of oil leases WHICH THEY HAVE NOT STARTED DRILLING ON.
Meanwhile, electric cars are all but disappeared from America's roads.