Friday, September 18, 2009

MASS-MURDER by the Insurance "health care" industry... and Emanuel/Obama TREACHERY in PRETENDING not to notice!!

Candidate Barack Obama PROMISED MILLIONS of American voters who voted for him to be president in 2008 that he would bring "CHANGE!", but led by his unholy, treacherous RASPUTIN, uber-Goldman-Sachs LIKUDNIK RAHM EMNAUEL, President Obama has not only been TRYING to INSIDIOUSLY SABOTAGE GENUINE health-care reform, but just yesterday, it was reported that President Obama selected a MONSANTO Corporation lawyer, Vice President, & Chief Lobbyist to BE THE SENIOR ADVISOR to America's food oversight watchdog agency, the FDA, the "Food & Drug Administration" is the ostensible GUARDIAN of America's food supply!

THIS IS NOT CHANGE, IT IS MORE George W. Bush PUTTING LOBBYISTS IN CHARGE of REGULATORY agencies, it is MORE of having WALL STREET SWINDLERS write their own bailouts & administration "economic" and financial oversight policies, IT IS MORE of Mr. Obama FOLLOWING George W. Bush by PUTTING THE predatory FOX IN CHARGE OF THE regulatory HEN-HOUSE!

It is well known that MONSANTO's attitude towards American (much less foreign) consumers is akin to former EXTERMINATOR & former Republican Majority Whip Tom DeLay's attitude towards Democratic voters (and especially minorities):
(cue video of the Bhopal mass-pesticide poisoning here.)

Just as GOLDDAMN-SACHS is the 800 lb. soulless gorilla of the American financial industry, so too is MONSANTO the 800 lb. MURDEROUS "CRUSH small farmers," "sell India farmers GMO seed stock which FAILS in India's conditions, LEADING TO FAMINE," and "WHITEWASH the hazardous effects of GMO, genetically-modified crops, on worldwide food consumers" 'gorilla' or 'heavy' of the world's agricultural industries ("ag-business").

But at the behest of his insidious Goldman-Sachs banking/big-finance industry cabal, President Obama HAS PUT ANOTHER industry regulation-crushing LOBBYIST, IN policy-making position of ANOTHER agency with LIFE OR DEATH CONSEQUENCES for MILLIONS of Americans!

FOR SHAME! WHAT's NEXT, President Obama... are you going to take money from the next, new JACK ABRAMOFF lobbyist, to whitewash and RUN A PROTECTTION RACKET for SLAVERY CONDITIONS in the Mariannas Islands sweatshops and prostituion parlors????

IF the above logic covers too many subjects for a reader to follow, try THIS article on for size:

The American "health denial" Insurance Industry's DENIAL OF HEALTH CLAIMS & MEDICAL PROCEDURES (in a timely fashion) in America, leads to MORE PREVENTABLE DEATHS, than all MURDERS AND AUTO-ACCIDENTS in America, PUT TOGETHER!!!

For the PAST NINE MONTHS, the INSIDIOUSLY TREACHEROUS (if not TREASONOUS) EMANUEL/Goldman-Sachs/obama White House has been IGNORING, if not ACTIVELY WHITEWASHING, this on-going BUREAUCRATIC MASS-MURDER in America, that is TEARING AMERICAN FAMILIES APART, that is ROBBING American children of their parents, that is KILLING American children, that is DRIVING American families in to BANKRUPTCY!!

FOR SHAME, Mr. President!! This is INSIDIOUS CORRUPTION and BETRAYAL, coming from YOUR White House! Your "advisers" have the SAME ATTITUDE to the 45,000 Americans KILLED by MEDICAL DENIAL, that "good Germans" had for the victims of DEATH CAMPS outside their towns during WWII - one of WILLFUL IGNORANCE !!

For PROOF of President Obmaa TRYING TO PUT LIPSTICK on this MURDEROUS INDUSTRY pig, and their BOUGHT & PAID-FOR, BRIBED Congressmen & Senators, see the video of President Obama at a Health Care rally just yesterday, trying to put a POSITIVE SPIN on the Senate Finance Chair MAX BAUCUS's ATROCIOUS 'Health Care Reform' bill -
- the bill that was WRITTEN BY INDUSTRY LOBBYISTS, who have BRIBED Senator BAUCUS with over THREE MILLION DOLLARS in past dozen years; the "Reform" bill which does NOTHING TO REIGN IN SKYROCKETING health care premiums, but DOES FORCE 45 million uninsured Americans to BUY INSURANCE, or FACE GOVERNMENT PENALITIES.

The Baucus bill attempts to turn the US government into the COLLECTION ARM (or EXTORTION arm) of the already MURDEROUSLY PREDATORY US 'Health' Insurance industry, even as President Obama TRIES to spin Baucus' bill as the determined work of a determined public servant.

Fortunately, the savvy University of Maryland Health Care reform town hall audience isn't having ANY of Obama's "PUT LIPSTICK ON A MURDEROUS, CORRUPT, FAMILY-KILLING PIG" treachery - they LOUDLY BOO Obama's MENTION of Senator Baucus!

Obama needs to FIRE Rahm Emanuel and his ENTIRE Goldamn-Sachs financial swindlers team YESTERDAY, but since they have succeeded in using Obama, the Bush administration, AND the DEMOCRAT Congress to award themselves TWENTY+ TRILLION DOLLARS - nearly TWO TIME THE ANNUAL US GDP - in NO OVERSIGHT, no-audits (much less, heaven forbid, NO CRIMINAL Financial investigations) BAILOUTS, The Financial FRAUDSTERS, INCLUDING the MURDEROUS "HEALTH CARE DENIAL" insurance industry, are POSITIVELY WALLOWING in their multi-billion dollars (TRILLIONS of dollars!) of TAXPAYER-EXTORTED "profits."

President Obama, THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! GET OUT OF YOUR "Bush Bubble" (your GOLDAMN-SACHS bubble), and LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, who, after winning WWII to "make the world SAFE for DEMOCRACY," are being treated the SAME way by America's Neo-Cons & corporate powers, that the Neo-Cons' puppet DICTATOR in Georgia treats his opposition opponents - by MURDER and INCITING RACE HATRED.

Item A. on the Obama INSIDIOUS TREACHERY List:
President Obama APPOINTS MONSANTO LOBBYISTS, VP, & small-farmer crushing lawyer, to be SENIOR ADVISOR to the US FDA, Food & Drug Agency, the nation's chief watchdog & guardian of the nation's FOOD SUPPLY!
The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is no joke.

Here's the back story.
Michael Taylor.... had been MONSANTO's ATTORNEY before becoming policy chief at the FDA. Soon after, he became Monsanto's vice president and chief lobbyist.
This month Michael Taylor became the senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA. He is now America's food safety czar. What have we done?

Despite Running on CAMPAIGN PROMISES that he would MARKEDLY "REFORM" America's Health-Care "INSURANCE DOMINATED price-EXTORTION and Medical DENIAL industry," President Obama has WASTED teh PAST NINE MONTHS, ALLOWING the Insurance industry and their PAID & BRIBED HATCHET MEN, to DOMINATE the nation's discourse on the need for genuine health-care reform; including the entire Industry's #1, NUMBER-ONE BRIBED SENATOR, Senate Finance Chair Max Baucus, LAUGHING as he CALLED FOR MORE POLICE, to ARREST doctors from who were forced to PROTEST, in Baucus' committee hearings, the FIFTEEN-to-ZERO EXCLUSION of Single-Payer advocates, from even the most PRELIMINARY of "Health Care REFORM" senate committee hearings!!

PRESIDENT Obama has TREACHEROUSLY DONE __NOTHING__ since Baucus's cowardly, lying ARREST of single-payer activist doctors in March, to HIGHLIGHT the MURDEROUS PRACTICES, and BLATANT BRIBERY CORRUPTION, of America's abusive health insurance industry cartels... much less remember to the public and media the FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND Americans who DIE OF MEDICAL NEGLECT every year:

Study links 45,000 U.S. deaths to Lack of Insurance

[AND DENIAL OF MEDICAL PROCEDURES by those who HAD "health care" insurance!]
Thu Sep 17, 2009
By Susan Heavey

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nearly 45,000 people die in the United States each year -- one every 12 minutes -- in large part because they lack health insurance and can not get good care, Harvard Medical School researchers found in an analysis released on Thursday. [note: DENIAL of medical procedures by those who HAD insurance is not even mentioned.]

Below video, The COWARDLY, CORRUPT, LYING "Democrat" Senator Max Baucus - elected to the senate with just a few thousands of votes in a small-population rural state (Montana),
LAUGHS as Single-Payer activists doctors are ARRESTED from his BLATANTLY CORRUPT, BLATANTLY BRIBED Senate Committee hearings -

Senator Baucus has, because of INDUSTRY BRIBES, become a VIRTUAL DICTATOR on Health Care Reform OBSTRUCTION, DENYING MILLIONS upon MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Americans even a DISCUSSION of, much less access to, the Health Care THEY NEED for their families!

Here, uber-Neo-Con Republican multi-millionaire heir BILL KRISTOL, SNEERS,
- Kristol specifically discussing his goal of KILLING the government funded 'SCHP' program that provides Health Insurance for poor- and working-class American school children.


NOTHING has changed since MARCH of 2009, except that PRESIDENT OBAMA and his INSIDIOUS RASPUTIN, Rahm Emanuel, have EMPOWERED RIGHT-WING GUNMEN, and INDUSTRY FUNDED RIGHT-WING CRAZIES, to DOMINATE THE 'news' cycle on our American need for genuine health care reform for the past 8 months.

(note: compiling the above RAW EVIDENCE of President Obama's BLATANT CORRUPTION, and Rahm Emanuel's oh-so-corporate BILL KRISTOL/Joe Liebermanesque INSIDIOUS NEO-CON TREACHERY, has taken at least 5-15+ hours out of our lives. And we haven't even touched on the MURDEROUS RIGHT-WING GUNMEN EMPOWERED to HATE & MURDER, by corporate funded HATE-RADIO and demagogue Right-Wing media, of the past dozen+ months - two gunmen, each ASSASSINATING either a Democratic Party official or an "abortion doctor," nor the other two gunmen who tried to duplicate TIMMY McVEIGH's MASS-MURDER BODYCOUNT, one gunman trying to shoot up the holocaust memorial museum, another RIGHT-WING INCITED GUNMAN trying to SHOOT & KILL EVERY man, woman, AND CHILD in a Knoxville "liberal" church last year.)