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ERIC CANTOR vies for MOST HATEFUL MAN in America... PIMPING Insurance Industry PROFITS, OVER the LIVES of his Constituents...

IS Republican House Whip ERIC CANTOR vying for the title of "THE MOST HATEFUL MAN IN AMERICA" ??
In this video, he tells one of his constituents, in so many words, "IF your friend doesn't have PREMIUM  health insurance,  they should BEG FOR CHARITY... or GO AHEAD and DIE, if they have a life-threatening medical condition that needs expensive treatment."

Congressman Cantor is CERTAINLY TAKING UP where Senator Joe Lieberman has left off, as THE MOST BLATANTLY LIKUDNIK (Israel first, last & always) member of Congress, and (with the so-called "switch" of Jewish Republican Senator Arlen Specter to the Democrats, and with the loss of Republican Congressman Norm Coleman to Al Franken in the long election re-count of 2009), Cantor is now THE SOLE Jewish congressman or senator in the Republican Party.

Here, below, "ISRAEL FIRST!" Congressman ERIC CANTOR's advice to a woman who has STOMACH TUMORS KILLING HER, in a state where multi-million dollar hospitals perform cosmetic surgey by the hour, to obtain the surgery & treatment she needs to STAY ALIVE.
"[Get] An Existing Government Program Or Find Charity"
Meanwhile, as if being a 'LET THEM EAT CAKE' (or 'GO AHEAD AND DIE!') Republican Right-Wing ghoul wasn't quite DESPICABLE ENOUGH, another item in today's "Eric Cantor" "news" search reveals this gem.... CANTOR's TRUE PRIORITY, NOT the LIFE-AND-DEATH medical needs of HIS OWN American chump CONSTITUENTS, ostensibly the people that he has been elected to the US Congress to represent... NO, the DESPICABLE, GHOULISH ERIC CANTOR's REAL concern is.... ISRAEL !!

HOORAY! And Congratulations to the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN/Time/WARNER (of Hollywood movie mogul titans WARNER BROS. fame) and all the other VERY NEO-CON "ISRAEL FIRST!" Jewish-owned members of the American business and media community: CONGRATULATIONS on YOUR NEW CHAMPION! Someone who, unlike Senator Lieberman, Senator Arlen Specter, and other Neo-Con Congressmen or Senators, ISN'T AFRAID TO come out and say, outright, that US DEFERENCE to ALL THINGS ISRAEL, is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to him, than the HEALTH and lives of HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS and their family members!!!
From , "Jewish & Israel news"
Virginia Republican Congressman Eric Cantor: Obama Not ‘true friend’ of Israel
September 23, 2009

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The only Jewish Republican in Congress said President Obama does not seem to be a "true friend" of Israel.

In an interview with Politico, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said he was opposed to Obama's "disproportionate focus" on a settlement freeze instead of dealing with the "existential threat" to Israel from Iran.

"If you look at the policy that this White House has followed, it certainly does not seem as if we are dealing with a true friend" of Israel, Cantor said in the interview.

Politico reported that White House spokesman Tommy Vietor declined to respond to Cantor's remarks, but said that achieving a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians is "how you can be a true friend to Israel."

Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) called on Cantor to apologize....
While we're at it, Here's Mr. Cantor's comments about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's CONCERN... that REPUBLICANS and THEIR MEDIA ALLIES are WHIPPING UP A CLIMATE OF HATE, that CONTRIBUTES to VIOLENCE, and even the THREAT OF GUNMEN and ASSASSINATIONS, Speaker Pelosi recalling her PERSONAL REMEMBRANCES of San Francisco politicians George Moscone and Harvey Milk, "murdered out of politically motivated hatred"
HERE is what the ghoulish Mr. Cantor said about the politically experienced survivor and Congress's current Speaker of the House RECALLING two prominent political figures in her own home town MURDERED in a CLIMATE OF HATE:
House Minority Whip Eric Cantor thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “IS IN ANOTHER WORLD" if she believes raucous anti-health-reform demonstrations could lead to violence — and he says he hasn’t personally witnessed racist comments [through] a summer of passionate town hall demonstrations."
Since Mr. Cantor LIVES IN A BUBBLE where he has not seen the 'OBAMA AS MASS-MURDEROUS HITLER" posters, or the GUNMEN STALKING Congressional-constituent Town Hall health-care reform meetings, , or the pushing, shoving, and shouting at other town hall meetings
or the TWO MURDEROUSLY VIOLENT Right-Wing GUNMEN, ALREADY this year... and since the JEWISH OWNED New York Times, Washington Post, CNN/Time/Warner, (and Murdoch owned FOX 'news' and other Right-Wing papers like the Mooney Times and Scaife papers) REFUSE to INFORM Mr. Cantor of the REAL HATE circulating and fomenting in America today, allow us to PUT TOGETHER the list of the FOUR MURDEROUS RIGHT-WING GUNMEN of the past dozen+ months:

#1. One enraged Right-Wing gunman sought out Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman BILL GWATNEY's office in Little Rock, where the gunman pretended to want to volunteer, before barging in to Chairman Gwatney's office and shooting Mr. Gwatney to death.
#2. Another murderous Right-Wing gunman stomped in to a Knoxville, Tennessee CHURCH one Sunday morning in July of 2008 - loaded with a SHOTGUN and handguns, with the INTENTION of KILLING EVERY man, woman AND CHILD at that "liberal" Unitarian Church, before one courageous victim took a full blast of the shotgun, allowing other churchgoers to wrestle the gunman down and disarm him.
#3. The HOLOCAUST MUSEUM SHOOTING - in the very town where Mr. Cantor (ostensibly) earns his paycheck!
#4. ANOTHER Reproductive Health doctor SHOT & KILLED - Dr.George Tiller ASSASSINATED in his Kansas Church.

NOTE how the Jewish NY Times (and Fox and other 'news' outlets as well) find it important to HEADLINE the story "ABORTION DOCTOR SHOT," DEHUMANIZING the victim.

IS IT POSSIBLE that the JEWISH OWNED "news" organizations, including the NY Times, Washington Post, Time/Warner/CNN, the Chicago Tribune and LA Times (etc.) which have spent THE PAST SIX DECADES reminding Americans and the world of the bloody, bullying, murder, brutality, intimidation, and APPLIED TERRORISM of the NAZI Party's rise to power in German in the 1930s, CAN'T QUITE CONNECT THE DOTS, between FOUR MURDEROUS RIGHT-WING GUNMEN of the past 14 months, and the CURRENT CLIMATE of HATE and PARANOIA being WHIPPED UP by GLENN BECK, FOX "news," Rush Limbaugh, MICHAEL SAVAGE, Bernard Goldber (the last 2 of whom are Jewish) and other Right-Wing morality-mongering, HATE-MONGERING radio, TV, and press DEMAGOGUES?

If so, we include this paragraph from the Wiki link for the MURDEROUS Right-Wing TENNESSEE CHURCH GUNMAN last July at the Knoxville Unitarian Church
Adkisson's manifesto[10] also cited the inability to find a job, and that his food stamps were being cut. His manifesto stated that he intended to keep shooting until police arrived and expected to be killed by police. Adkisson had a waist satchel with more ammunition, totaling 76 shells of #4 shot.

The following books were found in Adkisson's home during a police search:[8]

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder by radio talk show host Michael Savage
Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism by talk show host Sean Hannity
The O'Reilly Factor: The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Ridiculous in American Life by television talk show host Bill O'Reilly
In his manifesto, Adkisson also included the Democratic members of the House and Senate, [10] and the 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America [10] of Bernard Goldberg in his list of wished-for targets.
Postscript:   SKUNK at the Garden Party

As DESPICABLE as Eric Cantor's "LET AMERICAN family members DIE if they don't have premium health insurance.... ISRAEL FIRST!" agenda is, and as blatant as it is, and as much as it WHIPS UP HATRED  and  HOSTILITY for President Obama...

....the astounding, amazing, tragic  irony is that the agenda of ERIC CANTOR _IS_ the agenda of so-called  "Democratic" President Obama!

Right-Wing America's anti-Obama sentiments may seem to be based ON RACE, and against Obama's alleged "SOCIALISM!" tendencies, but the REAL CAUSE of angst in America is the HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT, and the overpowering role that DEBT has taken up in the American economy: not just an individual's debt, which he or she can control by not assuming credit card or mortgage debt, but, as Thom Hartmann explained on his radio show yesterday, the "LEVEREGED BUY-OUT DEBT  that allows FINANCIAL PREDATORS, to use NOT _their own_,  _personal_ assets to secure  "LEVEREGED BUY OUT LOANS" to take over a company,  but the LBO specialists and bankers CAN USE a target COMPANY's ASSETS  as COLLATERAL to take over that  target company, and, having consumated the deal, and having loaded the company UP WITH DEBT to the point that THE COMPANY is now LIABLE for the LBO syndicate's incurring BILLIONS of dollars of  debt,  the syndicate executives RAID THE COMPANY to PAY OFF that debt; including FIRING  WORKERS, and RAIDING THEIR PENSION FUNDS!
    This was EXACTLY the  financial predation illustrated in the  Oliver Stone  movie "Wall Street," with Michael Douglas playing  Wall St. trader Gordon  Gecko, the infamous "GREED IS GOOD"  LBO specialist who targets  "Blue Star airline," with the intention of raiding the target company's "overfunded pension plan" as billion-dollar chips in his takeover bid.
  (note: corporate America, and especially Hollywood's, STRANGLEHOLD on American culture is SO STRONG, that 20th Century Fox can CRUSH even a two second, "Greed is good" soundbite,  on a website dedicated to important elements of American rhetoric -
- over 2 decades after a movie came out! FOR SHAME, Mr. Stone!)

   In real life, not only did Wall Street's Blue-Star Airlines (movie)  LBO takeover MIMIC  Frank Lorenzo's  HIGHLY LEVEREGED BUY OUT of EASTERN AIRLINES (which Lorenzo proceeded to bleed to death, right, straight in to bankruptcy, knocking South Florida's resiliant real estate industry into the same S&L crisis  real estate BUST that had wiped out  defense-contracts dependent states like California and Massachusetts, following  Bush-1 Defense Secretaries DICK CHENEY and DON RUMSFELD _BOTCHING_ the end-of-Cold-War  "Peace Dividend" base closings and defense spending cutbacks),   but the LBO tactics were repeated nearly verbatim in ZELL MILLER's highly levereged $8.2 billion buy-out of the Tribune Company, owner of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Orlando & Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinels, and other papers, in 2007... driving THOSE news papers RIGHT, STRAIGHT INTO  __LEVEREGED DEBT BANKRUPTCY_ as well!
On April 2, 2007, the Tribune Company announced a buy-out plan led by Chicago real estate magnate Sam Zell worth $8.2 billion, associated with a stock buyback at $34 per share, and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The deal closed on December 20, 2007, with Zell as the company's new chairman. As part of the deal, the Chicago Cubs and their park, Wrigley Field, will be sold, as well as the Tribune Company's share of Comcast SportsNet Chicago.[5] Less than a year after the deal closed, the Tribune Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on December 8, 2008. 
This agenda  of LEVEREGED BUYOUTS and BANK SYNDICATES using THE POWER OF DEBT to RAID  every potentially profitable asset in America and the world - INCLUDING  workers' PENSION FUNDSIS THE AGENDA of  President Obama:
     His ENTIRE  White House "Economics team" members are EXCLUSIVELY   LBO  loan-sharks and Goldman Sachs bankers.
     Obama's Chief of Staff, RAHM EMANUEL,  traded his  "polical fixer" connections as a Senior Aid in the Clinton White House in 1998, (like rats leaving a sinking ship,  Emanuel cleared out of the Clinton White House  immediately before the Tom DeLay lame-duck Congress orchestrated the IMPEACHMENT of President Clinton over the Lewinsky affair in 1998)  for a job as a WASSERSTEIN-PERELLA  'INVESTMENT BANKER'  (a trade that previously Emanuel had NO experience in);  Emanuel  almost certainly  shoe-horned  into that lucrative position by the then extremely powerful  Treasury Secretary ROBERT RUBIN, who of course had been a  co-CHAIRMAN of   GOLDMAN-SACHS before becoming  President Clinton's Treasury Secretary in 1995.  
   While Rubin (and his proteges at Treasury during those Clinton years, future Treasury Secretaries LAWRENCE SUMMERS  (under Clinton) and TIMMY GEITHNER  (under Obama)  were considered  "financial GENIUSES" for helping the Clinton administration drag America OUT of the BUSH-1 RECESSION,   the irony is that as bankers, the  Rubin-Summers-Geithner Clinton economics team LOOKED FAVORABLY ON DEBT -  LOANS are what power any bank's PROFITS -  it was FOLLOWING the "SLASH DEFICITS and REDUCE DEBT"  advice of 1992 Independent Party presidential candidate ROSS PEROT,  and especially his famous "DEFICIT CHARTS,"

  that the Clinton economics  team dragged America OUT of the Bush-1 Recession! 
  But - (and this is the critical point of this whole postcript)  the Clinton econ team did NOT completely drag America OUT of the Bush-1  "DEFICITS and DEREGULATION" Recession, before  TIMMY McVEIGH took his rage from DEBT and UNEMPLOYMENT out on the staff and workers in the Oklahoma City US federal Govt. building,  the infamous Timmy McVeigh OKC  domestic terrorism bombing, for which McVeigh was later executed. 

 Today, President Obama is following PRECISELY the  ECONOMIC POLICIES of DEBT, LAX OVERSIGHT OF BANKS,  PREDATORY LENDING, unrestrained FORECLOSURES, and MASSIVE TAXPAYER FUNDED "BAILOUTS"  of FAILED S&Ls (today, huge HEDGE FUNDS  & "investment banks" like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan-Chase, Citibank Group, Mellon Bank,  and Bank of America group)  that CREATED the BUSH-1 RECESSION, following the DEREGULATION of the S&L industry! 

  The BEST thing that a critic can say about President Obama's  incestuous dependence on his Goldman-Sachs & Rahm Emanuel  "economics crew" is that he is a WEAK PRESIDENT,  who doesn't understand the role that  DEBT (and especially PREDATORY lenders and finacial fraud) have had in WRECKING the US economy.
  The WORST thing that critics can say about President Obama is that he is not only insanely corrupt - handing BILLIONS  upon TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to his predatory banker buds, IN EXCHANGE for a few (tens of)   lousy million dollars worth of  CAMPAIGN DONATIONS to his (and Dem. Party) campaign coffers -   but that the so-called "Democratic" president is SO ARROGANT and ALOOF, that he has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA, much less CONCERN FOR, the IMPACT  that PREDATORY DEBT  has on the lives of millions of VICTIMIZED American workers, consumers, and citizen-taxpayers.

   In short,   for all the  fury and agnst of Obama's  stated "OPPOSITION" to the RADICAL RIGHT-WING AGENDA so perfectly articulated by uber-Neo-Cons  JOE LIEBERMAN and  ERIC CANTOR,  President Obama is ACTUALLY  FOLLOWING that Right-Wing "DEREGULATION, DEFICITS, FORECLOSURES, and OUTSOURCE AMERICAN JOBS" agenda of Lieberman, Cantor, and the Republicans to a "t"!! 

  For ALL THE ANGST expressed in Israel and in the (very Neo-Con controlled)  US media that "Obama is no friend of Israel," (see our own link top of this article about Eric Cantor!),  Obama has done NOTHING to RESTRAIN Israel "settlers" CONSTRUCTION of 'settlements' in occupied Palestinian territory,   and (just to rub salt in), Obama REFUSES to see ENGLAND's PRIME MINISTER  Gordon Brown!!
     This  "England is a distant third-fiddle to Israel"  Obama "foreign policy" has another HILLARIOUS aspect to it:    for it  was the LIKUDNIK ("Israel first!")  Neo-Cons like Wolfowitz,  (then VP Cheney Chief Of Staff  Lewis) Libby,  UN Ambassador designee John Bolton, and Bush Chief of Staff  Josh Bolten  who POWERED and ENABLED the the Cheney-Bush administration  GETTING COZY with Libyan Dictator Muammar Qaddafi,  (normalizing relations in 2006), today the American Neo-Cons get all huffy, and criticize Gordon Brown and England, for  Scotland releasing the convicted Lockerbie bomber (in alleged terminal stages of illness) to "die in  freedom"  back in Libya!!!    What a hoot!  The Eric Cantors and Joe Liebermans  and William Safires and Washington Post and NY Times  would GO BESERK if a "Democratic" President tried to normalize relations with the dictator widely regarded as commissioning the bomb that blew up Pan Am flight 107 that blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland,  but when the Cheney-Bush-Wolfowitz cabal normalize relations with that dictator,  it's OK, it's  all about "strengthening America's NATIONAL SECURITY,"  Praise Be!

   (Not to overlook,  ISRAEL's "settlements" are BLATANTLY SOCIALIST, and UNDERWRITTEN by US TAPXAYER SUBSIDIES to Israel - but the Eric Cantors and Joe Liebermans and  William Safire/NY Times crew all DESPISE "socialism"  in America, and will help FOX NEWS and Michael Savage WHIP UP the TIMMY McVEIGH RESENTMENT of   ANY "socialism" that actually helps AMERICAN families!   - Like the pre-school, after-school, and health-insurance for children programs that then Texas Governor George W. Bush SLASHED, in favor of treasury-gutting TAX CUTS FOR RICH, in Texas all through the late 1990s.) (The late, great Molly Ivins had the down-and-dirty details in her book, "Shrub:  The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush")

   The mention of BUSH's TAX CUTS FOR RICH in TEXAS illustrates:  the Neo-Con Bankers STRANGLEHOLD on American life,  they  RELIABLY CREATE HUGE DEFICIT & DEBT CRISIS  EVERY TEN YEARS,   first the Bush-1 deficits-and-S&L-DEREGULATION crisis (BAILED OUT by taxpayer chumps) in the late 1980s, then again  the Bush TAX CUTS FOR RICH in Texas in mid 1990s, _immediately_  following economic recovery from the Bush-1 Recession,  followed by the Bush-Obama BAILOUTS FOR BANKRUPT BANKERS  in the late 2008-2010 decade -  THERE IS NOTHING the American people have YET been able to do about this HOSTILE TAKEOVER of  BOTH PARTIES, to the DEBT, DEREGULATION, and DEFICITS  bankers! 
  (note:  Lloyd Bentsen was President Clinton's first Treasury Secretary in 1993.  While we are reluctant to criticize a political icon who survived 35 hazardous combat missions over some of the deadliest targets in German occupied Europe during WWII,  including the horrendously deadly Ploesti oil refineries,  we would be remiss not to point out that the book, "The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush" by Pete Brewton,  Bush (Sr.)  allowing the DEREGULATION of  Savings & Loans, which, as Mr. Brewton says, "was an OPEN INVITATION to criminal investments"   (including the CIA, following other shady investors, BORROWING MONEY for front companies from S&Ls to run off-the-books operations, then declaring bankruptcy - LEAVING US TAXPAYERS LIABLE to make good the S&L's losses for ordinary passbook holders whose funds had been lost in those shady deals.   In the introduction to his book, author Brewton writes,  "Had the Dukakis-Bentson campaign won the election of  1988, this book would be titled "The Mafia, the CIA, and Lloyd Benstson" - for at the TOP TIERS of Texas, Congress, and national banking,  the POWERFUL FINANCIAL OPERATORS swirling around Republicans like Bush (Sr.), and "Democrats" like Lloyd Bentson, WERE INDISTINGUISHABLE.
  There you have it.  The AMERICAN CONSTITUTION  created an INHERENTLY UNEQUAL system of representative government,  not only did the Constitution recognize SLAVERY (but NO rights for slaves),  but the Constitution gave IMMENSE power, to SMALL, RURAL STATES, with highly UNEQUAL representation in the US Senate.    Ideally,  this would allow a relatively small population of small, rural states like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and South Dakota to ACT IN THEIR OWN ECONOMIC SELF-INTEREST and have a terrific RESTRAINING influence on the concentration of wealth & power in states with large, urban cities.    But, perhaps ironically,  it is the large, economically powerful urban cities and states which are "LIBERAL,"  and small, rural states - ALMOST ALL OF WHOM are NET federal Tax-dollar RECIPIENTS (i.e.  "socialism sucking" "WELFARE QUEENS") - that are the most INTENSELY "CONSERVATIVE,"  mainly because LARGE CORPORATIONS can EASILY OVERWHELM the  info sources -  'news' media - in small states, and PROPAGANDIZE those small populations to VOTE AGAINST THEIR OWN SELF INTEREST,  the "What's The Matter With Kansas?"  syndrome.      For a specific example of this "What's the Matter With Kansas?" syndrome in action,   not even 10 years after the Democrats (following the Ross Perot "REDUCE THE DEFICITS" plan)   DRAGGED America out of the Bush-1  "DEREGULATION & DEFICITS"  Recession,   ENRON company WENT BANKRUPT under  the weight of MASSIVELY FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTING... but the Enron massive bankruptcy, billions of dollars of market 'valuation' vanishing in to thin air, was merely a PRELUDE to the   EVEN LARGER  system-wide Financial Collapse of 2008!
    Working stiff Americans are SO DEPENDENT ON JOBS, that they simply DO NOT INSIST on DECENT REGULATION of the financial markets... and ESPECIALLY oversight over  PREDATORY LENDING, and massive financial debt, because they are easily SEDUCED by the "boom" side of a  "boom & bust" economy,  or the "pump" side of a "pump & dump" market-cornering bullish stock.

  So, ULTIMATELY the RAGE and RESENTMENT felt by Americans in this economy IS THEIR OWN FAULT - there is PLENTY of information out there to explain to "LOW INFORMATION CONTENT" Americans that the VERY SOCIALIZED  Social Security system is likely to be THEIR BEST FRIEND in their retirement years;   that MEDICARE is THE SOLE source of health care for many nervous seniors, MANY of whom DERIDE "SOCIALIZED" health care!   And that,  reams of Right-Wing demagogue HATE RHETORIC to the contrary (including the oh-so-establishment NY Times and Washignton Post),  the "Red state,"  rural, "heartland,"  "fly-over" "conservative" states are NET federal TAX DOLLAR RECIPIENTS - THEY,  uber-conservative states like WYOMING and IDAHO,  and Mississippi,  are "SOCIALIZED welfare states,"  sucking money OUT of  hard-working urban  "Blue states"!

 But even if American voters are ultimately responsible for their own economic torture,   the "DEMOCRATIC" Party, especially,  is PARTY TO this REPEATED  financial "PUMP & DUMP,"  boom-and-bust,  BAIL small S&L's and  LARGE BANKS OUT at TAXPAYER EXPENSE, for the very DEREGULATION POLICIES that "Democrats," at the behest of their banking & financial lobbyists and "economic leaders," REPEATEDLY shove down American throats,    the current total for the Bush Jr./Obama "BAILOUTS"  is CLOSE TO $20 trillion,    TWENTY+ TRILLION taxpayer dollars,     these TRILLIONS of dollars of "Bailouts" have OBAMA's STAMP OF APPROVAL all over them,  yet, today, President Obama, at the behest of his  Emanuel/Rubin/Geithner/Summers  "economics crew," REFUSES to give the American public  even a GENERAL OUTLINE of the BAILOUTS totals - much less, heavens forbid, TOP-TO-BOTTOM AUDITS of banks with PREDATORY lending and FORECLOSURE tactics,  much less, heavens forbid,  CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS for fraud, for any more than a few token perps like Bernie Madoff. 

   In a radio interview  defending her priorities as TARP Oversight Committee Chairwoman,  with NPR   "oh so moderate"  host  Adam Davidson,    Commitee Chair Elizabeth Warren had to raise her voice against her Davidson, defnding not only the "defend middle class assets" philosophy she brought to her job as Oversight Chair,  but Ms. Warren had to specifically defend her role as "SKUNK AT THE GARDEN PARTY,"    the Big Finance Boys like to present themselves as Financial Geniuses,  but at core they were selling JUNK "assets" and stocks, at VASTLY OVERRATED values,  with NO oversight, and, upon wrecking those deals complex deals (and taking billions of investor dollars down to nothing), those same "Genius Financial operators"   were FIRST IN LINE, with outstretched hands,  DEMANDING from Congress the   very SOCIALIZED  taxpayer funded "BAILOUTS,"   thirteen decades of lecturing the public on the "merits of MORAL HAZARD," and the EVILS of "socialism and transfering of wealth from one group to another"  notwithstanding!
  (Note: at 18:10 into the interview, NPR's so-called "liberal" host Adam Davidson, reserves his scorn and wrath - NOT for the BANKSTERS who LANDED AMERICA IN THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS of a decades' making,  but at  NANCY PELOSI and HARRY REID, who have only been in control of Congress for slightly over 24 months, and for most of the unfolding of  the Economic Crisis of 2008, DEFERRED TO the Bush White House economic crisis  'leadership'  of  Bush Treasury Secretary and FORMER GOLDMAN-SACHS Chairman Hank Paulson!)   BLAMING DEMOCRATS for the Economic crisis is of course a TEXT-BOOK Right-Wing talking point.  Unfortunately - IN DEFERRING to the GOLDMAN-SACHS  banking  and Wall Street financial titans   (including the Health Insurnace industry, whose ghoulish "unemployument = NO health care"  policies started this blog entry)  "economics" crew, the OBAMA/PELOSI/Reid  "Democrats" DESERVE the condemnation! 

  THIS - TRANSFERING  Bailout TRILLIONS $$  _FROM_ American taxpayers, TO  Wall Street LBO, loan-sharking, predatory bankers -  is EXACTLY the agenda of PRESIDENT OBAMA.
  It is EXACTLY the agenda of  the Administration's current most outspoken Republican Congressional critic,   ERIC CANTOR. 

  President Obama, in REFUSING to REIGN IN the out-of-control,  bailouts-for-bonuses bankers, is ENABLING HIS ENEMIES,   and EMPOWERING the "HATE SOCIALISM"  radical right.
The S&L Crisis of the late 1980s was brought on by the TWIN DEMONS of DEREGULATION and Republican TAX-CUTS FOR WEALTHY treasury DEFICITS - MADE WORSE by the 3rd demon, BAILOUTS for BLATANTLY CORRUPT & FRAUDULENT BANKERS, which ECONOMIC CRISIS created vast UNEMPLOYMENT, which TRIGGERED Timmy McVeigh to BOMB the OKC Murrah federal building. 

IMMEDIATELY upon helping to drag the American economy OUT of the Bush-1 Recession, by 1995-1997  the Clinton "Economic team" of   (FORMER GOLDMAN SACHS CHAIRMAN) Robert Rubin & his proteges LAWRENCE SUMMERS and TIMMY GEITHNER,  were back to their old bankers "DEBT IS GOOD"   ("Debt = LOANS = PROFITS FOR BANKS")  agenda,  HELPING  uber-right-wing Republicans PHIL GRAMM, Jim LEACH,  Thomas BLILEY, DICK ARMEY,  Tom DeLAY,   "ENRON Ken" Lay,  Dick Cheney,  and other Republicans PUSH THROUGH the  Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act  (GLBA, or "Credit 'Modernization Act' of  1999) which STRUCK DOWN the  "banks must be sane, boring, and reliable" Glass-Steagall Act - enacted in 1933  _specifically to protect banks and savings accounts_ from IRRESPONSIBLE LENDING practices. 

   The Rubin/Summers/Geithner/Clinton and House & Senate "Democrats" DOUBLED DOWN on their DEREGULATION FOLLY in 2000, when President Clinton, at the behest of his former Goldman-Sachs/Wall Street crew, signed the  Phil Gramm written  "Commdity Futures 'Modernization' Act'  which specifially created the "ENRON LOOPHOLE," allowing corporations to BYPASS DECADES worth of Insurance regulations,  by writing insurance contracts as "stock derivative options,"  or "Credit Default Swaps."   CDS and related derivatives trades allow a company to write HUGE  insurance contracts, based not on the value or loss of an underlying asset, but on the STOCK PRICE of a company which owns that (or many other) assets.    IF there was EVER a need to REGULATE INSURANCE, to keep investors and the insured from being harmed by failure to pay claims,  the Big Boy Bankers were now DOUBLING or TRIPLING the potential risk - with dozens of new factors going into a stock price, from management salaries to other stock or asset purchases - while ELIMINATING oversight! 
  Wiki is no "perfect source" on any of this, but in a nation where  those from states who complain loudest that "WELFARE SOCIALISM QUEENS"  are themselves  NET FEDERAL TAX DOLLAR RECIPIENTS,   in a nation where SENIORS who are ON MEDICARE SHOUT that they  DESPISE "socialized health care"! -   these below Wiki links give a VERY GOOD OUTLINE on the   Clinton AND OBAMA  "economic team"  ACTING LIKE RIGHT-WING  "DEREGULATION and LOOT-the-TREASURY"  Republicans!
commodity futures modernization 2000
Wendy Gramm - Phil Gramm's wife, and Bush-1 Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission,  1998 to 1993, immediately departed the CTFC to become... a DIRECTOR on the ENRON board, AND Audit Committee - in they years immediately preceding Enron's COLLAPSE from BLATANTLY FRAUDULENT accounting...
Rahm Emanuel - Wasserstein-Perella Chicago "mini-Goldman-Sachs" "investment banker"
Rahm Emanuel - PAID DIRECTOR of Freddie Mac, during the Freddie Mac "misreported profits by billions of dollars in order to deceive investors" scandal. 
 Eric Cantor - ISRAEL UBER ALLES - OVER and  ABOVE  the  health and LIVES and FAMILIES of his  Virginia Constituents, TEXT-BOOK Joe Lieberman NEO-CON  Congressman: 
 #3.   Speaker Pelosi "Is in another world"  if she thinks that Right-Wing talking points, and CORPORATE & banker funded HATE RADIO,  contributes to the threat of violence against Americans -