Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Treachery, Betrayal, and Deceit from the Obama White House...

 update:  tonight Congressional aide  Brent Budowsky reports that  3  REPUBLICAN members of the House Judiciary Committee  voted Wednesday TO REPEAL  (health) insurance industry  ANTI-TRUST  EXEMPTIONS   for health  insurance companies.
   IF  REPUBLICANS  can understand an argument that  INSURANCE INDUSTRY MONOPOLIES are DESTRUCTIVE to delivering Health Care in America...  WHY can't the Obama/Emanuel/GoldmanSachs White House make that argument, FORCEFULLY, REPEATEDLY, and STEAM-ROLLING  over other Republican or "Con-servative Democrat" opposition to genuine Health Care reform -
 - NOT the "con-servative"  "Blue-Dog" INDUSTRY written bill being pushed by insurance industry TOADY  Senate Finance Chair Max Baucus??

The FIX IS IN.  President Obama, at the behest of  the INSURANCE INDUSTRY  and his NY/Wall Street/Goddamn-Sachs banksters,  is TRYING TO HELP  Republicans  SABOTAGE  the "Public Option'  health access for MILLIONS of American families.

   The TREACHERY and DECEIT is that Mr. Obama has BEEN TRYING TO SABOTAGE  the 'public option'  -  a government-run insurance program that would be similar to Medicare, but would be available to Americans not yet 65 years of age  -  for MONTHS now,   but DOES NOT HAVE THE COURAGE OR CONVICTION to come out and say so.

    USING PURE DECEIT, Mr. Obama MAKES PUBLIC PLEDGES   _FOR_  the public option, while BEHIND THE SCENES,  Mr. Obama  ENCOURAGES  Senate Finance Chairman MAX BAUCUS to KILL the option,  and,  when American public DEMAND for the option continues to GROW instead of diminish,  Mr. Obama sent his  head fixer, enforcer, arm-twisting extortion meister (aka White House Chief of Staff)  Rahm Emanuel over to the senate yesterday, TO  DISCOURAGE   Senate Majority Leader  "HAPLESS HARRY" Reid from supporting the public option! 

     Is there ANYTHING  MORE PATHETIC, in ALL of American politics,  than seeing OSTENSIBLE Senate "Majority LEADER"  Hapless Harry,  saying  "there  will be a decision made" -  implying that HE is NOT making the decisions ??!!! 

     Yes, there IS something MORE PATHETIC:  the notion that MILLIONS of Americans THOUGHT they were getting "CHANGE" from a  NEW PRESIDENT,  but were instead given  MORE INSURANCE INDUSTRY EXTORTION of America's  Health Care crisis !!!!

  FOR SHAME!  Is Mr. Obama SO ARROGANT, that he believes he is being "HOLY" as he PUBLICLY PROCLAIMS SUPPORT for the Public Option, while WORKING  ENERGETICALLY to KILL IT,  behind the scenes?!
  To repeat: PURE TREACHERY, DECEIT, and BETRAYAL by the President who is a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY of  Goldman-Sachs.

   below, the REAL REPUBLICAN  Health-Care agenda:  IF  American CHILDREN don't have PREMIUM "health insurance,"  they should just GO AHEAD AND DIE if they need major  medical procedures to stay alive.

  WHY  CAN'T the Obama administration POUND this  REPUBLICAN AGENDA  _DOWN_ Republican throats, and MAKE EVERY REPUBLICAN IN AMERICA  _DISAVOW_    Bill Kristol and Eric Cantor's  "GO AHEAD AND DIE" comments??
   Here  the video of  uber-Likudnik (war-mongering, Israel-first) NY/Wall St.  Right-Wing Republican BILL KRISTOL saying of an American child whose life was saved, after he had been DENIED MEDICAL PROCEDURES by the hospital/insurance industried,  ONLY because his mother fought a PAPER-WORK BLIZZARD to obtain funding for the life-saving surgery via an unknown bureaucratic program called "SCHIP"...  Kristol says  "HOW PATHETIC  IS THAT"  that the young man was able to BREAK the RIGHT-WING  MONOPOLY CONTROL of the media's  pro-industry airwaves, and get his life-saved message out to millions of American TV viewers. 
     Just to drive home how EXPLICITLY  GHOULISH  right-wing Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol is,  earlier, at 1:00 in this video, Kristol says