Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congressman Charlie Wilson, of "Charlie Wilson's War": TIME for US military to EXIT Afghanistan....

  update, Oct. 27:   A US State Department officder, Mathew Hough,  a former Marine officer with combat experience in Iraq and as a US civilian authority in  Afghanistan, has resigned  from the State Department,  PROTESTING  Washington & Tel Aviv's  OPEN-ENDED US WAR &  OCCUPATION of Afghanistan,  as the pro-wars Washington Post reports:

  Retired Congressman Charlie Wilson, the heroic if hard-partying Congressman portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie "Charlie Wilson's War"  and  who bucked  the CIA &  Washington establishment to supply  effective weapons to Afghanistan's Mujahdeen "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" during the 1980s  Russian (Soviet/Red Army) invasion of Afghanistan,  now CONDEMNS  the  "STRATEGY" of the Washington & Tel Aviv  Neo-Cons who have so BOTCHED the US occupation in Afghanistan,  and calls for the United States to withdraw that occupation starting immedicately.  
             Congressman Wilson (retired) explains that the US occupation in Afghanistan is taking up where the Soviet (Russian) Communist Red Army left off:   an OCCUPATION ARMY that enrages local Afghans with every  wedding, funeral, or civilian home BOMBED by US bombs, killing civilians and  CREATING  THREE or more TIMES AS MANY new resistance fighters as a given action kills.
  In related news,  anti-war protesters marched on October 4th to protest the 9th year of the Afghanistan war, including a "March of the Dead"  to highlight the ACTUAL COSTS of the botched US occupation of Afghanistan - those Afghan AND AMERICANS KILLED by the war, whose deaths have been CENSORED by America's now Goebbels-esque corporate, warmongering media.  Over 60 protesters were arrested when they refused to submit to Washington's  serial  criminalization and censorship of protests.
Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson coming to Scranton to discuss war in Afghanistan
By Josh McAuliffe, Staff Writer, Scranton Times
Published: October 6, 2009

The U.S. military's ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is a movie Charlie Wilson has seen before, and he isn't thrilled with where the plot of this one is going.

"I think they're looking at us more and more like occupiers," he said.

"I want to make them understand the dilemmas the (Obama) administration is under," Mr. Wilson said. "It's a very tough situation."
 Mr. Wilson,  now 76 has been out of congress  since 1997, and is two years removed from a heart transplant.

Hundreds Demand End to Afghan and Iraq Wars, Close of Guantanamo and Bagram,  61* Arrested at the White House

October 5, 2009

WASHINGTON - October 5 - As the U.S. led war in Afghanistan begins its ninth year this week, 61 were arrested bringing a strong message to the White House that war, torture and drone bombing are outrageous, unacceptable and must end immediately. National anti-war groups and people from around the country joined together to say “No to War in Afghanistan. No to Torture and Vengeance.”

Then, hundreds of people gathered this morning in McPherson Square for song, poetry and rousing speeches to kick off a day of action. Led by the “Mourn the dead, heal the wounded, end the wars” banner, those gathered then marched to the White House in a solemn procession, carrying large photographs of war victims, signs and banners.

As the “March of the Dead” wound through the crowd wearing white masks and carrying the names of dead U.S. service people and Iraqi and Afghan war victims, more than 20 people dressed at Guantanamo prisoners assembled near the White House fence. Members of “Witness Against Torture,” a group committed to the shuttering of Guantanamo and the quickly enlarging Bagram air base in Afghanistan, many chained themselves to the fence. On their backs, they wore the names of Guantanamo detainees cleared for release who remain detained under the Obama administration despite the White House’s heralded decision to shutter the prison. 
The group read the names of those killed in war and newspaper accounts of U.S. bombings and their devastating consequences in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
All those who remained on the White House sidewalk were eventually arrested. In total, 61people were taken into police custody as the readings of the names of the dead—a tragic litany of war—continued.