Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lieberman's BETRAYAL = OBAMA's TREACHERY: a Health Care SELLOUT to Insurance Industry blood-suckers...

The treacherous, lying,  deceitful   President Barack Obama SNATCHED DEFEAT from the jaws of victory this week,  ROBBING  millions of American families of the AFFORDABLE health-care they COULD have had...   health care   DIVORCED from insurance industry blood-suckers,   when the possiblity of a  "robust PUBLIC OPTION"  was   STRIPPED from  the House health care 'reform'   bill on Wednesday,   because  Republican-supporting  "Independent" Senator and serial traitor  Joe Lieberman  grabbed some media TV cameras and said he would FILIBUSTER  any reform that included a robust public option.

      What NO media commentators in America are pointing out - not even those at the most "liberal" and lefty blogs -  is that this MURDER of a robust, government run health care program   (what could have been Medicare,  _expanded_  for all citizens who wanted it, including those less than 65 years of age)  HAS Mr. Obama's FINGERPRINTS all over it.

  Indeed,   Mr. Obama sent his  leg-breaking ENFORCER,  uber- "investment banker" and Democratic skull-crusher RAHM EMANUEL, out to KILL  the robust public option in behind-the-scenes "negotiations" with other  health care reform OBSTRUCTORS,  like so-called "Democrats" Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus  Indiana  Senator Evan Bayh, and Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.
   (What all three of these Right-Wing  "Democrat" Senators have in common, is that they all BASH "SOCIALIZED health-care" as incompetent, evil, and anti-American... even as their  constituents over 65 LOVE  Medicare, and would vote those corrupt and serially  lying senators OUT of office in a New York minute, if any of the three tried to kill Medicare.)
  In plain English,   Joe Lieberman would NOT have made his  FILIBUSTER threat, WITHOUT the TACIT SUPPORT...... IF NOT BEHIND SCENES ENCOURAGEMENT, of the Obama/Emanuel White House.

     WORSE than the mere MURDER of a genuine, expanded-Medicare public option, is that Mr. Obama ROBBED  Democratic voters OF THE FIGHT that would have portrayed Senator Lieberman and Republicans as the  INDUSTRY protecting, health-care reform killing  OBSTRUCTIONISTS that they are.

  In an America where style often trumps substance,  where Hollywood fantasy is often confused for reality, where the media is the message,  Emanuel/Obama co. ROBBING Democratic voters of a GOOD HEALTH CARE FIGHT,  a fight to  GIVE the VICTIMS of insurance care denial some voice, some national media attention -  is far more TREACHEROUS  and destructive than even giving away BILLIONS of dollars to the Big Pharma and insurance industries.   (As much as THOSE billions of dollars EMPOWER the anti-democratic  obstructionists in future health-care battles.)
  Mr. Obama and Mr. Emanuel ROBBED Democratic voters of what could and should have been a SPECTACULAR  media fight,   because they are BOTH IN THE POCKET  of the INSURANCE, HMO,  Big Pharma, and other big financial  industries. 

     Indeed, OBAMA's TREACHERY distills down to one simple equation: For handing  Big Pharma and the insurance companies BILLIONS of MANDATED  taxpayer 'health' insurance bills,  Obama and the Emanuel White House will get some (lousy)  TENS of MILLIONS of dollars of INDUSTRY CAMPAIGN DONATIONS in 2008.... aka   industry  KICK-BACK, SLUSH-FUND BRIBES, for KILLING  the desires of millions of American families to have  what the rest  of the industrialized world already has: a GUARANTEE of health care, paid for out of taxpayer dollars, DIVORCED from insurance industry profiteers and blood-suckers. 

     The  1,500 page  Pelosi/'Democrat'/Obama  'health care reform'  bill is a MONSTROSITY of a PIG of a bill, that has BARACK OBAMA's  MURDEROUS, BLOODY,  Public-Option KILLING fingerprints all over it...
      We COULD have had a two or three page bill,  EXPANDING Medicare, to cover  Americans UNDER the age of 65. 
  Instead we get  Obama & Emanuel's TREACHERY, DECEIT, BACK-STABBING,  SNATCH-DEFEAT-FROM-JAWS OF VICTORY  _murder_ of the Public Option, the bill that the VAST MAJORITY of Americans wanted.

  For a few million dollars in industry BRIBES, the DC 'Democrats'  have ROBBED American voters of expanded Medicare, and instead given us  a 1,500 page, INDUSTRY  written PIG of a bill, that won't even go into affect for FIVE  long, bloody years.

   Becasue  THAT'S HOW THINGS WORK in Mr. Emaneul's  Washington,  2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama's pledges to "CHANGE Washington!" be damned.