Friday, October 30, 2009

What do Joe Lieberman, Tom Daschle, and EVAN BAYH all have in common? They are ALL WHORES for the 'health' INSURANCE industry... (and their wives are LOBBYISTS for same!)

  "Democrats"   IN BED WITH LOBBYISTS - literally!
The FIX is in:  President Obama is able to BETRAY  millions of voters crying out for RELIEF from the insane  'health' insurance FOR PROFIT system,  in part because his own administration, and so many Senators and Congressman, are BEHOLDEN TO the Big Financial lobbies including Big Pharma, HMOs and 'health' insurers.  This is vast, sell-out corruption on a titanic scale, but the DC Democrats, surrounded by so many fawning lobbyists - and in these three cases at least, literally IN BED with lobbyists - no longer care that the vast majority of Americans want some version of  a public, national health care system, whether a robust "Public Option" or what could simply be an expanded MEDICARE FOR ALL system - like our neighbors to the north (Canada) have, and as ALL OTHER major industrialized countries have - INCLUDING ISRAEL,  SUBSIDIZED by BILLIONS of AMERICAN taxpayer dollars!!!!!
TPMMuckraker reports:
Indiana "Democrat" Senator Evan  Bayh's Wife Made Millions As Board Member For Health Insurer 
Yesterday, Sen. Evan Bayh joined his colleague Joe Lieberman in suggesting that he may oppose health-care reform, citing concerns about the deficit. Bayh has long been one of the more conservative members of the Democratic caucus. But is his stance also affected by the fact that his wife has reportedly earned at least $2 million over the last six years as a member of the board of a major health insurer?
Susan Bayh's affiliation with Indianapolis-based WellPoint isn't news. But a new report on TheStreet digs into the details. It also finds that last year, Susan Bayh sat on four other corporate boards, in addition to WellPoint's. She received over $656,0000 in cash and stock for all her board work, around half of which came from WellPoint.
As the site puts it: "Susan Bayh's corporate directorships provide a significant chunk of the Bayh family income."
 Former "Democrat" Senator Tom Daschle - Senate MAJORITY LEADER, no less, until the Democrats were rolled by Republicans in the 2004 elections,  is also married to a high-priced Washington LOBBYIST, whose clients in 1999 (when her husband was still Majority Leader) included pharmaceutical company Amgen,  and tobacco companies Philip Morris and Lorillard .

 And of course the wife of  former "Democrat" Senator JOE LEIBERMAN - arch nemesis of TENS of  MILLIONS of Democratic voters and working- and middle-class American families -   is millionaire (high six-figure per year income)  DC  lobbyist Hadassah Lieberman. 

  What is most despicable about the above three, is that their WEAKNESS (Daschle) and outright TREACHERY (Lieberman and Bayh) focuses  American public resentment NOT at the Big Financials and Republicans where it belongs  (whose agendas these SELLOUT TRAITORS  REALLY represent), but instead at DEMOCRATS, who desired and worked for "change" in the 2008 campaign, only to be BETRAYED by the Obama "the FIX IS IN" White House and corporate "YELLOW-DOG" Democrats.

 ("Yellow-dog" "Democrats"  like  Bayh, Nebraska Senator BILL NELSON,   Louisiana Senator MARY LANDRIE,  Arkansas Senator  BLANCHE LINCOLN, and even North Dakota Senate Budge Committee Chairman KENT CONRAD, whose SWEETHEART LOANS from  mortgage loan industry bully COUNTRYWIDE  are now under investigation by the FBI.)