Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Jersey and Virginia voters RESOUNDINGLY REJECT the Obama/Emanuel GODDAMN-SACHS AGENDA!

 Last  night, incumbent New Jersey "Democrat" Governor  Jon  Corzine LOST RE-ELECTION, despite the TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGES of being an incumbent, despite the advantage of being a (nominal) "Democrat" just a year after Democrats swept in to huge majorities in the House, Senate, & White House;  and despite Corzine being a multi-millionaire former Goldman Sachs chairman with extensive ties to New York & New Jersey's business and financial communities...   and despite FIVE VISITS by President Obama over the past weeks. 

So called "Democrat" Governor (and former Goldamn-Sachs Chairman) Corzine had ELEVEN MONTHS to DELIVER "Change"  to voters and residents of New Jersey since the Obama "CHANGE You Can Believe In!"  campaign swept the nation a year ago this week....

 ...but,  CAPTIVATED by his "our slice off the top" Big Business  con-artists &  predatory Banking cronies, CORZINE FAILED TO DELIVER  meaningful "change"  to the economically and fnancially strapped voters of New Jersey.

Instead, he delivered the same "REWARD THE WEALTHY, rich, and 'owner class' with HIGH INFLATION policies, that GUT the paychecks of fixed-income working stiffs," working stiff families that are of course THE core voters of "Democrat" politicians, the CORE VOTERS who SHOULD be PRIORITY ONE of all Democratic pols, NOT the needs and desires of "BIG DONORS" like Goddamn-Sachs, the Big Pharma drug extortionists, and the HMO & "health" insurance EXTORTIONISTS.

  Oh,  "We do NOT have HIGH INFLATION?" you say,  "We have DEFLATION of wages and prices"?

 NOT  for the VITAL purchases of working families, for everything except housing:  food, gas, and ESPECIALLY HEALTH CARE & TAXES, are GOING THROUGH THE ROOF, because the professional-class and ownership-class DEMAND HIGH RENTS, and a huge chunk of every taxpayer dollar, whether for "BAILOUTS" or predatory  loans or  EXTORTIONATE health care or for just filling a pothole down the street,  the INSURANCE INDUSTRY EXTORTION of health-care makes even a jobs of filling potholes and hauling trash MORE  than financially strapped American families can afford anymore,  especially in hyper-inflationary regions like New York and New Jersey.

This is a RESOUNDING REJECTION of the GODDAMN-SACHS agenda, all though of course 95% of the Democrat Establishment apologists   will spin it otherwise, just as Fox 'news' and Karl Rove SPIN it that Americans HATE "socialized big government" - even when Righty gunmen go out and shoot up 'liberal' churches... when their unemployment safety-net FOOD STAMPS run out!

BRAVO! Team Obama!
  You could NOT  publicly,  and VOCALLY, SUPPORT and DEFEND MEDICARE, so greedy are you to TRANSFER BILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS to your precious Wall Street, Health Insurance, and GoddamnSachs friends and corrupt cronies.

KEEP IT UP - maybe if Republicans TAKE BACK THE HOUSE in 2010,  then they can start up another KEN STARR IMPEACHMENT, this time of President Barack Obama, for VAST FINANCIAL FRAUD,  and this time,  unlike the Clinton-Monica impeachment, the Republicans would have LEGITIMATE reasons to run multi-million dollar investigations of the White House.