Friday, November 20, 2009

Obama's INSANE ARROGANCE & corruption (continued) - OFFSHORES $.85 BILLION of "bailouts" to CHINA windmill manufacturer..!! _INSANE_

   Would  ANY SANE "DEMOCRATS"  LEFT IN CONGRESS, PLEASE  explain to the current president, how  INSANE  it is, to  "OFFSHORE" over   three-quarters of a BILLION dollars,  TO CHINA  manufacturers, of OUR  "bailouts" money?! 

 Hey, Chicago..!!  You "OK" with your candidate guy... and his Rasputin Chief of Staff...  shipping AMERICAN TAXPAYER BAILOUT dollars,  BILLIONS of 'em, OFFSHORE  to FOREIGN companies??

Hell if D.C. Didn't Offshore $849 Million in Stimulus for Windmills Already
By Leo Gerard, President, United Steelworkers, and VP, AFL-CIO
November 19, 2009 

It turns out a Texas windmill farm developer's request last month for nearly half a billion in stimulus funds to create 2,000 jobs in China doesn't rank first on the audacity scale.
Shockingly for American taxpayers, and sadly for the staggering 10.2 percent of Americans who are unemployed, it doesn't even rank second.
That's because Washington already has doled out hundreds of millions in stimulus funds to foreign renewable energy firms. Of the $1.05 billion in clean energy grants awarded by D.C., $849 million -- 84 percent -- went to foreign wind companies, according to an analysis by Russ Choma of the Investigative Reporting Workshop...