Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama's Health Care "Reform" TREACHERY, BETRAYAL, and SHEER DECEIT - "reform" bill an Insurance industry Slush-Fund, Kick-Backs, GRAFT & Bribery FRAUD

  So you thought that President Obama's  "Health Care Reform" package would ACTUALLY bring REAL 'reform'.... to YOUR health care, to your  family's  insurance premiums and medical coverage?

   Hate to steal a line from Politico,  but "THINK AGAIN!"  you American deluded,  s***-fed, kept-in-dark,   "another one born every minute" suckers! 
   Politico has the down & dirty:     
  POLITICO:   [Obama's]   Health Reform's HIDDEN LAND MINES
    by  Carrie Budoff Brown & Chris Frates
 Monday, November 16, 2009

 After all the  controversy over the public option, people might think that everyone can sign up right away if Congress passes health reform.

Or that insurance premiums will go down.
Or that they’ll be able to shop around for insurance if they don’t like what their company offers. 

Think again.

When it comes to the public option, for instance, only about 1 in 10 Americans will be eligible, mainly people who don’t get insurance through work. Only about 6 million are expected to enroll. The plan doesn’t even start until 2013....
  Except for the sheer tragedy of American DYING, and being DRIVEN IN TO BANKRUPTCY, by the predatory,  scavenger, vampire nature of our current 'health' care system,  you almost have to laugh:
  THIS  lousy bill,  is  THE BEST  that Team Obama, and the vaunted "tough guy"  "Rhambo" Rahm Emanuel can come up with?  -  SELLING ENTIRE SWATHS of America DOWN THE RIVER, WITHOUT A FIGHT,  for a pathetic bill that won't even start until 2013? 
  The NEW YORK  NEO-CON  warmongering TIMES, and the Washington COWARDLY LYIN', Neo-Con backstabbing POST, will have to work overtime to put Lipstick on THIS  Emanuel, Neo-Con, Goddamn-Sachs,  Wall Street,  Big Finance & Insurance Industry written  extortionist  PIG  of a "plan."