Monday, November 16, 2009

Serious Question: As Americans go HUNGRY, Does Rahm Emanuel's LOOTING of American economy, rise to level of Treason?

 Greetings America, meet your new Overseers!
That knocking you hear  IS the wolf at your door:  it is Rahm Emanuel & Lloyd Blankfein's  army of eviction, foreclosure, and cancelled health-insurance agents -
  Like a horde of army ants tossing your  family's life possessions out on the curb;  raiding your pension with coordinated hedge-fund "pump & dump" attacks;  cancelling your health insurance because you are now old enough to actually need medical care;   outsourcing your job (with fun & gusto) to Communist China (and telling you that "Of COURSE you  shouldn't expect to make A DIME more than those in a Communist Gulag slave-labor work camp make" - the NY Times' Tom Friedman makes a mint selling that junk), and, when all their other quasi- "free market" Loot & Plunder schemes have, indeed, driven most of America back onto  the planatation,  back into Hooverville,  THEN the "financial wizzards" of Wall Street GO DIRECTLY to their BRIBED & OWNED CONGRESS,
  and just BLATANTLY EXTORT ___trillions $$___ of American household dollars, FROM taxpayer wallets & savings accounts,  TO their Wall St. (and offshore)  executive accounts, in the form of  $20 trillion   TWENTY+ TRILLION DOLLARS of   taxpyayer EXTORTED  "Bailouts  so Blankfein & Emanuel's loan-shark enforcers can CORNER and swindle  YOUR life's savings! 
 Just like those  despised "untermensch" terrarist  Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem getting EVICTED by  "settlers" - with the machine-gun and bulldozer backing of the US taxpayer funded Israel Army and US  war machine,  Praise Jesus!

    With  today's scathing release of  the TARP Inspector General's oversight report -
 (good brief review  at ZeroHedge)
 Those not closely connected to Goddamn-Sachs,  JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank, Wells-Fargo, BoA, (and a few other mega-large, connected financial instutions) have  all wailed a plaintive scream -
"For how much longer will President Obama persist in listening to the disastrous 'advice' of  his  promoted way-beyond-incompetence  Treasury Secretary,  Timmy Geithner,  and President Obama's  even more treacherously destructive Rasputin,  White House Chief of Staff    Rahm Emanuel?
  Even  uber-  Clintonista/Obamabot/AIPAC/NY/DC big donors &  Manhatten & inside-beltway  neo-con-lite   establishment Dem liberals are  wearing  sack-cloth & ashes and wailing plaintively about the RISING HORRORS of this economy.
     So  it is time to step back and ask:  "Was  RAHM EMANUEL's pointing of President Obama to the infamously incompetent (then NY Fed Bank President) Tim Geithner to be Treasury Secretary  in January 2009  _merely_ a case of  over-the-top INSIDER CORRUPTION....  or does Rahm Emanuel really see himself as a DICTATORIAL OVERLORD,   AN AGENT of a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT  AND FOREIGN BANKING INTEREST's occupation,  whose  MISSION is to complete the  Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo,  BoA (et al)  steamroller CRUSHING of America's  high-wage, upward mobility society, in to a wage-slavery and abject poverty society such as that enjoyed by Palestinians in the West Bank & Gaza?"
 (Because, well, that IS what mega-financial, bribe the kings & govenments,  booms-&-busts, pump-&-dump,  inflate-&-deflate-entire-economies  financial titans do.)
  Because IF  Emanuel's INTENTIONS are  to DEFRAUD, CHEAT, and IMPOVERISH American citizens - HE IS SUCCEEDING  MARVELOUSLY. 
  We  ___exaggerate__,  you say ??
 Try  THESE MSNBC and NY Times headlines - 
"Hunger in U.S. at a 14-year high"
"NYT: 1 in 7 households struggles to put enough food on table"
  Got that?  RAHM EMANUEL,   Timmy Geithner,  Lawrence Summers,  and President Obama's Goddamn-Sachs "economics team"    have just  overseen   the TRANSFER of some  TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS  (of "real" obligated debt,  taxes, and wealth taken OUT of American households)  FROM  American taxpayers, TO the Big Financials...   and we have headlines about  "HUNGER" stalking American homes ?! 
    After WWII,  American taxpayers paid American farmers to  feed  &  almost ALL of EUROPE!!!
    But  60 years later, after President Obama's Emanuel cronies  have dished out  TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of household taxpayer dollars to their  partners,  cronies,  and (make no mistake) kickback, slush-fund, crooks  and campaign  DONOR friends  on Wall Street - Mr. Obama has NOTHING to show Americans for their  extorted "bailout" trillions, but a pumped & inflated stock market,  RECORD UNEMPLOYMENT, fresh waves of pink-slips,  and  HUNGER stalking American homes???!!

  Seriously,  THIS is THE BEST, that the "best and the brightest" can do?!!!   
  Bill Kristol is not only the uber- Right-Wing Republican who gave Wolfowitz and Cheney their "PNAC" Think Tank where they could publicly (and semi-legitimately) broadcast  their "INVADE IRAQ NOW!"  war-lust way back in 1997 and 1998,   but of course Bill Kristol is also the super  Neo-Con Likdunik who thought that SARAH PALIN would be the Republican Party & John McCain  campaign's IDEAL VP CANDIDATE in 2008.
  Sarah Palin - as in "Alaska Governor Sarah Palin" -  whose husband Todd  joined the ALASKA SECESSIONIST PARTY" !!!!!
   The uber- Neo-Con Republican  wet-dream candidate for the 2008 ticket, was an incompetent woman who supported the  secessionist,  "NEW CIVIL WAR in AMERICA" agenda!!

     The  RAHM EMANUEL  so-called "Democrat" "treat 'em Americans  like the DIRT  PEONS they are"   neo-con agenda, is IDENTICAL with the BILL KRISTOL,  "let's CRIMINALIZE and destroy   ANYONE WHO OPPOSES the US wars in mideast"  radical-right Likud agenda.
 (hello, Paul Wellstone and Prime Minister Rabin.) 
  (here's the video of  Bill Kristol sneering, at 59 seconds into this video, "Whenever I hear of a HEARTLESS ASSAULT on American children, I TEND TO THINK IT IS A GOOD IDEA" -  he is talking about then Pres. Bush VETOING the 'schp'  health insurance program for America's low-income children - )
  In this galary of Blankfein, Lieberman, Emanuel, Kristol (et al)  ROGUES - IF NOT ABJECT TRAITORS -  Timmy Geithner is   actually  the honest fool, he is Bush to Emanuel's Cheney,   a useful idiot who actually believes what his Goddamn-Sachs, JPMorgan-Chase,  Citi & Wells Fargo  handlers tell him. 
 IF the above sounds a tad  con-spir-a-torial (and your humble editors here have been studying the psychology of 20th Century mass-murderous,   mass-media propaganda,  hyper-nationalistic, industrialized war dictators for the past 30+ years),    below is an arbitrary but well stated comment from ZeroHedge  (bottom this post) that is  a slightly more rational cry for sanity for America's econmic leadership,     which echoes (first),   the comments at Max Keiser's  widely watched around the world  video blogs (  over  the past several weeks -
(our paraphrase):
"In September 2008, Congress could have _forgiven_ EVERY  HOME MORTGAGE, AND _every_ credit card outstanding balance, for  $11 trillion dollars."  
"Twelve months later, the Emanuel/Obama/geithner 'ECONOMICS' crew has GIVEN AWAY Twenty+ TRILLION DOLLARS, to mega-banksters only,    with nothing to show for it but the entire American economy EVEN MORE in tatters than it was in late 2008" !!!!
      That is actually a TRANSFER of NEARLY   THIRTY TRILLION DOLLARS from American households TO Wall Street: the original five- or more trillion dollars of overinflated, overpriced mortgage loans, inflated home values,  and credit card debt LOOTED out of American households,   MUCH OF WHICH WAS PREDATORY if not FRAUDULENT debt;  and then the $20+ trillion that has been DIRECTLY TRANSFERRED, FROM  TAXPAYER pockets, TO the Big Finance predators;  that is, over &  above Wall Street and ; Goddamn-Sachs, (et al's) original frauds  DEFRAUDED millions of Americans out of their savings & paychecks... ALL the above  with RAHM EMANUEL's blessing,    all for some LOUSY  $10- ,  $20-,  or $30 million dollars in bribes,  KICKBACK, SLUSH-FUND "campaign donations"   to the Obama campaign warchest for 2010 and 2012 electioneering!
  (an open letter to President Obama,  a comment from  over at ZeroHedg.come) -
The time is now to remove Geithner. His actions in the matter described are deplorable. Virtually NOBODY IN THE WORLD  gives [him any]  credibility, particularly on the "strong dollar" mantra. He has jumped the shark and is a pathetic embarrassment to the USA, which is quickly becoming a banana republic.
The time is now to let the term of Bernanke expire; for the love of all that is sane, WHY ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING  to this man WHO COULD NOT EVEN SEE THE SUBPRIME CRISIS?
  [Note: Max Keiser and other broker/dealers saw the Fannie Mae/Freddia Mac debacle coming, and shouted at the top of their lungs about the looming disaster.    Rahm Emanuel, by contrast, was paid over $300,000 for a 14 month stint as a Freddie Mac DIRECTOR -  a stint not completely clear of the SCANDAL that Emanuel's own home-town paper wrote up as "Freddie Mac Scandals  BEGAN DURING Emanuel's WATCH" =,0,1946702.story,0,5682373.story ]
 Why are you allowing him to keep rates at zero, devalue the dollar, and trade off the future of the USA so that a small group can make a fortune running up risk assets?
Start listening to Volcker and like minded people Mr. President.
 [note 2:  Paul Volker helped inflict THE OPPOSITE CALAMITY on the Carter administration, SUPER-HIGH interest rates which killed the economy just as badly as the current transfer of wealth to Big Financials has done these past 2 years.]
 If you do, we have a chance. If you don't you and your party will be thrown out during the next election because americans realize that they are being robbed of their future by a wall street/banking oligarchy.