Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama's bloody, murderous Shame: His Rahm Emanuel Neo-Con Likudnik warmongering minions PROP UP Murderous coup in Honduras...

Welcome to the  Neo-Con Likudnik (Jewish Right-Wing) version of "democracy" - right out of Hitler and Stalin's  playbook,  they really  are    pushing "DICTATORSHIP is FREEDOM!"  coups,  this particular  example in the test-tube case of  Honduras, a small country in Central American, where the bloodthirsty Emanuel/Lieberman/Wolfowitz neo-con Likundiks are  practically DROOLING over the success of their MURDEROUS MILITARY COUP;   over the prospect of  more  Milton Friedman, Henry Kissinger-esque,  MORE bloody,   murderous,  Pinochet DICTATORSHIP  COUPS  throughout Central & South America... in the name of "Freedom and Democracy"  of course.

  The "Democrat"  Neo-Cons (such as Lieberman, Emanuel, Arlen Specter, almost all of the Golddamn-Sachs 'Democratic' neo-cons)    are  indistinguishable from their  radical right-wing Republican brothers in murderous entitlement, hate & scorn for genuine democracy in the world,  except that the "Democrat" versions of the "we DESPISE democracy"  Neo-Cons have graduate degrees &  PhD's  in sheer, APPLIED TREACHERY and DECEIT.
   While the Republican Neo-Cons like Bill Kristol revel in their "let them eat cake.... and DIE from lack of medical care,"  scorn for the unwashed masses on their sleeves,
 (here uber Neo-Con NY millionaire & Likdunik warmonger "BLOODY BILL"  Kristol  all but gloats at the death of American children from lack of health care, 59 seconds into video, sentiments also found in Lieberman, Eric Cantor, and all other Republicans policies, if not speeches)
  the "Democrat" neo-cons have done an  ace job of convincing the Democratic-voting  peons that they really  support and admire democracy, even as they exert Hurculean efforts in the  diametrically opposite direction, SABOTAGING  free elections, and  spending  just enough in BRIBES (a few million dollars for a small country like Honduras will do)  - through their CIA, Mossad, and other, 'more legitimate'  private  front groups -  to  create the FACADE that the public in 3rd world countries  APPROVES of one of the neo-con's  puppet regime's  DICTATORSHIP COUPS in a target country.
(and of course LEAD - bullets, beatings, tortures, and  murders - for those who actually garner enough popular support to oppose the Jewish & US Right-Wing imposed dictatorship).
     So now it's all over but the formality,  a locust-like  HORDE of  American "elections observers" will descend on Honduras to legitimize the BRIBED, STOLEN, and INTIMIDATED 'elections,'  while the US press and media (the Nazi-esque New York Times & equally Nazi-esque Washington Post)   work double, triple overtime to WHITEWASH the MURDERS - and ONGOING political intimidations behind the coup. 
 (Jewish female survivors of 'the holocaust' and their daughters will be especially pleased to know that  WOMEN are THE BIGGEST VICTIMS of the  Honduran militiary coup & murderous repressions.)

   After which,  NY, London, Tel Aviv, and Wall Street "business experts" will descend on Honduras like the parasites and  "Economic Hit Men" they are, and strip the little country of  EVERY asset worth a dime (insert Matt Taibbi's "they are a vampire squid on the face of humanity,  inserting their bloody funnel into anything that smells of money" full article here),  just  like pouring a gallon of  Clorox bleach on a colorful blouse or expensive  business suit sucks the color and life out of those clothes.
     Note also how the very Jewish-owned (sulzberger)  NY Times and Washington Post  SUPPORT   BLACKWATER - the privately owned,  very "Christian"  mercenary death-squads that were and are  Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz's  executors of colonial conquest in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now in Pakistan  (the New CONQUISTADORS!)   by keeping Blackwater's (ne, "Xe") antics OUT of the 'news' (much less intensive journalistic investigations);    and as well how the very Jewish Times & Post PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE the US Air Force Academy   has been all but PURGING   cadets  from the academy who don't suscribe to the Christian fundamentalist "New Crusades"  pro-wars agenda.

 All the above blatantly private "Christian"  SS-like armies and   "religious"  DISCRIMINATION in  important US government institution such as the US Air Force Academy would have brought a blast of angst (if not recriminations) from the very Neo-Con  Post & Times just a decade or two ago,  but  are now IGNORED  by the Neo-Con Times & Post, for the simple reason that the Jewish Neo-Cons are, and have been, ALLIED with the Cheney-Bush-Rove radical right-wing fundamentalists,  pro-war  'Christ-ian' THEOCRATIC  religious bullies for at least two decades now.

   The Cheney-Wolfowitz (Bush)  war alliance and AIPAC  lusty cheers for Dick Cheney's  "BOMB IRAN NOW!" speech  at the   Aipac "Israel First!" conference in Washington DC in March 2007  then, and  now,   the DEFINING  characteristics of the Obama "Democrat" Neo-Cons, whether they're bombing Iraq and Afghanistan,  wanting to bomb Venezuela, or just bribing and murdering their way to dictator coup puppet regimes in Honduras and South America.

 Next up... COLOMBIA!  Oh, wait, in the  godly name of "The War on Drugs!"  Colombia is ALREADY a US puppet dictatorship, awash in billions of  American dollars (as worthless as they may be)  from both American cocaine consumers, and American government funded death squads.
  (oops!   - this  article/link was about machine-gun armed US  DEA agents in Afghanistan, not Colombia.  Our mistake.)
 So make it... "Next up, ECUADOR,  BOLIVIA, Argentina, and,  just as soon as billions of US taxpayer extorted  dollars can erect a sufficient  facade of local  public support,  ANOTHER  new, CIA sponsored,  murderous Jewish Right-Wing  neo-con Likudnik  approved,   REALLY BLOODY, murderous coup in   VENEZUELA!                 Praise Jesus!


US Group That SUPPORTED OVERTHROWS of  Democratically Elected Governments
in Haiti and Venezuela Will Observe Elections in Honduras

WASHINGTON - November 23 - The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), ORGANIZATIONS  that RECEIVE FUNDING FROM   U.S. State Department, are planning on sending delegations to observe ["observe' implies impartiality: they are going there to ACTIVELY make a STAMP OF APPROVAL for a right-wing DICTATORSHIP regime's "democratically elected" front-candidates]   the November 29 elections in Honduras, according to a statement issued by Republican Senator Richard Lugar. The IRI is a group that has supported the ouster of democratically elected presidents in Haiti and Venezuela in recent years.....

"Meet the new boss, just like the old boss" -  The Likudnik propensity for WAR LUST, LOOT-the-peons economics, and  whipping up murderous dictatorial COUPS in ANY country they can,  stretches back to at least the 1970s (if not the 1960s & 1950s),  here 1980's "neo-Liberal" "free-market" gury  Milton Friedman spews his Right-Wing lies with gusto - just as today's  Neo-Con Likudniks  spout their    "dictatorship = freedom" coup-advocating propaganda from the pages of the Sulzberger Times and the Meyer/Graham Washington Post.  
"The great achievements of civilization HAVE NOT COME from GOVERNMENT BUREAUS" Mr. Friedman says?!!!
Mr. Friedman is AN ABJECT LIAR:   the LIBERATION of AUSCHWITZ  (by Soviet armies in WWII)  was FUNDED & SUPPLIED by the "ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY" the __UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT__ representing the AMERICAN PEOPLE working, NOT for selfish greed, but for COMMON INTEREST.   Mr. Friedman and his fellow Likudnik intellectual THIEVES and BULLIES, are trying to STEAL the very "democratic" foundation for America's struggle and victory in WWII!
  (Amazingly enough, President Roosevelt led America to victory in WWII  _WITHOUT_ allowing   banks to "earn" 30% loan-shark  interest on credit cards; or without allowing   Golddamn-Sachs "investment bankers" to  SWINDLE  taxpayers out of 20+ trillion taxpayer dollars - nearly 2x the entire US GDP today -  to, you know, "save the financial markets"!)
And perhaps humanity's greatest ever technical achievement, the US space program and putting man on the moon (from which "private" communications electronics are techological spin-offs)  was achieved by the VERY "government bureau" NASA, and related, GOVERNMENT and military contractors.) 
   (the Thuggish, entitled, and selfish Mr. Friedman even tries to STEAL CREDIT for EINSTEIN -  Einstein and his brilliant "extended study date" wife, with whom he refined if not formulated many of his mathematical proofs,  were both educated in  SOCIALIZED  state-run university systems;  Einstein was educated in the GERMAN educational system,  from which he developed a loathing for the rank, hierarchy, and national supremacy of the German military machine;  and, indeed, contrary to Friedman's credit-stealing Right-Wing propaganda,  Einstein was proudly SOCIALIST.)