Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rahm Emanuel & Joe Lieberman see America's health care crisis as "PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES" for their "bribes & kickbacks" donors...

America's de facto DICTATOR,  or Health Care "reform" killing CZAR:    (And "SHAME on President Obama!" for ABDICATING his "Change!" pledges and promises, to this family-wrecking big finance  hit-man & banking industry  hatchet man.) 

What RAHM EMANUEL WANTS, Rahm Emanuel gets, whether seeing "liberal" and Democratic voters ARRESTED for protesting his dictatorial, health-care reform killing OBSTRUCTION & SABOTAGE,
or getting a FILIBUSTER THREAT from his buddy JOE LIEBERMAN,
or MILLIONS of dollars of insurance industry KICK-BACK, slush-fund BRIBES - "donations" to continue to OBSTRUCT simple, expanded Medicare genuine Health Care reform, as the front-man for his Goldman-Sachs and 'health' insurance industry extortion con-artists, economic hit-men, and financial fraudsters.
 (We can't get the video embed of this emotional video, of burly US capitol police ARRESTING Senator Lieberman's Connecticut constituents,  for demanding that Sentor Lieberman STOP TAKING  INDUSTRY  BRIBE "donations"  from insurance companies to KILL  genuine health-care reform.)

  Damn right its personal.

    It's not bad enough that Rahm Emanuel is a  PRO-WARS Right-Wing Neo-Con warmonger  MASQUERADING  as a "Democrat" -    he is also a Joe Lieberman clone, a   BIG FINANCE EXTORTIONIST, masquerading as a "moderate"  (much less "liberal")  allegedly concerned with working class voter paycheck issues. 
  Indeed, in video (we are unable to find at the moment) from  his senate re-election campaign in 2006, the LYING, DECEITFUL Senator Joe Lieberman told  Connecticut voters, "Send ME back to the Senate instead of Ned Lamont, because _I_ will be ABLE TO DELIVER the UNIVERSAL, SINGLE-PAYER health care reform that Connecticut families need and want." 

   Mr. Emanuel, Mr. Lieberman -  here's your own personal bodycount, You are both  doing  a GREAT job as   America's  LEADING, actual, Health Care reform killing   OBSTRUCTIONISTS & EXTORTIONISTS  -  BLOOD MONEY for Goldman-Sachs, Aetna, and United Health Care;   scraps & crumbs for America's families -

 THAT'S  the LIEBERMAN-EMANUEL agenda that they and their families can be proud of - 
TRILLIONS of dollars to "BAIL OUT" the corrupt & fraudulent Big Bankers and financial flim-flam con-men who went BANKRUPT but for taxpayer bailouts;  a mere $900 billion in CRUMBS (most of which will go to industry profits) of an industry written 1,900 page  Obama "reform" ATROCITY that Emanuel is trying to shove down America's throat.

 Emanuel & Lieberman:  THE LEADING HEALTH-CARE REFORM KILLERS in America, as the number  (millions) of Americans who will be TRAUMATIZED at skyrocketing 'health insurance' premiums - which is to say UNAFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE -  will continue  to grow, even with  the lousy, insanely corrupt 1,900 page Obama  Health Care  GIVEAWAY-to-insurance industry "reform"    ATROCITY.
 Names of those who have DIED - AMERICANS who have DIED - so JOE LIEBERMAN and RAHM EMANUEL can get INSURANCE INDUSTRY KICK-BACKS from  Insurance industry blood-suckers -  just a tiny portion of the  45,000 who DIE EVERY YEAR, of whom 17,000 are AMERICAN CHILDREN. 
     ENJOY your BLOOD-MONEY and KICKBACKS, Emanuel & Lieberman!

Study: Lack of health care insurance a factor in 17,000 [American] child deaths

 Names  (a fraction of the tens of thousands)  of  Americans WHO HAVE DIED of TREATABLE ILLNESSES, because the RAHM EMANUEL and JOE LIEBERMAN  CORRUPTION and EXTORTION  political bribery racket sees those lives as no more than  expendable "PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES" -

Robert Gregory
49, Port St Lucie, Fl 34953

Cristina Orta
65, Apopka, Fl

Barabara Ann Walker
56, North Carolina

Russell (j.j.) Johnson
44, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bill Sheridan
50, Bend, Or

Bob Gregory
49, Port St Lucie

Christine Caldwell Townsend
39, Germantown Oh

Lorene Bradshaw
54, Duncan, Ok

Randy "skip" Eichhorst
52, Elgin, Il

Myra Horner
79, Laguna Beach, Ca

Lorraine Scarpace
59, Anahola, Hawaii

Dom Bruscino
57, West Palm Beach Florida

Annie Jean Woods
53, Selma, Al

Rosie Lee Shannon
72, Selma, Alabama

Mary Andrews
39, Laurel, Md

Jean Claire Aldridge Sullivan
53, Omaha, Ne
Susan Martinez
69, Albuquerque, Nm

George Klacsanzky
47, Seattle
Peter John Pennnock
62, Roseville, California

Estelle Hatley
58, Minneapolis, Mn

Patrica A Frazee
56, Anderson, In

Barton Simon
52, Northridge, Ca

George Joseph Barton
2 days old, Memphis, Tn

Peter John Pennnock
62, Roseville,

Kris Arb
46, Englewood, Co

Robert Collatos
55, L.a., Ca

Jamie Doyle Stimpson
44, Wyandotte, Michigan

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