Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama's Insane "KICKBACKS, Corruption, & GRAFT" Emanuel-Geithner-Golddamn-Sachs crew are WRECKING America's Economy

(left) - Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's de facto  "economic hit-men coordinator,  finance-industry loan-sharking graft-meister,  and  economy-wrecking de-industrialization czar"....   where "czar" = DICTATOR!

 IF  President Obama's  Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin, Goddamn-Sachs, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke  "US economics leadership" team are TRYING  to WRECK the US economy worse than it was when they inherited it from President Bush & Hank Paulson in January 2009 -  well, they are doing a grade-A, bang-up,  smashing,  heckuva  job!

Ten Years After The Repeal Of the Glass-Steagall Act,  not only are Obama's  insane  Rahm Emanuel-led wrecking crew minions  NOT  working to restore the "sane, boring, & SAFE" banking laws  that  the Glass-Steagall regulations were before the were repealed (by the Goddamn-Sachs and other Big Banks financed Phil Gramm Right-Wing Republican "deregulation!"  crew in the late 1990s)  to America's  critical-to-the-economy  local and regional banks,  but the insanely greedy Emanuel crew is  STILL WREACKING   "DEREGULATION"  havoc as we speak -
 (here graft-meister Emanuel shoves massive EXEMPTIONS to some few remaining Sarbanes-Oxley financial regulations laws through - this past week!)

  EVEN AS  the   Neo-Con (Emanuel & Goddamn-Sachs whitewashing) New York Times reports:
    "Off the Charts:  Job Losses Mount, Enduring and Deep."

  To repeat,  IF  Rahm Emanuel WERE TRYING  to WRECK the  US economy, and destroy American jobs and employment revenues (taxes & wages),  HE IS DOING A FANTASTIC JOB.

  The ONLY question left to ask is,  "Well, are  Mr. Emanuel and his Goddamn-Sachs Neo-Con   wrecking crew boys  TRYING  to WRECK America's economy... or are the merely as INCOMPETENT  as George W. Bush and "heck-uva Job Brownie?"

  And, sad to say,  THERIN  LIES THE TRUTH:  in August 2005  then FEMA Director Michael Brown's  GROSTESQUE INCOMPETENCE as Hurricane Katrina rain swelled rivers broke through New Orleans  levees, and drowned hundreds of victims of New Orleans in raging floods,   was not simple  incompetence:  it was yet another example of the Neo-Cons  INTENTIONALLY WRECKING   American  society  in order to turn millions of Americans into DISENFRANCHISED,  economically subjugated peons.   

    THE BEST THING  you can say about Rahm Emanuel, Timmy Geithner, and Barack Obama's  mismanagement of the US economy - TRILLIONS for Wall St.  and connected corporations, CRUMBS for America's working families -  is that they are merely incompetent.

 Scratch deeper, though and Obama's  treacherous Neo-Cons  are  INTENTIONALLY WRECKING the America of  high-wages,  job security, upward mobility,  and economic fairness -  they have NO INDUSTRIAL POLICY,   they are INTENTIONALLY WRECKING the productive portion of the US  economy,  to create  "a new normal" of  ECONOMIC DISPARITY,  joblessness, gutted pensions, and nationwide poverty. 

PS - did we forget to mention,  THE INSANELY CORRUPT  President Obama is PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE   the BRIBERY  penalties  against  JP Morgan/Chase Bank,  for, well, USING BRIBES to sell  $3.2 billion in OVERPRICED sewer bonds to Alabama's Jefferson County?
  Oh, that's right...  Mr. Obama's  SEC   are the ones who allowed  JP Morgan/Chase to pay the penalty fines -  while not admitting any wrongdoing!

       For his insane,  "JP Morgan Chase uber alles  -  over and above the taxpayers of Jefferson County, Alabama"   FAILURE to demand the SEC pursue  justice to the full measure of law, ALONE, President Obama DESERVES TO BE IMPEACHED -  even if the Bush-Cheney Republicans  were just as insanely corrupt.

 post-script:  Are RAHM EMANUEL and TIM GEITHNER the  NEW  "Heckuva Job, Brownie"  insane incompetence and in-your-face corruption, Bushian,  American economy killing wrecking crew?

CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE: this sequence of photos illustrates that after  Hurricane Katrina left SEVERE FLOODS in its wake as it passed over Florida on August 25, 2005,  the hurricane continued into the Gulf of Mexico, where, due to the Gulf's warm waters,   it spun up in power and intensity, at one point CREATING THE LOWEST barometric PRESSURES EVER RECORDED in the Atlantic basin,
 =  the most powerful hurricane potential ever recorded! Despite everyone on earth knowing that this huge and dangerously powerful hurricane was heading DIRECTLY FOR America's Mississippi & New Orleans  Gulf Coast, President Bush and his Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency Director - Michael "Heckuva Job, Brownie" Brown DID NOTHING of the magnitude warranted by the looming disaster to prepare for it - President Bush was FORCED to sit through a FEMA slide-show in the critical days before the hurricane hit - and offered NOT ONE BIT of URGENCY to direct and pre-position disaster relief preparations before the disaster hit, to repeat, President Bush & his FEMA Director Michael Brown WERE WARNED IN ADVANCE that Katrina's hurricane force winds & rains would LIKELY STRESS New Orleans fragile levee system - threatening MASSIVE FLOODS. Instead of prepared, Director Brown was comically, tragically, insanely corrupt and NOT prepared for the disaster everyone knew could befall New Orleans: Coast Guard rescue helicopters in Florida were GROUNDED in the first critical hours after Katrina passed, because they did not have federal authority to fly to New Orleans. Even as large, heavy, vulnerable _network satellite news trucks_ were able to drive directly up to the New Orleans Superdome, and TELEVISE, LIVE he misery, suffering, and death there, "Heckuva Job" Brownie's FEMA __ORDERED_ a fleet of 100 Wal-Mart DONATED bottled water trucks, NOT to go to New Orleans - they were instead DIVERTED to some inland communities far less devastated than New Orleans - as Director Brown boasted, in e-mails from barely affected Baton Rouge, that he was enjoying 5-star dinners at top Baton Rouge restaurants!

CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE was the HALLMARK of  FEMA Director Michael Brown  "Heckuva Job Brownies' 'Leadership'" during the post Katrina flooding disaster of New Orleans, and DIVERTING precious resources - taxpayer BAILOUT billions of dollars  - from RESCUING the WORKING American economy, to BAILING OUT insanely  criminal corruption, graft, bribery, and FRAUD on Wall Street - is now the HALLMARK of Rahm Emanuel's insane  Goddamn-Sachs wrecking crew "economics advisors."