Saturday, November 21, 2009

Emanuel's INSANE Neo-Con CORRUPTION: Incites Right-Wing "PREPARE FOR WAR" - IN AMERICA! backlash billboard.....

  The URGENCY  for  President Obama to TOSS HIS GOLDDAMN-SACHS BANKERS "economics advisors"  out of the White House  is OBVIOUS  to ANYONE  outside of the NY/Washington "conventional wisdom" bubble -  the BLATANT THEFT of TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars in the no-oversight "bailouts," in concert with the GoddamnSachs, neo-con approved "OUTSOURCE US JOBS to COMMUNIST CHINA" agenda (see our previous post),   is WRECKING the US economy.

  Those issues  are now THE SIGNATURE  POLICIES (_outsourcing_  US jobs as an  "economics agenda," because that is what his GoddamnSachs bankers tell him to do; ALONG with the massive confiscation and redistribution upwards of wealth that is the GoddamnSachs BAILOUTS LARCENY)  of the Obama administration!
  (And note how the American press media whitewashes this vast economic theft:  Here the very neo-con Washington Post owned Newsweek magazine decries "VULTURE CAPITALISM" - in Russia!  The Post and Newsweek "IN" on the THEFT of TRILLIONS of dollars from AMERICAN households by the GolddamnSachs, et al bankers.)

 The American public are NOT as deluded, delusional, or in support of these GROTESQUE "destroy America's economy"  policies, as the NY Times, Washington Post,  and other NY and "inside the beltway"  'major media' (corporate media) outlets   would have us believe - the American public  HATES  the BAILOUTS FOR FRAUDULENT BANKERS, and OUTSOURCING US JOBS course America has taken under the NEO-CON STRANGLEHOLD of BOTH the Bush (Bush's Treasury Secretary, HANK PAULSON, was  FORMER GOLDMAN-SACHS CHAIRMAN) and now the blatantly "GOLDDAMN-SACHS uber alles"  Obama administration. 

-  Rahm Emanuel and President Obama have ROBBED  __millions__ of "CHANGE!" voters of the FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT those voters THOUGHT they were getting from the "change you can believe in" candidate.  
- Rahm Emanuel, Lawrence Summers, and Tim Giethner have HANDED OUT TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS to GODDAMN-SACHS, JP Morgan-Chase, Citi-bank, & other large banks, and PRETEND that a lousy $20 billion in paybacks  here and there constitute "paid in full" return of all taxpayer billions.
-  The Emanuel/GoddamnSachs NeoCons have  LEFT KARL ROVE's   hyper-partisan REPUBLICAN PROSECUTORS IN PLACE - this is SHEER RIGHT-WING TREACHERY from Mr. Obama's  White House.
-    The Emanuel NeoCons have been SABOTAGING  genuine,  "public option" health care reform for ELEVEN MONTHS NOW,  because Emanuel and the other GolddamnSachs toadies have been ALLIED WITH the insurance industry & Big Pharma to GUT  real reform, and shove the industry written "Baucus bill"  down Democrats' throats in the senate and Congress.  The SABOTAGE of  a good argument for REAL reform, EMPOWERS the Right-Wing HATERS,  even though  MEDICARE  already IS SOCIALIZED, IS  very popular, and IS the BEDROCK of  insurance industry PROFITS;  because the insurance industry does not have to pay for health care for America's seniors, the most health-care needy segment of the population.  AT EVERY TURN, the  TREACHEROUS Rahm Emanuel EMPOWERS the RIGHT-WING attack talking points!
- the Emanuel, GoddamnSachs, Likudnik warmongering  Neo-Cons in the Obama White House have been SABOTAGING a drawn-down of US troops in Afghanistan, DELAYING such a draw-down until it becomes POLITICALLY IMPOSSIBLE
-   The treacherous Neo-Cons who infest and control the "Democratic" Party REFUSE TO SUPPORT an INDEPENDENT media network, DIVORCED from  corporate  ownership, which means that AT ANY TIME,  pro-Democratic  radio hosts and broadcasters like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow CAN BE CANCELLED by corporate media.

   And now, the PREDICTABLE   TREACHERY,  if not TREASON, of the GoddamnSachs Neo-Con agenda -   is inciting a "REVOLUTION & RESISTANCE"  BACKLASH from the Radical Right...   a RADICAL RIGHT that the TRAITOROUS  Neo-Cons are ACTUALLY ALLIED WITH,    tax-cuts-for-rich, NO OVERSIGHT BAILOUTS for BIG BANKS,  OUTSOURCING US JOBS to COMMUNIST CHINA,   and  EXTORTIONATE, soaring health-care costs ARE ALL   the core ELEMENTS of the Right-Wing agenda favored by the NY bankers, Israel "more US wars in Mideast" lobby,  and all the other big-finance predators who have been LOOTING the US economy for the past dozen years. 

  Hat-tip  to TYT (The Young Turks) news show host Cenk Uygur, for his catch of this INCITEMENT to VIOLENCE, war - IN America   (TREASON!)  being URGED  by radical Right-Wing backers.
  In  another TYT video,  Mr. Uygur tries to explain the FIFTY TRILLION DOLLAR loophole that Tim Geithner  (AND RAHM EMANUEL)  tried to ram in to the Congress Derivative Reform Bill...  a  FIFTY TRILLION DOLLAR LOOPHOLE for FOREIGN DERIVATIVES!!!

 It is long past time for Democrats to understand:  Tim Geithner, Lawrence Summers, and Rahm Emanuel HAVE GOT TO GO,
 they are POISONING not only the Obama administration, but the entire "Democratic" Party brand - for DECADES, if not generations to come!
  President Obama is INSANE if he thinks he can  TAX the American public out of TRILLIONS of dollars of "bailouts,"  HAND those TRILLIONS of dollars  OVER,  no strings attached,  to his GolddamnSachs, JPM,  & other  banker buds on Wall Street, and NOT EVEN GIVE the American public a RECEIPT, much less an I.O.U!
  (much less protect American households, by intensive audits and financial fraud prosecutions, from the predatory and fraudulent financial scams which created the debt-bubble in the first place.)

 In eleven months flat, under the treacherous 'leadership' of the Emanuel/Geithner/Summers White House,  the  Democrats have become SYNONYMOUS with  trillions of dollars  of  BAILOUTS FRAUD, and as recently as last week,  RAHM EMANUEL was GUTTING  MORE REGULATIONS out of the Sarbanes-Oxley bill, and this week, we learn that Tim Geithner is trying to cram another,  FIFTY TRILLION dollars DERIVATIVES loophole down Congress' throats! 

  The "Democratic" Party has been HIJACKED by the PRO-WARS, DEREGULATION, "Israel first"  and NO ACCOUNTABILITY  Rahm Emanuel & Joe Lieberman (et al)  Neo-Cons,  who (in refusing to prosecute massive financial fraud, or explain why "SOCIALIZED" Medicare is POPULAR among Americans)  are actually INCITING  Right-Wing resistance & violence, nearly  as much as radical Right-Wing Southern & Western  Republicans are!