Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama's Deceitful SABOTAGE of GENUINE "Health Care reform" passes House...

For once, Republicans aren't lying:  Republican House Minority leader John Boehner puts a copy of Pres. Obama's nineteen-HUNDRED PAGE  health-care "reform" monstrosity on the podium - a bill that makes a liar of Mr. Obama's "Change We Can Believe In!" campaign promises, a bill which SABOTAGES genuine "public option" reform, in favor of a "MAKE WORK FOR LAWYERS,  BILLIONS MORE for Big Pharma & insurance companies" atrocity.

Mr. Obama is showing himself to be a narcissistic liar and fraud, combining the worst elements of Dick Nixon and Bill Clinton (if not Dick Cheney himself), as last night's passage of Obama's  health care 'reform'  ATROCITY, by the Pelosi House Democrats illustrates.

     At Mr. Obama's insistence - which is to say  "at the prodding of RAHM EMANUEL, the  GOLDDAMN-SACHS BANKERS, and the 'health' insurance lobbyists who OWN Mr. Obama" - the Pelosi "Democrats" have passed an 1,900 page  ATROCITY of a bill,  a bill that WILL HANG LIKE A  DEAD ALBATROSS,  like a flaming "necklace" around the necks of Democratic candidates for years to come, because, given the possibility to pass GENUINE  reform,  Obama's gangsters have instead shoved a 1,900 page "MAKE WORK FOR LAWYERS"  bill that will positively affect only a few million consumers;  will continue to see FAR  HIGHER  prescription costs  for for American consumers (even for  American produced drugs!)  than our Canadian neighbors pay,  and will actually soak ANOTHER $900 BILLION from American wallets in to  insurance industry profit ledgers, because, like Rahm Emanuel and Joe Lieberman,  President Obama is actually a  Right-Wing Establishment "loot the peons"  Republican POSING as a "liberal" Democrat, and doing the dirty work of Big Pharma, the Insurance industry,  the Big Finance robber bankers, and the Republicans,  in the process.

   PURE SABOTAGE of a "public option" (expanded Medicare system)  and lower prescription drug prices,  so Mr. Obama bankster gangsters can extort a few million dollars in bribes from the insurance industry and Big Pharma - forcing American families to pay BILLIONS MORE in health care costs - Mr. Obama is a narcissistic, ego-driven liar.