Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"BIG SCARY" poll numbers for Democrats - "How's that RAHM EMANUEL SABOTAGE of America's economy working out for you, Pres. Obama?"

 How's that RAHM EMANUEL SABOTAGE of (genuine) Health Care reform, Bailouts supervision, and  ECONOMIC RECOVERY (JOBS,  NOT 'bonuses'  for FRAUDULENT BANKERS)  working out for you, President  Obama?"
 (above photo from Robert Scheer's  "President Obama is now a SHILL for bankers and lobbyists"  column at  Mr. Scheer was FIRED from the LA Times in 2005,  for writing that then President George W. Bush was A SHILL for the  predatory Big Finance and war lobbies.)

  IF you want to see those poll   numbers CONTINUE to CRATER,  just keep listening to your "BACKSTABBING Joe Lieberman ON STEROIDS"  WH Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel! 
   And, Mr. President,  if  you CONTINUE to  TURN A BLIND EYE to VAST, consumer & household crushing FINANCIAL FRAUD by the Big Banks &  hedge  funds   in America's critical financial markets, then you would  DESERVE to be TORMENTED by  new, Republican,   KEN STARR  like partisan  impeachment investigations  in  2011, if  Republicans sweep back the House majorities... just like they did in 1994.
D-Day for Dems: Create Jobs OR LOSE
By Brent Budowsky,
The new Gallup poll shows Republicans pulling ahead of Democrats in generic preference for the 2010 congressional elections by a margin of 48 percent to 44. These numbers are “big scary” for Democrats.
 These numbers are “big scary” for Democrats...