Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday Night Live pokes a hole in notion that RAHM EMANUEL is a "TOUGH GUY" - Emanuel's version of Passing "Health Care Reform" is to GIVE AWAY THE FARM...

 The administration of   president Barack Obama is SO INSANELY CORRUPT,  DECEITFUL, TREACHEROUS, ARROGANT, and down-right  dictatorial (just like  the Cheney-Bush administration) that the only sane way to document their   hate-Americans treachery  is with humor  and comedy.    Herewith is  SNL's  "Obama's  mighty Health Care 'REFORM'  means  GIVING UP THE SHIP to the obstructionist Republicans - WITHOUT A FIGHT!"  skit -

As we have said before, Mr. Obama and his  Emanuel/Rubin/Summers/Geithner/GoldmanSachs/Bernanke "economics team" are SO INCREDIBLY CORRUPT & incompetent, that they will not even TRY to make the argument that Social Security & Medicare are both VERY SOCIALIZED, VERY POPULAR, and, in the case of Medicare taking seniors - the most medically costly segment of the population OUT of the "private insurance" risk pool - we American taxpayers were ALREADY _SUBSIDIZING_ "private profits"  for the despicable  "health insurance" industry,   DECADES before Bush & Obama's $20+  _trillion_ dollars of    Wall Str. "SOCIALIZED LOSSES,  taxpayer SUBSIDIZED  private corporate profits"   bailouts of  2008 & 2009.