Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heckuva Job there, Obama-bushie!" Foreclosure rate HITS RECORD HIGH Nov 2009.....

President Obama arrives South Korea this week: President Obama visiting Asia is not the problem... it's his administration's appearance to DO NOTHING to ease the pain and trauma of THOUSANDS of  FORECLOSURES nationwide, that makes his overseas trip look all the more cruel and arrogant.

  Is this the Marie Antoinette "LET THEM EAT CAKE," administration... or the Bushie-Brownie  "LET 'em DROWN IN DEBT!"  administration?!
 In our previous column  columnist Robert Scheer (who courageously continued to investigate and report on Bush administration malfeasance, even  though his diligent  reporting  got him fired from from the LA Times in 2005)  asked "what has become of our  beloved 'community organizer' and 'Change!' candidate  of 2008?"

    Well,  the answer is now in:  President Obama is either a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE,  programmed from years ago to BETRAY the Democratic Party into eternal subjugation to the soulless money & death & destruction war lobbies;   or he has been the victim of an ALIEN ABDUCTION body-snatching, with a soulless alien automaton  replacing   the human Obama with a programmed, soulless shell of a person.

    HOW ELSE could you explain a headline - ELEVEN MONTHS into the  charismatic, "Democratic," populist, progressive, former community-organizer president's first term of office -
  "MORTGAGE DEFAULTS, FORECLOSURES, REACH RECORD HIGHS" -   and NO ONE in that president's White House  expressed  ANY  advance concern?
 NO stage-managed message to massage down the bad news, "Yes, October was bad,  BUT HERE  is our plan to turn the numbers around"? 

  NOTHING?     WORSE than nothing - the president is photographed out on the golf course, or bowing to the Japanese emperor on a high-visibility foreign trip,  AMERICAN HOME-OWNERS TOSSED IN THE STREET  BE DAMNED?! 


  Otherwise,  we simply CAN'T AVOID  the conclusion  that Mr. Obama is the "Democrat" version of Republican Ohio Secretary of State KEN BLACKWELL,   who in the 2004 election helped Republicans  DISENFRANCHISE  tens of thousands of Black Ohio voters....  Like Mr. Blackwell in 2004,  it is hard to avoid the conclusion today, that  "President Obama" - OR WHOMEVER is standing in for him - IS SELLING  his own fellow Black Americans (the ones stuck lower on the economic totem pole, anyways) DOWN THE RIVER, for a few (tens of) millions of dollars of "campaign donations,"  and  with his ARROGANT,  MALIGNANT  NEGLECT of their  ECONOMIC DISENFRANCHISEMENT, at the hands of Mr. Obama's  OWN  bankster, ganster,  thieveing economic "disaster capitalism" profiteers. 

  So all we can say is - "HECKUVA JOB THERE, Obama-bushie".... "or whomever you are!"
   (But in the name of all that is holy, PLEASE, Obama-bot or whomever you are,  don't let them photograph you having dinner in a 5-star Baton Rouge restaurant!) 

Postscript:  Immediately after we wrote the above - NOT before, honest! - we found this excellent article - "Black legislators in Congress SHUT  DOWN President Obama-Bushies' "Finance Reform" bill, a much ballyhooed farce championed by  "Heckuva Job Timmy" (Treasury Secretary Geithner) that is, upon closer look, AND AS TO BE EXPECTED, nothing but a sham and a farce that members of the Black Congressional Caucus would not be caught dead, in this economic climate, going home to defend.

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