Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ron Paul: "There is _only_ a 1% chance that President Obama would _allow_ an AUDIT of the Fed"... IMPEACH OBAMA for VAST financial CORRUPTION now!!

 update:  over at "real"  news site Reuters,  a financial headline echoes our below rant in a concise headline:
"Goldman Sachs 2011 Forecast Would be an Absolute DISASTER for Dems"...
Tonight on the MSNBC "Ed" show,  talking about  Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's confirmation hearings in the Senate,  Congressman Ron Paul  explained, 
"There is only a 1% chance that this [Obama] White House would ALLOW a congressional bill to AUDIT the FED."
    Congressman Paul IS CORRECT:  President Obama would VETO a Congressional bill to audit the fed, he,  Obama,  is now a RIGHT-WING  BIG-FINANCE  DEREGULATION SWINDLER,  he is IN THE POCKET of GOLDMAN SACHS,   and  the "DEMOCRAT" Party is now OWNED by the radical-right-wing Golddamn-Sachs, JPMorgan-Chase, &  Citi banking fraudsters.   Having been BRIBED by kickback, slush-fund "campaign donations" from the Big Finance swindlers over the past dozen years,   the insanely corrupt Obama "Democrats" CAN NOT ALLOW an AUDIT of the Fed,  the American public would learn that they have been ROBBED of TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer-obligated Big Finance debts,  even as direct jobs programs, food stamps, health care, and other real programs have been SLASHED at the urgings of those same bailed out financial fraudsters.
  Indeed,  both FireDogLake and  report  that, right out of Right-Wing Republican and the Goldman-Sachs  "Israel uber alles"  neo-con playbook,  Fed Chair Bernanke was practically SOBBING at his senate hearing table that, despite the TRILLIONS he has handed out to Wall Street,  he can't  "access" SOCIAL SECURITY funds,  that the Congress won't gut, loot,  and  CANCEL SOCIAL SECURITY to make up for HIS FAILURES to safeguard the economy!!!

   Another  comment posted  over at captures Democratic voters' angst:
  "I may be an idiot but if Dodd lets the Bernanke vote go forward and ignores the hold(s), he can probably put a fork in his career right then, sad to say." 

 Here is a good video reminder, of how  MASSIVE INCOMPETENCE and  ABJECT FAILURE, in this case in the comments of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke being WRONG about EVERYTHING over the past few years,  are now THE QUALIFICATIONS for being a member of the  Emanuel/GoddamnSachs/Obama "economic team"
  ANY "Democrat" who VOTES TO CONFIRM  Bernanke for reappointment as Fed Chairman,    where he has overseen the WIPING OUT of TRILLIONS of dollars of American household wealth, should be  forced to run.... as a REPUBLICAN.