Sunday, December 27, 2009

BLOOD on RAHM EMANUEL & Robert Rubin's hands: opponents of US - CIA, Israel - Mossad Sponsored DICTATORSHIP COUP in Honduras BEING KILLED in increasing numbers...

 Honduras, US SUPPORTED  dictatorship COUP regime, now KILLING  opponents IN INCREASING NUMBERS:  Neo-Con DEATH SQUADS ON THE MARCH, with big WET-KISS of APPROVAL, by Hillary, Obama, and the Emanuel-Rubin Golddamn-Sachsers.

There can be no doubt:   President Barack Obama is the current HANK PAULSON in Washington, DC:  the non-Jewish FRONT MAN for GOLDDAMN-SACHS; in Obama's case, he has SUBORDINATED himself and made himself SUBSERVIENT to the perfectly defined ROBERT RUBIN Goddamn-Sachs agenda,  for kickback slush-fund campaign donations that will (he believes), bring him MORE POWER, in the exact same way that HANK PAULSON was the rare  _non-Jewish_ Chairman,  or FRONT-MAN, for Goddamn-Sachs, in return for which Paulson received nearly $500 million - a HALF BILLION DOLLARS -  in stock and stock options for his 15 years at Goddamn Sachs, and in return for which,  Paulson literally  opened the Treasury purse-strings, and DELIVERED TO  Golddamn Sachs the contents of the ENTIRE  US TREASURY, in  $100-billion dollar chunks (which, in propping up first Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and then other major financial firms on Wall St., kept Golddamn's stock, and, more importantly, the rest of the financial firms' stocks, afloat) 
 culminating in the  Bush-Paulson-Pelosi  $700 BILLION "bailouts" of Wall Street in September 2008,  followed a week later by BEN BERNANKE  issuing ANOTHER  $630 BILLION  in "LIQUIDITY INJECTIONS"   for a total of American working-stiff taxpayers being OBLIGATED to MAKE GOOD ON - in taxes on REAL production or assets siezed - of  nearly  $1.5 TRILLION dollars, in the space of just over a week, on top of all the PREVIOUS "bailouts" of Fannie, Freddie, and Bear-Stearns, etc.

  BARACK OBAMA is NOW FULFILLING the SAME function as  HANK PAULSON was in 2008,    which is to say that ROBERT RUBIN is effectively driving  Obama's  "economic" policy,  and  Obama's other  Rubin-allied Neo-Con,  RAHM EMANUEL, is EFFECTIVELY DRIVING EVERYTHING ELSE in the Obama presidency.

  Which is why Obama has SUPPORTED the MURDEROUS, DICTATORSHIP COUP in Honduras - because  GODDAMN SACHS and the US Neo-Con/Israel Likudnik establishment and front organizations (including Goldamn Sachs) are  BEHIND the coup in the first place.

    RAHM EMANUEL, ROBERT RUBIN, and the pathetic president obama ALL HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS,  anmd,