Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obama a HABITUAL LIAR, proven AGAIN: Progressive Groups FINALLY catch video of Candidate Obama PLEDGING the DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE of his current Health Care 'Reform' plan...

FINALLY!  After all these months,  some 'liberal' and progressive Dem activist groups are fishing through the  reams of  2008 campaign videos, and coming up with
 video clips of Candidate Obama PLEDGING to DELIVER  a  "PUBLIC OPTION" in his health care reform policies, and SPECIFICALLY insisting that  GOVERNMENT MANDATES to force Americans to  purchase PRIVATE insurance were a TERRIBLE idea. 
   Those twin evils are now THE CORE of   President Obama's  awful  Emanuel/Lieberman/Baucus INSURANCE INDUSTRY WRITTEN atrocity of a "reform" bill!

  "REFORM"  mandates   which are almost certainly  UNCONSTITUTIONAL,  because the government can NOT  FORCE  taxpayers to PURCHASE ANYTHING from private industries.