Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama as THE SUPREME COMMANDER of America's vast overseas prisons & TORTURE GULAG system... Obama is now effectively America's SLAVE-owning AFRICAN SLAVE-TRADE KING


   For MONTHS here at DemNationUSA,  we've been worried that Mr. Obama fails to see himself in the correct historical context...  that DICK CHENEY's and PAUL WOLFOWITZ's   PNAC & Likudnik US wars in Iraq & Afghanistan are a CONTINUATION of America's __ORIGINAL__ foreign policy - - -  of  SUPPORTING, SUSTAINING, and ENABLING  the TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE.
 (oh, btw,  British former Prime Minister Tony Blair now all but  OFFICIALLY ADMITS that everyone involved at the highest levels  in Britain & America KNEW that Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bush, & PNAC crew's   "Iraq has WMDs  and  TIES to al Qaeda!" stories were all LIES and  mere EXCUSES for the ATTACK, INVASION, and OCCUPATION of Iraq - it was a WAR OF ILLEGAL AGGRESSION  from start to finish, which Wolfowitz & Cheney had been ferverently anticipating since 1992, and which had been  set as "PRIORITY ONE!"  from "day one" of both the US military under Wolfowitz & Rumsfeld,  and the  Bush-Cheney administration,  from the first days of that administration in early  January, 2001.) 

    CONGRATULATIONS President Obama!  As the Nobel Prize committe farcically handed you your copy of the Nobel "PEACE" prize,  you continue to be THE COMMANDER in CHIEF of  America's far-flung "EXTRORDINARY RENDITION,"  "indefinite detentions,"  TORTURE, and EXPANDING  US  "war on terror"    secret GULAG prison  system. 

Which, we've  learned recently, CONTINUES to  TORTURE PRISONERS, with  weeks worth of  naked confinement, sleep deprivation, and, almost certainly, BEATINGS by US prison guards, and other  SYSTEMATIC, DEHUMANIZING treatment under the long-standing methods of the US Army's "School of the Americas"  torture & interrogations   "protocols." **

  JUST AS  African slaves were STRIPPED OF THEIR CLOTHES, and forced,  naked and covered in their own filth, into the  crowded SLAVE HOLDS of  the trans-Atlantic SLAVE SHIPS.

 Hooray!  America's first BLACK president,  FAR from being an agent of progressive,  forward looking,  "ideals of WWII America as an Arsenal of Democracy" and  "Change!";   is instead a throwback  to  the "PROFIT from  FOREIGN WARS to SUPPLY  AMERICA's 'VITAL ECONOMIC INTERSTS'  - the SLAVE TRADE!" proponet. 

  And, Congratulations,  President Obama,  for providing the world with a _textbook example_ of "Ivory Tower"  arrogance & hypocrisy...    despite your alleged "Constitutional law professor" and "legal expert" credentials, you are now THE NEW FACE of  America's  ORIGINAL  "foreign policy,"   our economic LUST FOR SLAVES, and thereby SUPPORT for the mass-murderous, genocidal, humans-as-chattel  TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE.
  Hell, why don't you just create a NEW US cabinet  "DEPARTMENT of CHATTEL SLAVERY & secret prison Gulags", and nominate WOLFOWITZ  or Cheney to  be its first secretary?

 ** (Treatments which we Americans know well  from our own Revolutionary war history: the bloody butchering of US Patriot soldiers as "traitors and damned rebels" by English soldiers & their Loyalist allies  known as "Tarletan's quarter";   or the savage, DEATH-SHIPS "prison hulks" in which captured American patriot  prisoners were confined TO DIE, including future US president Andrew Jackson, then a captured teenage patriot soldier, whose two older brothers died of  the deadly diseases they came down with imprisoned in the ghastly British  prison hulks. THIRTY YEARS LATER, then General Jackson would exact his REVENGE for the deaths of his brothers  on a select, victorious-over-Napolean, fresh-from-Europe English army at the Battle of New Orleans.)